A loney wife discovers her true-self, her true sex

Chapter 1: Discovery.

You've spent all day at work, you come home tired and exhausted. Your work clothes are laden with the sweat and grime accumulated throughout your day and once again... your lazy, balding, overweight husband has failed to even bother to heat up last nights left overs for you.

He's too busy drinking beer and watching old football reruns to even care and you just wish you had it better. You know you don't love him anymore and you know your sex-life is over but you've stuck with him for the sake of the k**s, your reputation.

You decide to take a quick shower and jump into bed to surf the web, you've spent the last few nights watching naughty videos on xhamster.com and you want to do it again. You've been watching all sorts of dirty porn over the last few nights; you never thought you'd enjoy porn, especially kinky porn but with your husband doing all the naughty stuff he used to do to you when you first married you found yourself more and more tempted to just... look... at something sexy. You miss the excitement and the passion you both had when you first married, you married young and had k**s young and you thought you'd live happily ever after. You started off with relatively innocent, mainstream professional porn but you rapidly lost the taste for plastic looking people imitating the sort of fun that you yourself engaged in when you had a slim figure, smooth skin and perky breasts like the actresses in the movies. Now, you didn't think yourself ugly but your husband never ever really offers more than the most crass or stereotypical chauvinist "compliments" like "i lurv ya tits, honey" or "get your big sexy ass out of the way of the TV, the footy is on!."

The night before you had looked up people your own age, you found out that a lot of young boys and men really, really like women your age and so you watched a lot of videos about older women being seduced by the "pool boy" or the "pizza man" but soon enough you realized this was just a plastic imitation of real, exciting sex that real people have. So you search the amateur and swingers section of xhamster.com. You found a hell of a lot of original, homemade content being posted by women and couples your age and TRUCKLOADS of content made by horny men of all ages. The stuff that ended up appealing to you most was hot-wifing, cuckoldry and group sex... You even ended up watching a couple videos of a cute young woman stuffing her vagina with all variety of objects from cucumbers to huge, big black dildos thicker than coke cans that look almost as long as your forearm; while she was attractive and you were a little curious about women, it was the way she moaned and groaned as the lips of her vagina, her labia stretched obscenely around the bigger objects that made you shiver.

Sadly back in reality, your home life had become just another shift you had to work through, an extension of the daily 9-5 grind you've been putting with to help pay off the extension to the house and your husband's brand new bright orange Ute; you hate it simply because he didn't need to pull more money out of the mortgage but he claimed he needed it for work. Bullshit, you know the reason, it's so he can show off the pretty girls walking past his job site everyday... It's because he wants to feel big, feel important... It's compensation for that broken, little impotent penis of his that hasn't given you an orgasm since for 3 years.

Tonight, you decided you might just check out the dating section of xhamster.com, just see what people in your country, your state, your city are getting up to while you sit at home in a cold bedroom underneath your cigarette marked sheets; your idiot husband keeps falling asl**p d***k in bed, a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. You hate the monotony so you escape into a world where you can be anything or anyone you want, see anything or anyone you want and never once feel bad about it, no one knows and no one cares what you do on the world of xhamster.com.

Almost immediately a number of display pictures pop up, the green dots indicating their presence. You decide that you'll search active profiles, you hope they'll have sexy content. You never know, maybe you'll spot them somewhere, that'd be exciting, wouldn't it?

You filtered it again for just couples and men, you want to see cock... big cock, cute cock, long cock, young cock, cock your own age. You want to see someone your own age with a real body and a real brain fucking not because their husband has pressured them or their boyfriend is horny but because she enjoys it, because she craves it, because she wants it. You find a profile, one belonging to a couple about the same age as you and your husband. Their galleries are public and their faces are plastered all over their profile. You're surprised they be so bold, aren't they afraid someone could find out? Aren't they scared of what their workmates, their k**s will think if they see it? Their bravery, their sexual boldness excites you.

You choose a gallery called "My hot-wife fucks on command", it's a gallery of pictures of one woman taking all kinds of different cock attached to all kinds of different men. Some older, some much, much younger... some white, some black, some two or three at a time. Immediately your cheeks are flushed and your heart skips a beat before slowly speeding up as a warm, tingling feeling spreads through loins and you feel your womanhood starting to leak your naughty, feminine juices onto the soft, fuzzy fabric of your nightgown. By time you've finished the gallery, all 30 pictures; you're so wet you had to get some tissues just to stop your nightgown and sheets getting all soggy.

You go back out to their main profile and you realize they're less than 15 minutes away on foot, 5 by car. You also see that they've got many videos, you grab your headphones off the nightstand and plug them into your computer and load up the video gallery. You see a video titled "Hot-wife takes 7 loads from me and my friends." You click and it begins to play, you fumble with the annoying tangled little headphones until they've been straightened out and pop them on. Immediately you blush four shades of crimson, the moans, the groans this woman is making as she teases her clitoris with a little clit-vibe in front of her husband and his friends are simply perverse. You can see she is enjoying it, you notice she has the same eye colour as you before your focus drops to widely, ludely spread thighs. This woman's vagina is so wet it's literally trickling out her thighs and the things she's saying are making you so wet, so excited that you can't help but slip your hand under the bedspread, under your nightgown. Your index and forefinger slip down to your vagina and your trace the soft, silky petals of your womanhood, you're very wet. In fact, you can't even remember the last time you'd gotten this wet, this quickly.

"I'm a naughty little housewife, I need cocks and cum! Boys, do you like how I spread my legs for you? Do you like how I spread my cunt lips for you and play with my clitty in front of you, boys? Hubby, do you think I'm sexy?" said the woman in the video, you loved the lingerie she was wearing... you hadn't worn anything that beautiful, that lacey and sexy since the night of your wedding.

