My romantic dream...

My romantic dream...

I wake between two beautiful women, one is holding me as I hold the other.

My butch wife and I are woken by our femme housewife waking early to cook us both breakfast and help us prepare for our days. My butch wife and I sit at the breakfast table talking about the day we have planned ahead of us, our femme wife cooks us eggs benedict in the meanwhile.

The sound of the espresso machine completing percolation grabs the femme wife's attention, within a minute a two; my butch wife and I are taking our femme wife's breasts out of her nightgown to add freshly squeezed breast-milk into our morning coffees.

We all sit and eat and talk as we get ready for our days, the butch wife readying herself to the shop for a day full of challenges, repairing cars, vans and trucks. I talk about my latest advocacy case as my femme wife explains that our pool and floor needs cleaning.

The three of us shower together, lovingly washing each other's bodies under a nice, strong shower of hot but soothing water droplets as we prepare to play the particular roles expected of us in the household.

My butch wife heads off first in her ute for a day of hard, physical labour. I ask my beautiful feminine wife if her breasts are sore and spend a little time milking her breasts into a large container to be sold off to young mothers who can't produce enough milk to feed babies with their breasts alone.

After being lovingly, carefully and milked on her hands and knees, she crawls over to my milking stool and plants loving kisses all over the crotch of my designer dress pants. Soon I'm hard and she patiently waits with her eyes closed and her tongue stuck out as far as it can go, I unzip my dress pants and place my smooth, waxed balls onto her tongue and ask her to worship me.

After a good fifteen minutes of letting her worship my cock and balls, I feed her first load of the day... into her coffee mug along with a mixture of her own womanly, natural breast milk. She blushes deep red and sips at it as take one last look at myself in the mirror and head out the door to take a train into the city center.

I arrive early at work and put in a good effort, reading case files, talking to clients, etc. I arrive home at roughly 6:30pm. I walk in to find my butch wife sitting in the recliner with my femme wife lovingly and dedicatedly eating her pussy and lapping up her juices while dressed in a very expensive but very skimpy french maid's uniform. I start on dinner, homemade salmon nigiri(salmon sushi) with a side of seaweed salad for my femme wife and I as well as a nice big juicy grass fed steak with a side of chips and salad for my butch wife.

We all sit down at the dinner table together and talk about our days, enjoying each other's company over a couple glasses of quality red wine and a good meal.

Straight after dinner, we're into the shower again to clean each other... My butch wife gets a little distracted and we end up making love to our femme wife with our tongues, fingers, hands and my cock for a couple of hours as droplets of water cascade down our naked bodies... We end up almost as dirty as we stepped into the shower but all ends well as we take a few minutes to clean each other again.

We all curl up on the couch together in front of a roaring fire and keep each other warm by snuggling up close to listen to some music and unwind. Our cute, little femme housewife falls asl**p and my butch wife decides to carry her up to bed, I follow behind and after my butch wife has finished tucking in my femme wife into bed; she takes me by the hand and leads me out of the room. Taking me downstairs, she brings me back to the couch and tells me that she didn't cum quite enough times to get to sl**p but she's too tired to do much of the "work" herself so I spend the next hour lovingly eating and fucking her vagina and asshole until we're both exhausted.

We return upstairs hand-in-hand and slip in beside our femme wife... My butch wife holds me as I draw my femme wife close and we all fall asl**p in each other's arms...
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6 months ago
What do you like about it? ^_^ I'm not sure I can pull this romantic dream off but I'm certainly going to try because anything worth fighting for is hard.
6 months ago
nice story
6 months ago
Oh and I know from experience that a firm master with a dedicated slave can walk her through public park with a pair of puppy dog ears on, a blindfold and let people I've screened for drugs and diseases jerk off onto her face and cum in her mouth if you have enough sexual power over her and fulfill her needs while simultaneously making her beg for her wants... So the more than two thing can be done... just not constantly, LOL... I have a really, really intense sexual history... I'm 27 and I've been "active" 20.
6 months ago
That's why there needs to be a balance... I'm a dedicated switch and I can do that at will for someone I care about but I know it'd be more effective to have a butch and femme because they would be able to comfort/help each other the same way I can help either of them... It doesn't even matter to me if the femme isn't genetically female TBH, just that she's beautiful and submissive, that she wants to be a housewife. I'm TRYING to platonically date an 18 year old who claims she's gay to every she meets but I have her pics in a passworded gallery hear as well as her panties in my room... She's already agreed in theory to arrangement... So I'ma try it in real life soon with real people... probably this butch girl first after another couple months of platonic friendship even though my feminine side I let her, the perfume I wear and the way I treat her/let her treat me. So far, she's shown me her breasts, given me her panties, attempted to get into my pants while I was driving because "i smell like a sexy woman" and I "confuse" her... I told her a brief run down of this story before I wrote it up and she orgasmed twice so hard that I had to go get her napkins. So a couple of months down the line, we'll know for sure if we're compatible as friends and then I'll let her into my pants... and into the pants of the pretty bisexual girls she's been fucking whenever the opportunity presented itself for the last five years as long as I'm present and participating.
6 months ago
yes three are better than two:)
but more than that it starts to get out of control:)
6 months ago
like it
6 months ago
I know right? I mean the old saying goes two heads are better than one, wouldn't logic dictate that three is better than two because it's a higher number? :p
6 months ago
great story of the perfect family :)XXXXXXXXXX