Master's Slut With a Girl

My name is Nikki and I am an owned slave to a wonderful Master. I have been in this relationship with him for 4 years and during this time he has shown me the true meaning of BDSM and being owned really is. Before him I was in a abusive relationship, both mentally and physically, but he has shown me what this lifestyle really is and I would do anything he wants. The caring and concern he has shown me and given me has both changed my life and saved my life. The story that he has required me to post is real with only the name of the other person involved changed to protect her privacy.

Recently I was required to do some field work as part of my job with a fellow co-worker who was a black female. A few minutes away from work Master sent me a text asking what I was doing as he usually does during the course of the day. I replied what was going on and why and who I was with and also that I was somehow attracted to her. He told me to flirt with her and see what her reaction was. I was stunned at first but Master has been known to do that with some of the things he has taught me.

Up to that point most of the conversation between us was work related or just small talk so I knew I had to slowly work up to changing what we were talking about to see if she would mind talking about our personal lives. I began by asking the usual stuff, was she married and had k**s, what she did after work to unwind and have fun. She stated right away that she had never been married or had k**s nor had any interest in either, that she actually preferred the company of women and that she was indeed a lesbian. I was somewhat taken aback at her candidness but also highly aroused. I had been made to explore that side of sex long ago and although finding it erotic, I knew that I truly loved cock over pussy. She shifted the conversation to what I liked and I replied that I could never be a lesbian because of my love for cock but that I did swing both ways. Janae didn't say anything for the longest time but I had seen her smile which left me to wonder what she was up to. But then work became a priority and we didn't have much to say until right before we parted company back at the plant we work at when she smiled and slipped me a piece of paper with her number and said, " call me anytime baby " and walked away.

As I returned to work Master sent me a text asking how things were going and I told him that she admitted to being a lesbian and that as we got back to work she had given me her number and told me to call her . He stated that I would soon and that anytime we talked, I was to flirt with her and gave me permission to give her my number also. The rest of the day was spent rerunning our conversation in my mind and as I did so I felt my pussy get wetter and wetter knowing that I would replay it to Master after work and baring my reaction knowing full well a wet pussy does not lie.

I saw Janae as I got off work and smiled, waved and chatted as we walked to our cars. She asked if I had enjoyed our talk earlier and almost blushing I said I had. She then asked who I was texting during our ride together and I told her my Daddy. No I didn't really lie because that is what Master prefers to be called when I am in a public setting as most people have no idea what a Master/slave relationship really means. We stood and talked a minute and then I handed her a small piece of paper with my own phone number on it as she smiled and said goodbye baby.

Master grilled me after I got home and he knew that I was aroused when we had finished talking but denied me any pleasure telling me, “bitch you will not cum until she has you on your knees before her licking her black pussy ". I told him that I would do my best to please him and begged him for release but I was denied time after time as he stated again and again that I was to flirt with her every chance I had with her. I asked if I should call her tonight but he said he didn't want me to appear to be over anxious. He told me for now just to keep being very nice to her and flirt and see what direction it went.

The next couple of days were busy but I did manage a few minutes to seek Janae out and talk with her and always making it a point to show more skin than usual whenever I was around her as Master had said and showed her my tongue ring which she really liked but didn't actually say why. I knew what effect that has on Master and hoped it caused her about the same effect. On the third day she told me to call her that night so we could talk more and I promised that I would. Walking away I felt a rush of wetness between my thighs hoping it would not be long before both Master and I got what we wanted. For him it was the satisfaction of me on my knees before licking her black pussy and for me it was the ability to finally orgasm.

Later that night as I was waiting for Master to arrive home, I nervously dialed the phone number that Janae had given me hoping I hadn't caught her away or at a bad time. I had received a few text messages from Master and he was very clear in his instructions as to what he wanted me to do and that made me even more nervous but I knew to disobey him would be very painful and delay yet again my much needed orgasm. After several rings I heard her pick up and say hello and I nearly melted hearing her smooth voice. We talked for a few minutes about a lot of different things as I tried to hide my nervousness about what I was preparing myself to ask her. Finally I got brave enough and asked if perhaps she would like to go out for dinner the next night and whatever else it led to. I could almost hear her smile as she said, "yes baby I would like that very much”. We then made plans to meet at a very popular restaurant about 4pm and said our goodbyes. As I hung up the phone I realized just how hard I had grasped the phone as my fingers seemed glued to the receiver.

That night when Master came home he wanted to make sure I was good and ready for what I was about to do. He ran a hot bath for me with lots of scented oils and bubbles (which the k** in me still loves). He slowly undressed me making sure that every moment was excruciatingly sensual and knowing that he told me I couldn’t cum I tried my best to block it out. As he pulled off my top and bra he began massaging my tits and pinching my nipples and slowly moved down to my panties. Removing my panties he put his hand ever so softly on my pussy and began massaging and said “baby we’re gonna make sure that’s nice and smooth for your date tomorrow.” He slid one finger inside me and I was already wet, he looked at me surprised that even just the thought of going made me ever so horny. He pulled his finger out and smeared the pussy juice on my tits. He then slowly lifted me up and put me in the tub and then knelt down beside me.