"Mmmhmmm, you're my dirty little slut, aint'cha? Are you gonna show all my new friends a good time?" responded the husband from off camera, his voice dripping with raw sexual power.

"Yes! Yes! Yes, please!" the housewife nodded eagerly and moaned as she spread open her womanhood and let everyone in the room look directly into her vagina. The camera turned and panned across the husband and his friends. There was a middle aged black man with streaks of grey and white through his well-groomed pubic hair , very well hung... almost too well hung for your tastes, you thought it might hurt but if you probably would've took a shot at it when you were teen before you met your husband in the last year of high school... if people hadn't of been so racist and prudish when you were growing up.

The next man was a hell of a lot younger, if you didn't know better you'd say he looked about 17. He wasn't quite as well endowed as the black man but he was fit and waxed from the neck down. His balls while pretty large look as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom; his cock was bigger than your husbands just about but it looked so fresh, so young, you might even describe it as cute! The third man looked to be in his mid-twenties, for some strange reason he was still wearing his lace up boots and he he was a little chubby. His cock and balls weren't too impressive. They were pretty average in fact and although his cock looked about seven inches long, it was just as pretty as the last boy's. There was something different about this guy though, something you couldn't quite figure out. He had a lively twinkle in his deep chocolate-hued eyes and a lady killing smirk plastered to his face that made you think maybe he knew or had a thing or two he shouldn't and he was keeping it to himself.

The next man seemed to be in his mid-thirties and he too, like the black guy was hung pretty damned well. His cock and balls weren't shaved but they were incredibly well-manicured... better than you look after your little bush, but then why would you bother, does hubby care? No, why would he? His bl**d pressure medication killed his erection years ago and he's since lost interest in you or sex, all he does is drink, gamble and watch sports while complaining about how hard he works and how you don't treat him like you used. Maybe you'd treat him better if he treated you better, why would you make him his favorite dinner if you're the one who gets home late while he finishes at 4:30pm with enough time to put a fifty through a pokie's machine and a fifty in to his stomach via whiskey tumblers and beer glasses before 7:30 at the pup across the street from his current job site. He's either home, d***k in his lazy-boy recliner or comes home d***k and wakes you up with his loud footsteps reeking of beer and cigarettes. Sometimes the inconsiderate bastard would even jump under the covers fully dressed, including his filthy work boots and smoke up a storm before he fell asl**p with an empty, cheap and nasty bottle of gut-rot whiskey leaking all over the bed still clasped tightly in his dirty, smelly grime covered hands.

The fourth man was in his mid-thirties and he was built like Mr. Universe. His cock wasn't overly impressive though it looked very hard, the veins were throbbing visibly although his balls seemed oddly small for his size. Steroids, you thought, what else would explain the bulging muscles and veins? You didn't care that much though, his body was the best you'd ever seen... naked at least.

Finally, the camera came to rest on the husband. He was overweight, balding and his cock wasn't hard although it looked a decent size. He was naked too but he seemed more interested in snapping pictures of everything and everyone with his digital SLR with a huge ass flash on it. That'd probably hurt your eyes if you were looking directly at it but it certainly explained why the pictures of his hot-wife were very high-quality with great lighting, you wished to yourself that your husband was this open-minded... maybe you two would get along better if the sex-life at home got spiced up a little by something like this.

It was only a brief thought but for a few seconds you stopped focusing on the video for a moment, picturing yourself in her place on that bed and your husband in the place of her husband, snapping pictures eagerly. Your fantasy was shattered and you came crashing back to reality when you remembered how possessive he was when he was younger and how selfish he'd been in bed when his penis had worked. He'd gone down on you twice since you were married, once when you first started having sex and another time on your wedding day... that was it!

A little depressed but still horny, you turn your attention back to the video. The husband has climbed onto the bed and he's eagerly eating his wife out while the others stand around the bed, edging their way closer to the beautiful, sexy woman on the bed. She immediately takes the black man by the penis and draws him closer until she's sucking on the thick, purple head. A few seconds later, he's crouched over his face with his balls in her mouth while she slowly jerks and strokes two of the other men. A few moments later, the husband is back to snapping pictures while the guy with the killer smirk feeds his hard, long dick into the hot-wife's tight, wet little pussy. She moans into the black man's crotch and suckles harder on his balls as the younger man begins to slowly pump in and out of her vagina, first of the night though definitely not the last.

Slowly, the men take their turns rotating between being fucked, stroked and sucked until one by one, they begin to fuck her harder and harder into the horny housewife's naughty little fuckhole until they're literally hammering her cunt so hard and so loud the sound of their balls slapping her ass could probably be heard in the next room of the hotel they are fucking in. One by one, they slowly escalate the fucking until each one is taking turns slamming the hot-wife's pussy so hard it looks like it might just hurt a little the next day. The first of the men cum, it's the black man and it's right down the housewife's well-trained through, she keeps sucking and deepthroating him not missing a beat as he pump his hot, creamy load right down her throat. The next person to cum is the young boy, his potent, young, fresh cum splatters across black and red body stocking... right all over her plump breasts. The third man cums, the Adonis... his orgasm is so powerful the cum literally bounced off her body as it struck and off onto the bed. Finally, the guy with the chocolate-hued eyes hit his climax just as the hot-wife did. The sounds they both made as they orgasmed simultaneously was like a symphony as sex, the camera man was pretty damned good... Just before they had climaxed together he'd gotten real close. The friend fucking hot-wife's cunt pulled out half-way as he reached orgasm, the base of his cock throbbing and pulsing as a huge load shot up through it; he then slammed it home as deep and hard as he can, the head of his cock kissing her cervix lightly as literally coated her womb with his potent, creamy young seed.


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