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Coffee. That's all it was.

I've been talking with him for a couple months now. He is a truck
driver so does a lot of traveling and he mentioned that he might have to
make it out my way some time. We had a lot of fun flirting and
discussing possibilities so when he said he was headed out west, I was
excited. And nervous.

This afternoon he texts me that he is just across the bridge... and my
nerves went into overdrive. They always do on a first meeting. But I
told him that, while I was dying to do more, it should be just coffee
because I've had a string of bad luck with guys recently so I'm trying
to be a good girl and be cautious.

Evening rolls around and he finds himself a spot near Shari's to park
his truck then texts that he is there. I've spent I don't even know how
long getting ready. I changed outfits several times, including changing
out of a skirt because I decided that it'd be easier to stay out of
trouble if I wore jeans. So jeans and a t-shirt it was... casual and
not expecting too much. Couldn't decide on what to do with my hair so I
asked my husband and he helped me settle on pigtails. Which might have
contributed to my delinquency, but at least I can blame that on him.

I don't drive so the original plan was to take a cab. Except that I'm
neurotic about things like that and was already so worked up over
meeting him that I just couldn't do it. I ended up getting my husband
to drop me off there. *giggle* Best husband ever.

I go on in and sit down across from Jerry, barely able to even speak
because I'm so worked up. Doing my best not to giggle non-stop as I tend
to do when I am anxious. After a little awkwardness, due mostly to my
shyness, we manage to find our way into a groove and have a really great
conversation for the next two hours. I grow a little tired of sitting
there so I ask if he wants to wander around, maybe show me his truck. I
honestly meant that I was interested in seeing it. I should have known
it'd get me in trouble! After all, I've watched porn.

We head over and I can see that where he is parked, we are fairly
secluded on the passenger side where we stand. He opened the door,
offering me a hand to get in but I’m hesitant, knowing the kind of
trouble I could be getting myself into. That, and have you seen how tall
those things are? I’m short with stubby legs which weren’t working
terribly well at the moment thanks to the nerves and adrenaline. I was
having trouble walking, let alone trying to step up onto something
practically at waist level!

He didn’t help me settle those nerves when he pressed me against the
truck to kiss me. His hand in my hair, his other hand took mine and
moved it to feel his hard cock through his jeans. I couldn’t help but
moan which seemed to encourage him because he unzipped his fly and took
his cock out, placing my hand back on it. I stroked his cock as he
pulled my head to the side to kiss and bite my neck, then whispered in
my ear that I should get in the truck.

I managed to step up on the first step dizzily, putting my breasts right
at eye level from his position on the ground. He rubbed and grabbed at
them a bit but I was wearing a pretty heavy duty bra (just coffee,
remember!), so I unhooked it which gave him the chance to lift my shirt
and suck on my nipples.

One more step up and now his hand is rubbing my pussy through my jeans.
At this point, I can barely stand, let alone make it up into the truck
so I end up letting myself slide down to what is essentially the floor
of the truck, moaning and squirming against his hand.

Finally, I got my shaky legs to cooperate long enough to get myself up
into the passenger seat. He closed the door behind me and went around
to the driver side to climb in, immediately moving to stand next to my
seat, pull his pants down and grab my hair, thrusting his cock into my
mouth, making me gag just the way I like. After a minute or two, he
motioned toward the back of the cab where the bed is, and I shake my
head. However, he knows I am into being f***ed so he pulls me into the
back and shoves me so that I'm bent over the side of the bed, his hand
holding my hair to keep me there as he stripped me of my clothes.

Once I was naked, he pushed me onto my back and all at once shoved three
fingers in my cunt. I was wet enough to take it but it was a surprise
and a sudden stretch which nearly had me cumming immediately. He gave my
breasts more attention as he finger-fucked me, sucking and biting as I came.

Next thing I know, I’m on my hands and knees with his cock inside me,
moaning and screaming as he fucked me good and hard. Then his cock is
pressing at my asshole and I scream as he pushes deep, pressing myself
back to get all of it. Again, a good hard fuck and I can’t help but beg
him to fuck me even harder. I think that might have been what made him
finally cum. ;c)

After, we laid there and talked for a bit. He is a hands on kind of guy
so he was sort of rubbing and touching and managed to discover that it
only takes a slight tug of my hair to make me moan. He began to have
fun with that, adding in a spank here and there, a bite on my shoulders,
until he was hard again and slipped his cock back into my dripping wet
cunt and fucking hard and deep until he came again.

We ended up talking for a while longer then, when it was time to go, he
gave me some cash for a taxi. While that was totally reasonable, it
tickled that little wannabe whore part of my fantasies.

He also promised that he had started off nice and that there were many
wicked things in my future when he finds himself in my part of the world.

All in all, it was a damn good cup of coffee. ;c)
Posted by KinkyLittleFatGirl 2 years ago
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11 months ago
I love having "coffee" ... Very hot indeed.. Sounds like me..
1 year ago
Loved every minute... finding myself jealous of that lucky lucky guy
1 year ago
Great episode. You sound like a barrel of slutty fun! Dick is hard now...
1 year ago
Your photos, your vids, your voice and your stories put me hard, beautiful lady!
2 years ago
loverly story,i'm a truckie,and i'd love to take you out for coffee.make sure you were dressed a skimpy outfit,flashing your gorgious tits,and beautifull ass,and get you to suck my cock in the coffee lounge,for anyone who walks past to see.
2 years ago
HOT!! What a lucky guy your hubby is to have such a hot little whore for his wife!!! Were I him, I would have thrown you down on the bed and licked you clean before fucking you all night long!!
2 years ago
I've been a fan of yours for some time now. How about hooking up for coffee?
2 years ago
where do u live again...;)
2 years ago
Ohhh he is one lucky bastard!
2 years ago
I don't think any good can come from adding alcohol into the mix. I'm slutty enough as it is. ;c)
2 years ago
Excellent story. What happens when you go out for drinks?