Dressing Room Slut

(Chocolate Harlot in orgy with the band & Yolanda)

I unloaded the gear from the van, time was getting on, and there was a lot to do before the set. I was a roadie for an up and coming band and tonight was to be their biggest venue so far. I humped the guitars, drums, amps, lights etc into the hall that the boys were playing in that night. As I worked I watched the early arrivals trickle in. They looked like the usual crowd, mostly teens and early twenties, but with a smattering of older folks too. Ok, a couple of thirty something's had dared to show their time ravaged faces, and being a little on the more mature side myself I was always looking out for available ladies from the audience that weren't cause for concern in matters legal.

The boys were in the changing room getting ready and I had just put the last of the gear into place when I saw the hottie. She was with a bloke, as they usually were, and I presumed him to be her boyfriend. She was quite petite, probably 5'2 in her bare feet, but she wasn't in her bare feet tonight. She was wearing a spectacular pair of boots with lethal heels. The only way I can describe them is that they were made from shiny black leather, or PVC, with hooks and eyes and criss crossed laces up to about mid calf, and then extending along the front up her shins to her knees. Two gleaming straps held the boots to her legs between calf and knee, and the whole immediate effect of them was stunning. The boots gave this sensual beauty a decidedly gladiatorial air.

Next came a pair of hold up stockings, black of course, and I can say for definite that they were stockings because the tops were clearly visible high up her legs. There was at least a 2 inch view of her creamy, white thighs between her stocking tops and the totally inappropriate black leather mini skirt that barely covered her plump buttocks. The mini skirt was stretched tightly around the girl's broad hips, and she had a wide studded leather belt around her tiny waist.

Her hands and arms up to her elbows were sheathed in a pair of dark gloves made out of what looked like velvet. Finally, this ensemble was topped off by yet another studded leather creation. This time it was merely a bra top that was covering her lovely round breasts. Breasts that jiggled enticingly as the girl moved energetically through the crowd.

I dragged my gaze further up and was treated to my first glimpse of her stunning, elfin features. She was very, very pretty with a cute little nose that sported a tiny ring through one side. She had a decidedly wicked smile, and her eyes had a disconcerting directness that took my breath away. She had an air of enigma about her. She managed to look like a naïve schoolgirl on one hand, yet maintained an aura of confident sexuality on the other. A paradox of light and darkness combined like the contrast between her soft thighs and black stocking tops.

The girl's bare upper arms were decorated by superb artwork, and I noticed more tattoos high up on her back. This lady certainly had the look; the complete effect of her dark clothing, creamy pale skin, and long, shaggy blonde hair was electrifying. I could feel the sexual draw of her from across the crowded hall, and no doubt every other red bl**ded male in the place could feel it too. Knowing the scene as I do; there were probably a few women in the place who were moist about the gusset when they spied the delicious creature that was moving confidently amongst them.

'Put your tongue away, Ricky boy,' a soft feminine voice whispered close to my ear.

I jumped with the surprise, pulled abruptly back from my admiring reverie. I turned my head and saw Yolanda smiling her sly smile. Yolanda was the wife of the drummer; she was quite a tasty lady herself, tall, slim, Goth, and extremely filthy when it came to sex. She'd been around for quite a while and was roughly the same age as me, late thirties, early forties, and was still a very striking and physically well maintained woman. Yolanda was dressed in her usual attire of a flowing black dress, deathly white face and heavy, overemphasised make up. Her hair was perfectly straight and perfectly black almost blue, the colouring of a crow's wing. I knew that under Yolanda's dress she would be wearing a pair of thigh high boots, laced at the side, and that she was very probably knickerless also.

I smiled to myself. It wasn't just my tongue that was hanging out. Yolanda would be lusting after the bewitching girl herself. 'Fuck off Yolanda,' I grinned at her. 'You're fooling no one.'

'You know me so well,' Yolanda laughed quietly shaking her head. 'And I do believe I'm going to have that lovely little poppet between my thighs before the night's out, you mark my words Ricky boy.'

