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[Story] My first 3 some.

When i was 18, and a senior in high school, I was dating this 19 year old named Amanda. We met at a pep rally, but I'm gonna skip to the good stuff. We had been dating for a year, and she wouldn't put out for me. I was so patient though, and i know she respected and appreciated that. We went to an after party for homecoming together one night, and i thought that would be my chance to get some pussy. There was another girl at the party that i was very attracted to as well, her name was Amber. She was Russian, very little in height and body size, but she was adorable. We started to hang out, dri... Continue»
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[Story] The Fuck game

So i was out with my friend hanging out and we got a call to be invited to a party. So we were totally down. So we arrived at the party at at first it was just a normal music, drinks, and mingling party. Well 6 hours later it was around 1 am most people left only me, my friend, and a few other girls were still there. We started to all get horny as fuck. So we pulled out the naught truth or dare game. I was first, and i asked this girl named Chelsey truth or dare, she said dare. So i dared her to start fingering herself, she said ok, flipped up her skirt, and moved her panties to the side revea... Continue»
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