Kennel (pt 1?)

"Kennel up!"

You say it just as I've heard dog trainers and owners say it in the past and it makes me tense defiantly.

Again you say it, this time more in a more stern tone and with a snap of your fingers. You act miffed but I know you enjoy this power struggle. You like to watch the torment on my face while you treat me as a pet. You get off on the way the tears well up as I give you, ironically, puppy dog eyes in the hopes that you'll back off and let me keep some dignity.

But the part that really makes this fun for you is what comes next. The part where you deny me my self-respect, making me wallow in your degradation.

Grabbing at the chain collar already around my throat, you drag me from my seat, purposely holding the chain low so that I must crawl in order to not choke. Still, the chain pulls tight several times, causing me to cough and sputter as I do my best to keep up with your angry pace.

You lead me to the door of a large-ish metal cage. You call it my kennel, I call it torture. Grabbing a fistful of hair at the nape of my neck, you guide me through the door and shove me so that I fall to the floor of the cage. Hurriedly pulling my feet in as you close the door because I'm not sure whether you'd be careful of them or not in your irritated state.

"Stupid bitch," you mumble to yourself loud enough so as to make sure I can hear your disapproval.

"I have plans with friends tonight so you'll be staying in your kennel. It was only supposed to be a short while but I think I'll stay out several hours to make sure you've had plenty of time to enjoy your little puppyhouse there. Good night, cunt."
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2 years ago
so cute.
2 years ago
nice start
2 years ago
Please continue
2 years ago
Just a little story. I love what ideas it puts in my head.

One for instance. A kennel in the trunk of the car for when you accompany me to a party.
2 years ago
Gosh Daddy loves how sexy and naughty you are......
2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
and so it begins...