Yolanda turned her attention back to the girl, tracking the lissom creature's course through the throng. I gulped as the mental image of Yolanda's prophecy shot onto the screen of my mind's eye. I made a promise to myself that I would stay as close to the drummer's wife as I could tonight. I wouldn't want to miss out if Yolanda was as good as her word, and she usually was.

Danny, Brian, Stefan and Nick hit the stage and gave a blistering performance. I made sure that I was on hand to do my job. Sorting a few minor problems with equipment and the likes, but all the time keeping one eye on Yolanda, and making sure that I knew where the girl was all the time too.

As the boys lifted the roof off the hall, the girl really got into the music and was showing off some awesome moves. Her boyfriend could only grin uncomfortably as a crowd of appreciative males gathered around his beloved. Some of the young lads were a little too forthright for his liking, and I saw the man's face grow darker and darker as men tried to chat up his stunning girlfriend.

I felt for him, I really did. I'd been there myself. Sometimes, having a beautiful woman on your arm could be a curse. You had to constantly look out for predatory males who wanted to steal her away with their sweet words and promises. Of course there was always the moment when you began to doubt her words too. When you thought you detected some little lie, some obscure half truth, and when that happened it was as good as over. ...Well, I thought to myself. Good luck mate, she's a fucking goddess. Make sure you treat her right and hold on to her.

I knew that the show was nearly over, and I saw Yolanda make her move. She walked over to the tight group that had formed around the girl and broke through its perimeter. The girl smiled as Yolanda leant close and spoke into her ear, and then nodding, pointed to her boyfriend.

The band left the stage, and Yolanda led the girl away by the hand, the girl's boyfriend following close behind. I had things to do, ensuring the kit was secured and safe from any thieving toerags that were bound to be on the opportunistic lookout for equipment and instruments.

Once I was satisfied that everything was under control I went in search of Yolanda and her new friends and I found them with the boys in the dressing room. The atmosphere was loud and frenetic, typical after a successful night and the boys were on a high. They were laughing and showing off, perhaps a little more than normal and I had no doubt that their increased boisterousness was down to the presence of the sexy vixen that Yolanda had brought to them.

Yolanda was sat on her husband's lap. Her eyes were shining and I knew that she would be juicing like mad between her long, elegant thighs. She was wriggling against Danny's crotch, rubbing her buttocks into his groin. In turn Danny had his hands under the long folds of Yolanda's dress, probably feeling his wife's moistening pussy.

The girl was sat on a small chair; her boyfriend stood expressionless in a corner. She had her legs crossed almost demurely, and from my point of entry into the room I could see the whole expanse of her exposed thigh right up to her buttocks. My cock twitched at the sight, she was an absolute wet dream in physical form sat in that chair, and I actually ached with lust.

'Hey, it's tricky Dicky!' Yolanda cried at my entrance. 'The gang's all here,' she continued enthusiastically. 'It was a great show tonight boys,' Yolanda said to the band, lifting herself up from her husband's lap. She walked slowly over to the girl and stood in a provocative pose in front of her. 'Now, if my sexy new friend has no objections...' Yolanda looked down at the puzzled girl. '...I think we should put on a little show for you boys now.' Yolanda bent forward and kissed the girl lightly on the lips. She reached down with her elegant hand and stroked the girl's bare thigh above her stocking top.

There was no reaction from the girl at all at first. She sat in her chair and stared up at Yolanda with what appeared to be complete and utter disbelief. Her boyfriend didn't respond either. I looked over at him quickly, trying to gauge his reaction, but I guess he was as surprised as virtually everyone else in the room. The band was stunned into absolute silence as well. They all knew about Yolanda's appetites, none more so than her husband, but the speed with which Yolanda had escalated the situation had taken them all by surprise. I was a few seconds ahead of everyone else since I'd been privy to Yolanda's comments just before the concert, and so I was able to briefly observe the occupants of the room in those first unguarded moments.

