The Inaraa incident.

Ryan put his keys in his pocket, stretched his back and tried to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. It had been eons since he had done something like this and although his nerves were second guessing him, it felt good. He took a deep breath, rolled his neck, strolled up to the porch and rang the doorbell. After thirty two beats of his heart (he counted) the door opened and Ryan smiled.
Inaraa leaned against the door frame wearing nothing but a thin cotton tee shirt with an image of Chewbacca and the words kiss my wookie, plastered across the front. Ryan appraised the outline of her body under the shirt, allowing his eyes to linger between her legs where he could see a bare centimeter of her nearly covered pussy.
Before he could utter a word, Inaraa grabbed the front of his shirt and gently tugged him into the house.
“Hey”, he said, pulling her close. “Nice to finally meet you.”
Inaraa moaned rose to her tip toes to kiss him.
Ryan slid his hand to her hip, feeling her warm skin beneath her shirt. Inaraa placed her hand on his and slid it between her legs before pressing her body against his side.
“How was the drive?” She asked.
Ryan rubbed her pussy with his middle finger, pausing to play with her piercing.
“Worth it.”
Inaraa moaned then taking his hand, led him wordlessly to her bedroom. Ryan watched mesmerized by the sway of her hips and ass and felt his cock getting hard at the thought of what was sure to come.
Once in the bedroom, Inaraa pulled Ryan close and ran a hand over his crotch.
“I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk.”
With that, she fell back on the bed and pulled her shirt up exposing her smooth belly and shaved pussy.
Ryan slid to his knees and opened her legs to get a better look at her pussy.
“Oh, I will, he said. But not until I make sure you’re good and wet.”
Inaraa wiggled closer to Ryan’s face and he kissed her softly on the clit. The smell of her made his cock throb but he ignored it and started to kiss her inner thighs, letting his lips gently brush her clit as he moved from leg to leg. She shivered each time his breath touched her pussy and after a few passes, she thrust her hips and ground her pussy against his mouth.
“Eat my pussy.” She said.
Ryan made a sound like a growl and sucked her clit into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over it and then down to lick the slit of her pussy. She was getting wet already and the taste of her juices on his tongue impassioned him. He wanted to keep his face buried in that pussy forever, to taste her, to feel her shudder and hear her moans. Deeming her wet enough, Ryan slid two fingers into her pussy and explored while his mouth continued to work on her swollen clit. Noticing that his fingers were coated in her oozing cum, Ryan stood and leaning over her, slipped his fingers into her mouth. Inaraa grabbed his hand and sucked on his pussy soaked fingers like they were the cock she really wanted.
Ryan pulled off his shirt and undid his belt and pants. Finally free, his cock stood at attention, pointing right at Inaraa’s naked body.
“It’s so thick.” She said.
Inaraa sat up and beckoned Ryan closer. Ryan approached, stroking his veiny cock, not moving his hand until Inaraa grabbed his shaft and squeezed. She watched intently as his already thick mushroom head swelled to twice its size and turned purple and shiny. Without warning, she slid off the bed to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.
Ryan growled again and grabbed the hair at the base of her neck. With a jerk, he pushed her deeper onto his cock with one hand, and tugged on her hair with the other. Inaraa moaned around a mouth full of cock and looked up to meet Ryan’s eyes.
“Suck that cock baby.” He said
Inaraa complied, working his cock with her tongue, lips and throat. After a few moments, his pre-cum began to dribble down her chin and she paused to lick it off.
Ryan reached down and took Inaraa beneath the arms, pulling her to her feet before shoving her onto the bed. He grabbed her by the thighs and pulled her close enough to connect the tip of his cock to her pussy with a lingering strand of her saliva. Ryan pulled her closer and slowly slid his cock into her. He was gentle for the first few thrusts, savoring the feel of her pussy gripping his cock. Ryan watched as Inaraa slid the Chewbacca tee shirt over her head before tossing it on the floor. Seeing her bare tits and still wet lips lit a fire in his belly and he steadily increased the rhythm of his thrusting. When he reached his maximum sustainable tempo, Inaraa let out her first scream.
“Fuck me!” She cried “Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!...”
Ryan drove his cock deeper until he could hear his balls slapping against her ass. He fucked her harder and the headboard of her bed started beating against the wall in time with her screams.
After a time, Ryan climbed on the bed and pulled Inaraa’s legs over his shoulders. In the new position he could watch his cock slide in and out of her glistening pussy and he moaned as he leaned down to softly bite her breast. He sucked her hard nipples while he fucked her and silently thought about how much he would like this feeling to last forever. Her pussy now so hot and wet felt like nirvana of the flesh.
Inaraa started to shudder and Ryan saw that with each thrust, his cock was coming out covered in ever increasing amounts of her thick cum. He imagined thrusting his cock into her mouth and watching her lick all that cum off and in doing so, felt the stirrings of his own orgasm. Inaraa shook more violently and her screams became near silent gasps of pleasure. When neither could stand it any longer, Ryan pulled his cock out of her quivering pussy and rested the tip on her mouth. Inaraa still Cumming, slid one hand between her legs and grasped Ryan’s cum covered shaft with the other. She attacked his cock with her mouth, relishing the taste of her cum with that of his pre-cum. She moaned harder when she felt the throbbing of his cock increase, faster and faster, the head swelling to fill her mouth.
“Oh, shit… I’m going to cum.” Ryan exclaimed.
Inaraa sucked him harder and deeper while stroking his shaft. At the last moment, Ryan pulled his cock from her mouth and Inaraa extended her tongue, mouth open, showing him exactly where she wanted him to shoot his load. With a shudder and another growl, Ryan shot jet after jet of hot cum on Inaraa’s tongue and into her mouth. In moments it was dribbling from the corners of her mouth and down her neck to pool between her breasts. She gave him a smile around a mouth full of cum then sucked the last few drops from his cock before swallowing and wiping her cum covered hands over her hard nipples.
“Round two?” Ryan asked.
Inaraa nodded and straddled his face.
“Your turn to taste my cum.” She stated.

After another hour, they lay naked and sweating in each other’s arms silently reviling in the kind of exhaustion that only repeated orgasms can bring. Both were lost in their own thoughts and the feel of the other against their skin when they heard a sound from the front of the house.
“Expecting anyone?” Ryan asked.
“No, nobody.”
Inaraa rolled over and pulled a little Glock handgun from her nightstand.
The sound repeated itself, louder this time, like an electric motor accompanied by a steady click, click, click…
Ryan and Inaraa looked at each other, both holding their breath. The sound was getting closer and they tensed, adrenaline filling their muscles. The sound was almost to the bedroom when click, click, click stopped, leaving only the sound of the electric motor. All was silent for a moment and then it spoke.
Ryan met Inaraa’s gaze and brushed a lock of hair from her cheek.
“How would you like to go for a ride in a Police Box?” He asked.
Inaraa just smiled, then quickly kissed him.
“Ill take that as a yes then?”
Inaraa nodded and Ryan quickly began to dress.
“I suggest you dress quickly, I’m parked on the side of your house but we won’t have much time to get there.”
“Doctor, Inaraa said. Just one thing first. Later, if there’s time, will you promise to use your sonic screwdriver on me?”
Ryan looked over his shoulder and smiled at her.
“My dear, in my line of work, there is always time.”

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1 year ago
Great minds think alike!
1 year ago
Thanks. I wouldn't mind reenacting this tale with you, sans the Dalik exterminator of course.
1 year ago
You rock baby, I wish I was her. :D