“You are going to be such a good girl tomorrow,” he said as he picked up the washcloth and began washing my back and my tits. “You will do as you are told do you understand?” “Yes Sir I do understand.” I said getting more and more turned on as he began making his way down my belly to my nicely shaven pussy. He took his time massaging my pussy then told me to stand up as he began spraying me off. He touched my pussy one more time this time to inspect it more than massage it. After he dried me off he lead me to the bedroom where he threw me on the bed and began fucking me as hard as he could. “You better not cum bitch.” He said demanding and f***eful.

He held my hands above my head and f***ed my legs open wider and wider as he continued drilling into me. I clenched my teeth and closed my eyed trying my best not to cum and before I knew it he pulled out before even he came. He said “Not tonight bitch, you’re going to have to wait, when you do what I want you’ll get what you want.

That night all I could think about was how hard he fucked me and how much I wanted his cum inside me, and most of all how much I wanted to cum. The next morning only made it worse as he ordered me to my knees and made me suck his rock hard cock until he spewed a big mouth load deep into my mouth and made me swallow and savor every drop as if it was nectar from the Gods. As we parted he told me that tonight he would fuck me far harder than the night before if I did as I was told with Janae.

I was supposed to meet her at 4 but she called and told me she had a surprise for me and to meet her about an hour earlier. I wore a blue jean mini skirt, no panties, my red bra, and see through low cut top unbuttoned dangerously low along with my stiletto heels that matched my shirt.

When I showed up she was there with another girl and said “Nikki, I want to introduce you to one of my friends, Sandy. Sandy is my girlfriend and I would like her to join us tonight. “Great!” I said my heart pounding and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I couldn't help but notice the hungry look in her eyes as we walked to her car for the ride to the restaurant and I knew it wasn't for food.

We stopped for a meal and some small talk and headed to her house. As we walked in she turned and began stripping me down, her girlfriend stripped also and sat on the couch to watch. Janae slowly took her clothes off too and told me to get on my knees in front of her so that I was eye level with her dark, delicious looking pussy. She spread her legs and I began slowly, purposely licking her pussy. She started moaning and pushed my head deep between her legs as my mouth worked faster on her. Suddenly I felt her shudder and warm very tasty pussy juice met my taste buds. She then stood me up and we walked to her bedroom kissing and running her hands over me as I did the same. She lay down on the bed, spread her dark legs wide, and pulled me toward her telling me with her eyes she wanted my tongue on her very wet pussy, which I did immediately.

Then I got the surprise of my life, her girlfriend was behind me wearing a strap on which she slammed into my pussy. I moaned into Janae’s pussy and licked even more. As Janae began to climax I did too and we came at the same time.
“Fuck you are good at this aren’t you? Don’t stop.” She said

I continued licking, paying special attention to her hard throbbing clit, I bit and licked and sucked at her clit all the while Sandy, who is also black, was banging me from behind which f***ed my face deeper between Janaes open thighs. Again we climaxed together this time Janae was screaming with her orgasm, and I was close to screaming too as Sandy kept pounding my aching pussy. With her hands intertwined in my hair, Janae told me," Look in the mirror baby". As I turned my head to look, I saw a pale white girl pressed between two very sexy black women and my long blonde hair flowing between Janaes dark thighs which caused me to shiver knowing Master would approve. She then turned my face back to her pussy and arched upward as I began licking her cunt as she told Sandy, "Fuck this little white pussy licking slut ". Just as she said that, Sandy began pounding furiously into my now sopping wet pussy going much deeper, harder and faster than before. Far faster than a lot of men ever have before.

Jeana grabbed my head and f***ed it hard into her pussy as she screams out again and again as my tongue gets load after load of her juice and I lap at it greedily. Finally spent she lays back panting as Sandy slows down and pulls out leaving me with my ass high in the air almost begging for anything I can get to satisfy this ache of needing release. Janae pants that it is her turn as Sandy flips me onto my back and Janae immediately begins using her lips, teeth and tongue on my well aroused pussy and clit. God I so needed to cum and it didn't take her long to f***e me over the edge as I began screaming long and loud as a wave of orgasms wracked my body. Soon thereafter the three of us collapsed into a pile of wet, panting, well satisfied human flesh glowing in the aftermath of wild, wicked sex.

As I got up I glanced in the same mirror I had looked into earlier and gasped. My hair was a total wreck, my ass cheeks red from the furious pounding by Sandy but I was all smiles knowing I had pleased both my Master and these two sexy young black lesbians lying sprawled on Janaes bed. Dressing to leave Janae looked up at me and said “Drive with your skirt off on the way home baby. And you’re welcome to come back anytime”.

Surprised at her authoritative tone I took my skirt off and walked out to my car. As I began driving home and I called Master and told him what she asked me. Master was just as amazed as I was and told me again about the fucking I was in for when I got home.
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