Should never have said it 5

The week following the party my head was spinning, here I was 42 years old working for a dead end company in a dead end job with a wife that had suddenly gone completely mad, she had been having an affair and had seen her lover off to his new job with a orgy, would not let me fuck her but gave me head, and go out of her way to humiliate me, she only seemed to get her kicks whilst I was watching her fuck other men, all of whom seemed blessed with large cocks, I had finally managed to get some penetrative sex with Susan her friend she had felt betrayed not by me but by Susan!!....then to top it all she declared her true love for me and said what was happening was for both of us as she thought that “we have a wonderful sex life”.
I considered all my options including suicide, divorcing Amanda, killing her (joking)or just moving out and giving her some time to think about things, but all my options were limited by my available cash which was not much, it took both our wages to pay the mortgage on our home and the resulting bills, Amanda’s job paid quite a bit more than mine so it was likely she had savings whereas I had only a few hundred pounds, I had suggested selling up and us splitting but she seemed to think that all was well and as she said we both loved our home and “why should we split as we love each other”, she just could not see that there was a problem at all, I explained that I could see myself ending up like Jenny’s husband Frank completely unloved and unwanted in another 5 years, “don’t be silly” she would say and that was that.
All that week since the party Amanda and I had slept together in the main bedroom but other than a quick 69 one evening she seemed disinterested in sex, the last time that we had fucked was at the turn of the year and it was now the end of May.
I had decided to look into the possibilities of obtaining work overseas as a means of breaking the cycle and hopefully bringing Amanda to her senses , with that in mind I took an afternoon off work and began emailing all my former contacts I had worked with to inquire what might be available, this took much less time than I had expected and as I looked at the computer it crossed my mind that I should try to access Amanda’s email account ,I had her password of a year earlier and it was so simple I had never forgotten it, as she worked in IT I expected it to have been regularly changed but was stunned when her account opened up on the screen.
I started to scan through her current and saved emails then her sent emails where I found most of the information that I needed, there were a lot of emails between her Jerry, Jenny and a few recent ones to Jerry’s b*****r Tim, What Amanda had told me about the start of the affair with Jerry was correct but as I expected it had not been a spur of the moment thing as suggestive flirting had been going on for a few weeks before, then after it began some very graphic stuff had been exchanged but again it seemed that all their meetings had occurred at our home whilst I had been there, The emails to Jenny had mostly regarded the party arrangements it had been left to Jenny to find a few discrete reasonable pretty females to “keep the boys interested” and this is where Jerry’s b*****r entered the scene he had been tasked to find a few “handsome, Fit, well built virile men to help see Jerry off” from reading the emails they had been looking at getting a total of 3 other women in addition to Amanda and Jenny and about 8 guys “so as to ensure spare capacity lol” to quote Amanda’s email to Tim, It had also been arranged that Jenny’s husband Frank was originally going to be allowed to stay so that he could be introduced to Jenny’s “new way of working” as she had put it, I also gathered that Susan’s invitation had been considered a mistake as she could not be trusted to keep quiet, however she already now knew about the arrangement so it was left as was, Jenny had lined up 2 pretty girls Debbie and Alison as long as their boyfriends Paul and Jack (whom the swapped as they saw fit)could come too and that had been agreed, what had happened to Alison was never explained, they along with Susan had made the quota of 5 girls............Tim in the mean time had arranged that his Rugby playing friends Alan and Frank (big frank as opposed to Jenny Frank)who Amanda had been informed had a “deformed Whopper of a dick” when Amanda had enquired what was “deformed” about it he had replied that the first 7 inches or so was normal but another 3 inches or so hooked “up and left” as a result of a c***dhood accident to which Amanda had replied “cant wait” he was getting a couple of others interested as well , and as it went on it then became apparent that Jerry’s job was in the pipeline at the time of Amanda’s first interest and she looked upon it as a natural end to the affair, this sent me thinking, Tim had also asked Amanda to meet up with him outside of the party but she had declined saying “that was not the way it was to be”.
In the few emails since the party Jenny had thought of surprising her Frank on his upcoming birthday (54th) with a special surprise, it seemed she was considering taking him out for a few pints and bumping into a work Colleague ( who would be Alan) she would get Frank to invite him home for a few more birthday beers and then get seduced by him, in this plan she could see no downside, perhaps Frank might even “up and leave if she were lucky”, Alan was apparently “up for it” I just felt sick, further reading suggested that Amanda was considering switching her attention to Tim and still hoped to meet big frank at some time, this made me feel even more sick.
