Vicious Cycle

It was a lovely date and you were a perfect gentleman. I think nothing of it when you invite me in. We are barely inside the door when you throw me on the bed and shove your cock in my cunt. It is clear you've chosen to fuck me missionary so you can see my begging eyes as I plead with you to not **** me. It has no effect and just earns me a swift slap across the face.

You stick two fingers up my ass as you **** my cunt, letting me feel the full assault, your cock still plunging in and out of my sluthole. Enjoying my screams of fear and discontent as you have your way with me. My tears simply getting you harder, making you **** me even more brutally.

Once your unprotected cock shot deep inside me, you'd pull out and move toward my face full of dried tears and make me open my mouth, forcing me to taste myself on the cock that just ****d me. I resist but the more I express my discontent, the more turned on you become until your cock would be solid once again, and my mouth would be well on its way to bringing you off once again.

Shoving your cock deep into my throat and holding it there, I begin to feel a warm trickle of liquid pouring down my throat which causes me to panic but you have a strong grip and I'm not going anywhere. That is, until you're nearly out of piss and decide the last of it belongs on my face, humiliating me thoroughly as it drips from my hair and face onto my tits and belly, mixing with my tears and drool. It doesn't take much more than the sight of that to make you want to cum again, jabbing your cock back deep in my mouth so that I can drink up your cum, too.

You pet my head like an a****l and I'm sure that your abuse is over, until you position me on my hands and knees facing the mirror on one side of the room, allowing you to see my agony even as you **** my ass from behind. I know that because you've already cum twice, this fuck will be greatly prolonged as your orgasm will take longer to build. Fucking my cunt a couple of strokes until it is well-lubed before placing the head directly on my asshole and just holding it there. I know you are mindfucking me, tormenting me with wondering when you will finally push it in. It feels like forever that I stare into your eyes via the mirror, trying to relax but unable to in the anticipation of that moment. Knowing it will hurt because I am quite positive you have no intention of being nice. I put my head down into my arms and it is this moment you choose to invade my asshole. I scream out in pain and surprise as you show my ass no mercy, immediately fucking hard and fast as I beg you to give me a moment to relax and open up for your cock. A sadistic chuckle is the only answer I get and you saw away at my ass for a good half hour before finally releasing your last load of cum into my broken and sobbing body.

You wipe your cock in my hair, get dressed, and grab something from behind a vase of flowers on the dresser. Waving a video camera at me, I am too battered for my horror and humiliation to be visible but you know I will be begging you later to give me the tape and you'll be able to use it for future sexual favors. A vicious cycle.

95% (18/1)
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2 years ago
love the story so strong,hot and sexy,the vid.of the event would have been excelant.
2 years ago
Even sexual assault is hot with you... what is it with you and making everything hot?
2 years ago
I like this.
2 years ago
I'm very turned on by your story! Very hot!
2 years ago
Good writing, thanks
2 years ago
Great story. He got what he wanted and when look deep inside you did to. Or at least what you needed.
2 years ago
short and stright to the point and i think this is your best work yet
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
nice read slut i want some of that ass and pussy too