'Fucking hell,' I heard Stefan whisper when the girl responded to Yolanda's kiss. There had been a long, tense moment when I thought the girl was going to go mental over the Sapphic kiss, but she lifted her face up towards Yolanda and returned the pressure upon Yolanda's painted lips. Yolanda squeezed and kneaded at the girl's thigh, and the girl uncrossed her legs allowing Yolanda to push her hand deep between them.

As they kissed Yolanda's stroked at her lovely friend's gusset and the girl's hands disappeared under the mature woman's dress. They went on in this vein for a few seconds until Yolanda stepped back and lifted her dress over her head. She was nude underneath, and I saw the girl's boyfriend's eyes grow wide when he saw Yolanda's superb exposed body and kinky boots.

Yolanda looked towards the man at just the right time and smiled wickedly at his expression. 'You like what you see?' she asked, turning slowly around, allowing the man to see all of her body in detail. Yolanda's mons was shaven and I saw the man's eyes flicker downwards as he drank in Yolanda's delightfully exposed figure.

She strode across to the man where he stood frozen to the spot in his corner. She thrust her small, but firm and incredibly shapely tits at him, 'Feel me if you like, go on.'

She lifted the man's unresponsive hands to her breasts and pressed them against her flesh. He swallowed and woke up at that point, massaging Yolanda's body, squeezing and pawing her. Yolanda's nipples stiffened and stood out thickly. 'Mmmm,' she moaned as the man felt her. 'Suck my tits baby,' she invited, and the man looked quickly over at his girlfriend.

'Don't you dare,' the girl hissed shaking her head. 'Don't you dare touch her any more.'

Yolanda laughed cruelly and looked at the girl. '...Or else what?' she questioned.

The girl was at a loss for words. What could she do?

Yolanda was enjoying her game, she was the centre of attention, which was her favourite place, and she had the tormented young man in an agony of indecision in front of her his hands still cupping her breasts. She walked back to the girl and pulled her to her feet. 'Get up my sweet little thing,' Yolanda smiled. 'Don't you want your man to stick his cock in my mouth?'

'No' the girl said emphatically. 'He can watch me and you, but I don't want you to touch him.' Yolanda kissed the girl again. She unclasped the bra top that covered the girl's cute, round tits and pulled the leather skirt up around her broad hips. The girl was wearing a tiny thong and Yolanda just took hold of the skimpy garment and tore it away, exposing the girls own shaven vulva.

'Fucking hell,' Stefan swore again. 'Look at that body.'

His words were a little unnecessary since all the band members and myself were doing exactly that. We greedily devoured the girl's figure with our eyes, taking in the detail of her broad hips, narrow waist and round globes. Her labia peeked shyly from the junction of her endearingly soft, almost chubby thighs, and I could see the glint of metal from what I assumed to be her pierced clit.

'Lick my cunt,' Yolanda commanded, sitting back in a soft chair that sat against one wall. She spread her long thighs to show her pink, pouting sex to the girl. The girl obeyed instantly and knelt between Yolanda's booted legs. Yolanda held herself open for the girl and looked up, smiling around at the shocked assembly of males. 'Come on boys, don't be shy...'

Danny responded first and laughed and unzipped his jeans. 'Well lads,' he grinned. 'My wife's done it again.'

The other guys undressed and moved towards the two women. The girl's boyfriend just looked on, completely at a loss as to how to react.

The girl was busy between Yolanda's legs, eagerly tonguing at the mature woman's sticky, oozing opening. She had a pierced tongue too, and I could see the stud brushing against Yolanda's hard clit.

'Ah, that's so good my little darling,' Yolanda sighed. 'Suck my clit baby. Suck it into your mouth.' She looked up at the group of naked and semi naked men that stood in varying degrees of arousal. 'Let me suck you Danny,' she said to her husband, her voice breaking and husky. 'Come on baby, fuck my mouth, you know you want to.'

Danny pushed his thick cock at his wife's face. His big, blunt cock head pushed between Yolanda's lips and into her willing mouth. Danny fucked his hips jerkily as he fed his meat to his wife, holding her head in his hands as his girth stretched her lips tightly around his shaft.