I printed off all the emails and jotted down all the details that you have read in this story as a record if needed in the future, then logged off and secreted the information in my car.
A few days later replies to my emails started to return a few possibilities existed and I was especially interested in a job on a 2 year contract in Savannah GA, doing exactly the kind of work I had done previously and to cut what is beginning to feel a very long story short, eventually obtained a job offer to start work at the end of July.
The next two week or so passed without incident and I resisted the temptation to read any more of her emails , however in mid June Amanda started getting frisky and suggested that it might be nice to get some company round and smiled her wicked smile at me, “oh it will be fun, you will love it as always”,” Who”? I asked “not Jerry back, is it”? To which she then replied “lord no, he is long gone,” Who Then”? I demanded to know, “oh do wait and see you will spoil the surprise”, “When then” I asked, “Friday night” was her last reply as she skipped off mimicking c***dhood happiness, I again felt sick to my stomach, she popped her head around the corner and added “don’t worry you aren’t forgotten about”
The following morning I read her emails again and discovered that Tim and big frank had been invited to call on Friday and Tim had been told to make sure he did not turn up alone as she could not wait to see Franks “c***dhood deformity” there was no mention of anyone else, but an email from Jenny sent to Amanda over a week ago had detailed what happened on Franks birthday, he had apparently been pleased to be invited out as it was a rare occasion and the promise of a special treat later had him cheery. They had gone out for 8pm and she had plied him with drink so he was rather well on when they had “bumped” into Alan at around 10pm, Frank was apparently in good spirits and hit it off with Alan, who had spun some tale of being at a loose end and had gratefully accepted there invitation to accompany them home for one last drink.
Once home and after that drink, Frank had suggested to Jenny that as it was now late it might be time for Alan to go home, however Jenny had replied that it was nice to have company and it would be impolite to ask him to leave, at which point Frank asked about his “special surprise” to which Jenny had written “I assured him his surprise was coming soon, and poured him a large whiskey which he knocked back, I refilled his drink and he took it and settled into a chair” she went on then to say that she then retrieved the powder that she had made by grinding down 2 of Franks Viagra pills earlier “ not that they would be any good to him” and added it to Alan’s beer whilst he was at the loo, after he sunk the drink they embraced and kissed passionately they, then entered the lounge and sat together on the sofa, frank had sunk the second whisky and was dosing by the warm fire, they continued to kiss as they waited for frank to stir this progressed to petting and undressing then fingering “he was rock hard” she wrote “what a lovely cock he has” she added, soon they were in full intercourse she was riding him and he was sucking her tits when Frank snorted and stirred he looked at them as if he were dreaming “ I said to him do you like your surprise” but he continued to look but not really see, so I climbed off Alan and leant over Frank, and Alan fucked me doggy style, after a while Frank dosed off so we went upstairs and did it all ways, he never lost his erection (silly boy never knew why)and was red raw when he insisted on leaving at 5am, Frank said nothing and seemed not to remember anything in the morning, “so it’s less drink for him next time”, I again printed the emails and added them to my stash then logged off.
Friday soon came around and Amanda was late getting home when she came in I was stunned to see Susan was with her, “Hi babe Susan is staying over, Hope you don’t mind” Susan smiled and mouthed a greeting with a blown kiss, I took her weekend bag and carried it upstairs, Amanda told me to put it in the spare room which I did, my cock began to harden so I popped my second last Ciallis and thought “how bad can things get at least I have one friend here”, Susan appeared and said “don’t ask me, she phoned me Wednesday to invite me and I jumped at it”, “it’s good to see you, how are you?”, “very worried now” I said and we laughed.
Amanda and Susan began to get showered and tidied up and I was dispatched to pick up some additional booze, by the time I returned they were looking great both were casual in loose skirts and tops.
At 9.30pm we were still alone and Amanda was getting pissed off, she was continually phoning someone who was not answering, Susan told me she had no idea who was coming and I pretended I knew even less than that, Susan was slightly tipsy, but Amanda was still sober, then the car turned into the drive “about time” Amanda said and went to welcome her guests.
