My 1st Sexual Encounters

1987-88 12-13YRS old
I was sitting in the lounge room on a sat morning when my mum chased out a boyfriend & she was totally naked. This was the 1st time I had seen my mum or any woman naked in the flesh. I can still picture mum’s hairy fanny, her slightly small saggy tits. Later that day when everyone was out I went looking through mum’s draws & stuff looking for any porn. I found a Mayfair mag & some of mum’s satin lacey knickers. This was the 1st time I tried on a pair of mum’s sexy knickers, they felt so good when I started rubbing my cock. As I was looking through the mag as I was rubbing myself seeing these sexy chicks with hairy fannies, all I could picture was mum’s gorgeous body while I wore her knickers. As I was doing this something started tingling & feeling so good that I was quite shocked when I had my 1st orgasm.

1988-89 13-14yrs old
Over the next couple of years I kept spying on mum without much success. I still went through mum’s knickers draw. She got a few new ones, crutchless panties & some that were lacey on the front. Mum sun baked out the back now & then with a small skirt on that she pulled up just enough so if I stood in the right place I could see mum’s hairy fanny through the lacey parts on her knickers & a silky camel toe. I’d stand there as long as I could staring without being to obvious, then I’d have to go relieve my hard throbbing cock.
One day while I was going through mum’s draws while wearing a pair of knickers I came across the most unexpected thing I would see. I found 4 naked polaroid pics of mum, I almost blew my load in her knickers straight away, I thought I hit the jackpot. The 1st was mum standing there in a lacey bra & knickers, 2nd was her bent over with a g-string on showing her sexy ass & her hot fanny lips just beneath a small piece of fabric, 3rd was just head shot with her lips wrapped round a hard cock, 4th & the best was mum lying back with blk stockings on so I could see her nice little titties, she had a huge smile on her face as she was spreading her hairy fanny open wide ? I was so engrossed in pulling myself over mum’s spread that I almost didn’t hear her come home. Now that I found those pics I would wank over them any chance I got.

1989-90 14-15yrs old
Mum had a friend Donna that worked in a pizza shop, so I would babysit her 2 boys & 1 girl 4 nights a week from 4.30pm-1am, for about a year. She was a little bit large but had an awesome set of tits. Once the k**s were asl**p I would go through Donna’s draws trying on her knickers & stuff. Donna was a bit more dirty cause I always found some porn videos that I’d watch & cum 3-4 times a night. I would fantasise about her catching me wanking & saying that she could abuse me & show me how to pleasure a women. One night I found that Donna got a new toy a 6-7” dildo. This was the 1st one I had seen or touched apart from the videos. Being a teenager & exploring my body, I watched chicks getting fucked in the ass on the videos all the time. So I thought that they enjoyed it so I for the 1st time slowly inserted this dildo in my ass (everyone at school always teased everyone about being gay & taking it up the ass) I loved it, theres nothing that feels better that getting fucked in the ass apart from cumming.

1990-93 15-18yrs old
Over the next couple of years I still spied on mum without much success. Good thing I had her hot pics, which one day they just disappeared ? I always thought about taking them for my own sexual desires. Her sexy knickers still came in handy. I never had any girlfriends in high school, I wasn’t the best looking k** in school. That was ok cause I had my mum to wank over. I just wish I could’ve touched her saggy tits & run my fingers through her hairy mound.
1993-95 18-20yrs old
Mum is single now. I’m the man of the house now & I all wanted to do was fuck mum. Over the next couple of years mum always wore these tight bike shorts which always showed off her fanny lips CAMEL TOE ? I started to get bolder by going outside mum’s window after she had a shower & spy on her while she got dressed while wanked over her naked body. I loved watching mum get changed.
In the middle of summer it was so hot & we didn’t have aircon. In the middle of the night I would go to mum’s room naked with a raging hard-on & watch her sl**p, move a sheet & stuff so I could get a better glimpse of her. I came so close sometimes to just walking in on mum with a raging hard-on while she was getting dressed. I wanted to give mum my virginity & for her to show me how please a women & bend me over & fuck me.

Even to this day I fantasise about & have wanted to fuck my mum. I told her this in about 2008. She took it pretty well, but doesn’t want to talk about it. I always try to bring it up but she just shuts me down. One day on the phone I was wanking while I was talking to her, she wanted to hang up & I said hang on a sec & groaned in the phone as I came while talking to her, she was pretty mad that I came while talking to her. I said I just couldn’t help myself.

1996-99 21-24yrs old
I was a smack head & a speed freak for about 3 or 4yrs. Mum moved up to Karratha in mid 1999. I was living by myself still doing some smack. I went up for a bit of a holiday for about 2 weeks. Mum had a new BF & they introduced me to this hot little 19yr old Sharon ? After the 2 weeks was up I went back to Perth packed up my shit & moved to Karratha. After being in Karratha for about 3 weeks me & Sharon moved in with each other. Sharon was my 1st GF & I lost my virginity to her at 24yrs old. I eventually got the courage up to buy a dildo & get Sharon to fuck me with it. For some reason I feel dirty after being violated.

After the birth of our 1st c***d Sharon’s mum came up to help out. One day I was out the back doing some stuff, I noticed the bathroom window open. I had a peak inside & saw Sharon getting out with Phoebe after a shower & saw her mum undressing to get in. My hand automatically went to my cock while I watched Sharon’s 50yr old mum wash her hairy fanny & saggy tits, it was awesome ?

I would love to have sex with Sharon a shemale & a dog. Plus Sharon’s mum, my mum, & a dog. I would like to try a horse cock one day, & slide my cock in a mare’s fanny.
A few fetishes have evolved from my obsession with my mum.
Mum always had a hairy fanny, I love the look & smell of hairy fannies. I started wearing mums knickers while wanking, I love wearing chicks knickers especially G-Strings. I’ve seen mum naked while pregnant, I think naked pregnant chicks are absolutely gorgeous. Mums a MILF & I think older chicks are hot as fuck.
Fisting, Anal, Pissing, Cock, Voyeurism, Spying, Breastfeeding, b**stiality, Grannies, BBW, Midgets, Shemales, i****t, Strap-ons, Licking fannies & assholes, Bi, Tits & Ass, anything that has tits, ass, fanny & cock turn me on. I like real women not these plastic barbies.

I would love to slide my cock in my mums hairy cunt & asshole & fill them with her sons warm cum, then she can suck my cock clean while I lick my cum out of her ass. Then she can fuck my ass & shove her fist in my ass :)
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1 year ago
i used to love wearing my Mum's gear and high heels too.
1 year ago
So, now you spat it all out! Hope you are relieved!
2 years ago
Bravo. Excellent story!
3 years ago
Vhen I was 14 play I did start to play with my mothers silky panties, and specally the pink panties, and vhen was 15 she found me in her pink panties.
However it was my lucky day, she let me fuck her that day, and ever since that day, my mother was 48 years old and had a lovely big behind, her knickers was size 9, I still fuck her and today I am 45.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good for sure