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Please Don't Lick Me...

Seems just about every guy on the planet believes the way into a girl's pants is to promise that he enjoys eating pussy. And maybe that is true for most women, I don't know. But I know for a full-on fact it is not the case for me. In fact, telling me you want to eat me out is a surefire way to completely lose my interest.

My sexuality is entirely based on being used for someone else's pleasure. Anything which is designed to give me pleasure, such as cunnilingus, gives me no pleasure at all. If you want to get my attention, you're going to have to be a little more thoughtful, and a lot more... Continue»
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Another Slutty Night...

Once upon a time, I was just a wanna-be slut until I took that first step into sluthood by meeting up with B. in a vacant lot at 2am so he could gag me on his cock with his goal of making me piss myself, and the bonus that he gets his cock sucked.
That was at least two years ago now. We've said hi on occasion since but never managed to actually meet up again for this reason or that.

That changed tonight.
Last week, I emailed him to let him know that I still tell the tale of meeting him when asked about my kinkier experiences. Being the kind of cocky bastard that I seem to be attracted... Continue»
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Fun Times With New Hair...

I've been wanting to go dark for a while now and now I almost wish I had done it sooner!

I wanted a mahogany-ish, auburn-ish kind of a color. I ended up with more of a dark red than either of those. At least I knew my husband would be pleased. He loves a redhead. And he was.

All night he kept putting his fingers in my hair, occasionally winding them in and tugging a bit. As the night progressed, the intensity grew. His hands would wrap around my throat a bit.... just the way I like. He knew he was getting me good and wet. I squirmed even more when he surprised me with a slap to the face... Continue»
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Coffee. That's all it was.

I've been talking with him for a couple months now. He is a truck
driver so does a lot of traveling and he mentioned that he might have to
make it out my way some time. We had a lot of fun flirting and
discussing possibilities so when he said he was headed out west, I was
excited. And nervous.

This afternoon he texts me that he is just across the bridge... and my
nerves went into overdrive. They always do on a first meeting. But I
told him that, while I was dying to do more, it should be just coffee
because I've had a string of bad luck with guys rec... Continue»
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Anal Angel...

I've received some version of this question several times so I've decided to just post a little blog to put it out there and so I can easily link it. ;c)

Dear Anal Angel,
I would really like to try anal but I'm unsure how my significant other would react. How can I convince her to try it and, should it get that far, do you have any tips on making it the best experience possible?

You are very right to be concerned! A lot of women are anti-anal because of bad first experiences.
In my case, I was into it and it was my idea to try it. But that doesn't mean I haven't had my own bad experie... Continue»
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[Story] First Meeting, Chapter 1

I've given some thought to what our first meeting might be like and I know exactly how it will start out. Wherever we should decide to meet, perhaps a coffee shop (this is Seattle, after all), I will be shy. Not normal people shy, but my own special brand of bashful. I won't be able to look you in the eye, trembling and giggling nervously, biting my lip or fingers in my silly, fidget-y way of self-soothing.

You are very understanding, trying your best to engage me in conversation. I am making every effort as well and we manage to make small talk, discussing details of your trip and how our ... Continue»
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Impromptu playtime...

I reconnected through facebook with my first boyfriend a few years ago. I was a late bloomer so, at 19, he was the first to hit pretty much all my bases, and probably could have slid on home if he hadn't been such a gentleman.

We met up at the waterfront park once shortly after reconnecting and there was a sort of nervous chemistry. He admitted to me that he'd found some pictures of me online. I admitted to him that he could have taken my virginity. It was all in all a very sexually-charged outing but nothing happened. We began texting and emailing regularly and we were each surprised... Continue»
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[Story] Vicious Cycle

It was a lovely date and you were a perfect gentleman. I think nothing of it when you invite me in. We are barely inside the door when you throw me on the bed and shove your cock in my cunt. It is clear you've chosen to fuck me missionary so you can see my begging eyes as I plead with you to not **** me. It has no effect and just earns me a swift slap across the face.

You stick two fingers up my ass as you **** my cunt, letting me feel the full assault, your cock still plunging in and out of my sluthole. Enjoying my screams of fear and discontent as you have your way with me. My tears simpl... Continue»
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[Story] Kennel (pt 1?)

"Kennel up!"

You say it just as I've heard dog trainers and owners say it in the past and it makes me tense defiantly.

Again you say it, this time more in a more stern tone and with a snap of your fingers. You act miffed but I know you enjoy this power struggle. You like to watch the torment on my face while you treat me as a pet. You get off on the way the tears well up as I give you, ironically, puppy dog eyes in the hopes that you'll back off and let me keep some dignity.

But the part that really makes this fun for you is what comes next. The part where you deny me my self-res... Continue»
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[Story] Cunt For Use, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Daddy finishes wiping my face then touches my cheek and simply says, "Puppy." I know it is a reminder that he is watching out for me, but also that I should remember who is in charge.
Dean has once again picked up the end of my leash, jerking it and telling me to get in the car which I've been d****d over for most of the abuse. Leading me to the backseat, he has me get in then shoves at me to scoot in behind the driver so he can sit next to me. Daddy follows him so that we are squished into the back seat while Mark drives and his other friend takes the passenger seat.

Where ... Continue»
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[Story] Night On The Town (MMM/f, nc, humil)

I swear that Chapter 4 of my other story is nearly done! But until then, here is the first rough story I'd ever written. It could really do with some refinement but sometimes things are just better left raw. ;c)


6PM and the phone rings."Hello?"

"Lyss! Wanna go have some fun?" cries my best friend Tristen.

"Fun is my middle name. Where and when?"

"8o'clock. That new club on 26th."

"Ok. See you there!" I just got home from work when the phone rang. I drop my jacket onto the back of the couch as I kick off my sensible shoes. I work in a relatively liberal office and I ofte... Continue»
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[Story] Cunt For Use, Chapter 3

Squinching my eyes closed to shut out the pain and degradation, I am unaware that each of the strangers surrounding me have pulled out their dicks until your voice invades my headspace with a reminder to the new set of guys that they only have ten more minutes unless they want to cough up more cash.

It seems they don't as they each appear much more urgent in their motions now, zippers flying open and harried discussion of who gets where and when. The asshole who wrote on me apparently won the bid for first because his cock is suddenly filling me without any warning. I scream out which earns... Continue»
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[Story] Cunt For Use, Chapter 2

As I catch my breath, I hear voices from the breezeway above and silently pray that they don't look down. One of them suddenly calls out, "Guys! Check out this view!" A slight pause and then several other voices chime in with a few whistles and crude comments about my fat ass and what they might like to do with it.

My cheeks turn red in embarrassment, especially when I feel a drop of my pussy juice run down the inside of my thigh and I know it is because part of me really wants these strangers I have never even seen to have a chance to do every disgusting suggestion they are calling out... Continue»
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[Story] Cunt For Use, Chapter 1

We meet up at some seedy motel along an old highway where you've already rented a room on the bottom floor about in the middle of the building. When we get inside, you prop the door open, smirking at my obvious confusion. You take me by the shoulders and maneuver me so that I am still well within the room but easily seen by any passers-by, though there are few. And you order me to strip. I look at you with little girl eyes, nearly tearing up but it has no effect and you again tell me to take off my clothes.

I fumble hesitantly with the fasten on my jeans, trying to stretch time. I eventuall... Continue»
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