A few moments later Amanda led Tim and Frank into our lounge, as soon as Frank said “hello” it was obvious he was somewhat slow, the large scar on the side of his head made me wonder if it was the same accident that had caused it, Tim informed us discretly that they were late as Frank nearly bottled out again, Amanda offered them a large drinks to “settle their nerves” and they settled down on a sofa , Frank continued to jabber on about all kinds of nonsense, ”I’m nervous around pretty girls” he said and added that his girlfriend was a friend of his mothers, the rest of us looked at each other and Tim looked sheepish, ”anyway you are here now and that’s all that matters” Amanda said “ let’s all get comfortable” she dimmed the lights and I drew the curtains” she was cuddling to Franks arm and Tim had pounced upon Susan, so I sat in my favourite chair and observed as usual, soon Tim and Susan were heavy petting, her skirt was around her waist, her legs akimbo with her pussy being gently fingered through her white panties. Amanda was making progress with Frank she had his shirt unbuttoned and his trousers round his knees one hand was massaging his cock through his boxer shorts and the other was between her own legs inside her pants and working slowly “Oh this feels interesting” she said and fished his cock out into the open, it was a sight to see it looked as if the first 3 inches had been twisted both to the right and upwards to his body, the head looked about the full length of the twisted portion and was really thick in comparison to the rest, “I had a accident when 11” he said “and after the stitches came out it went like that” Amanda looked as if she were inspecting it , looking ever so closely and massaging the bulbous head. “very nice” she told him,” so are you” he replied as he continued to stare between Susan’s legs. A few moments later Frank was naked and Amanda was down to her panties, Susan had mounted Tim and was riding him with her pants pulled to one side, Amanda dipped her head and enveloped the end of Franks cock and began sucking, she had turned to face me as she worked on Frank, lifting off occasionally to inspect his cock and to tell me how fantastic it was, Susan and Tim were changing positions but still fucking hard, both of them grunting and groaning with their exertions, then I heard frank grunt loudly as he spurted into Amanda’s mouth, she lifter her mouth and I saw 2 or 3 more large spurts emit from his swollen knob, it splattered her chin and spilled onto her boobs as she continued to work him with her hand “wow that was great Frank” she said and she got up and went to clean up, Susan climbed off Tim and also finished him with her hands then joined Amanda to wash up.
This left me and the 2 guys who were recovering “shit that was great” said Frank and looked over to me “Come on join in” he said in a excited simple way “It’s great, don’t you like sex?”, “he doesn’t have enough cock” said Amanda as she entered the room ”come on show Frank” and she began to undress me but I pulled away, she looked surprised but sat down again next to Frank, Susan had heard what had been said and took me into the kitchen for a drink, “come on Dave don’t let her win and anyway I have naughty plans for you later” she pulled off my clothes and removed the rest of her own and sank to her knees and began to suck my shaft and balls but stopped before I came and led me back into the lounge with our drinks “so Susan you have had some success with him” said Amanda as she passionately kissed frank back to hardness, Susan was getting her pussy fingered and asked Tim to give her oral to which he declined, she turned to me and asked “do you want to eat pussy” and we got into a 69 position on the floor and she sucked my cock as I lapped at her pussy, Tim had regained his erection and had slipped it into her hole whilst we were still 69ing, his big knob had stretched her and the juices were flowing and I was lapping greedily, she raised her head of my cock and worked me furiously till I shot my load on my belly, she was gasping and grunting thrusting her ass back to meet his pounding cock then they came together and he withdrew and his cum flooded out , Susan rolled off me and fell onto her back exhausted, I stood up grabbed some tissues and mopped up our messes, Amanda was now getting screwed by the revitalised Frank, she was on her back with legs raised and he was kind of corkscrewing into her and she was going nuts her pussy was slurping and sloshing with every stroke and though it did not last too long I am sure she orgasmic as he pumped her hole full of seed, he rolled off her and went to “pee”, she looked across to me and opened her legs so I could see the cum leaking from her hot gash, ”come on baby, do what you do best” but I just turned away and left the room.
Frank was finished for the night now and wanted to leave so he dressed and a taxi took him away, “well I guess its bed time” said Amanda and she and Tim went into the main room and Susan and I took the spare room again where we were naughty twice and listened to the main bed creaking sometimes quietly and sometimes noisily till we drifted into sl**p.
Two weeks later all was arranged with the American job and it was time to spell things out to Amanda how she handled it will be in the next and final chapter of this story.
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