Why do I find my daughter attractive?

I married my high school sweetheart , Amy , she was , and still is.. very beautiful! She has long brown hair that reaches her lower back. Silky and smooth , it is a big part of her beauty. Her eyes dark and her smile as white as piano keys! She was a cheerleader and still maintains a slim sexy figure , but age and a daughter has diminshed perfection a bit over the years..dont get me wrong..this is a natural process of aging that i am totally aware of. Naturally our daughter Nia took all my wifes great attributes. Nia is beautuful and athetic..gaining attension from the boys at school is easy for her , always on the phone with one of them. She has a few years left to go , i am protective so i dont let her date quite yet. So on the weekends when my wife has to work late shift , we get to hang out and watch movies , get take out , and stay up late. She tends to like to stay up past the time her mother would make her go to bed. I am a cool dad to her and we bonded very much from this. When she was a lil younger i didnt really even notice much about her physical appearance. I cant say that now. She has grown into her lanky frame and her breasts have started to fill her shirt more. Her legs as long and toned as i remember her mothers being. I remember the first time i noticed these things and I quick tryed forget about it , my lil girl was growing into one fine looking lady! I am proud of how beautiful she is , but more and more i noticed i was staring at her , checking her out almost. What am I doing? I thought.."shes my daughter!" and again i just tryed to think about something else. One night it all changed. Her mother was getting ready for work and i was gonna ask Nia what she wanted for dinner , so i walked up to her room and notice the door mostly shut. A small crack in the door was all that was left but enough for me to see with one eye. To my surprise i saw Nia..fully nude , changing! My cock and balls felt a wave of a tingling sensation..so much so that it kinda caught me off guard. I knew what that feeling meant..I knew i was turned on tremendously. I knew i shouldnt be feeling this but I was. As I starred thru the crack I saw her perfectly forming breasts , her amazing bubble butt , and her bald lil slit that turned my cock from soft to hard in 3.4 seconds! I stepped back from the door and tryed to continplate it all! "Do I want my daughter?" I thought to myself and quickly shot it down. Its not that , she is just beautiful and reminds me of Amy..thats all.. I kept thinking to myself. Just then my wife walks out of our bathroom and and sees my sitting on our bed with a hard on poking thru my shorts. " My my..was someone peeking?" she said. I froze and got real nervous. Did she see me looking thru Nia's door? " I was rubbin my clit a lil in the shower".."ohhh uhh yea" I mumbled..she then got on her knees and started to suck my cock totally ignoring the fact our door wasnt shut. Matter of fact it was wide open. I could see Nia's door and it was still cracked..I began to think about what i saw as my wife lowered her puffy soft lips on my now throbbing cock. I could feel my toes starting to curl and my balls tighten. My mind paints my thoughts with Nia and her hot body. I was just about to blow when i opened my eyes and noticed that Nia was now peeking on us thru that crack in her door.!! I came instantly and my wife was overwhelmed with shot after shot of thick cum down her throat and on her lips. I then looked at wife with wide eyes and said " Wow , you know how to do it babe." she replied "You never came that much before , you must of been really horny." I smiled and looked back at Nia's door and noticed her shut it. I know she watched , i know she saw , i know it turned me on. My wife cleaned up and said "well I gotta get going." I was so mentally involved i forgot Nia and I would be alone all night now. I was nervous..wasnt sure if i should say anything or not. Tune in for PART 2

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I have a step daughter too!
3 years ago
Very horny..
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
There is nothing wrong with wanting to bang your daughter. The problem is keeping it all secret from your wife.