Yolanda pulled her face free of her husband's grip and looked at the girl's boyfriend again. 'You too honey,' she whispered at him, her lipstick ruined and smeared around her mouth, hair in disarray from where her husband's fingers had combed through its dark strands.

The man blinked at Yolanda's words, still bemused. Yolanda pushed the lapping blonde away from between her thighs. She stood up and walked over to the only other clothed man in the room beside myself.

'Don't,' the girl spoke up from where she knelt on the floor.

'Darling, don't be such a spoilsport,' Yolanda pouted. 'I want your boyfriend to fuck my mouth. After all, you've just sucked my clit, why can't he have some fun?'

'It's different,' the girl whispered. 'He likes the idea of me and another woman; it's kinky. But... you and him... it's not on. ...I don't like it.'

'Surely a little blowjob won't do any harm,' Yolanda turned to the man again. She moved close and kissed him on the lips.

'I said NO!' the girl shouted. 'If you touch her...' her voice trailed into uncertainty.

'Or what?' Yolanda questioned harshly, reaching to unzip the man's jeans before she scooped his cock and balls free. 'What a yummy cock,' she said brightly and massaged the man's stiffening prick.

He groaned and looked at his pretty girlfriend helplessly. She stood and returned his look defiantly.

'If you let her suck your prick...' the girl whispered. '...I'm going to fuck all five of these men.' Her threat hung heavy in the air.

Yolanda laughed, breaking the spell the girl's words had woven. 'What an exquisite idea darling, I'm sure the boys will love it.'

Yolanda dropped to her knees in front of the trembling man; she stared straight into the girl's eyes and slowly moved her mouth closer and closer to the weeping head of his cock. She stopped, her mouth a mere inch from the big cock head and paused. She smiled cruelly at the girl and poked her tongue out towards the young man's cock. Yolanda's tongue looked shockingly pink in contrast to her pale face, and she flicked the tip lightly over the man's leaking slit in the helmet of his prick.

He made no effort to stop Yolanda, and the mature woman moved her lips around the tip of his cock, sucking hard on it as she did so.

'You bastard...' the girls hissed, tears welling up in her eyes. She turned to the group of expectant men, and they looked back her waiting for some sort of signal. The girl looked at each of them and then at me. She sat back in the chair that Yolanda had sat in earlier and spread her stocking clad thighs. 'Well?' she asked, her voice hard and full of resolve. 'I said I'd do it, and by fuck I'm going to. I want all five of you to fuck me. Teach HIM a lesson.' She gave her boyfriend a withering look, fire in her bewitching eyes.

'Fuck yeah!!' Brian shouted, and moved towards the girl. The other three followed quickly and soon the excited band members surrounded the pretty one.

Hands moved all over the girl's body. Mauling at her soft, round tits, and searching down between her thighs. The girl sat back and actually began to enjoy the feeling of being groped by several excited men. She took hold of Stefan's cock in her gloved hand and pulled him into her mouth.

'She's sucking my cock!' he said surprised. 'God, she's sucking my cock.' Stefan fucked his cock into the girl's mouth, just the same as Danny had one earlier when Yolanda had been sucking the drummer's prick.

Brian knelt and pushed the girl's thighs wide. 'She's got her clit pierced,' he reported shortly before he began to tongue at the girl.

The girl began to moan around Stefan's shaft when she felt her opening and clit being licked expertly. 'Come on boys,' she sighed when Stefan pulled his saliva covered knob from the girl's mouth. 'Let me taste your cocks.'

Danny took a quick glance at his wife as she knelt and sucked on the young man's dick. He knew Yolanda loved sex and he was happy to let her indulge herself to her hearts content. Especially when he got to fuck hot little bitches like this one. He took Stefan's place and fed his prick to the girl, sighing with lust when he felt her tongue tickle the underside of his big domed helmet.

I stripped myself and saw the girl's hips begin to jerk convulsively as she grew more and more aroused. I walked over to Yolanda and pulled her to her feet. She grinned at me, 'Too much competition over there, Dicky boy?'

'I'll get there, Yolanda,' I said. 'But I thought the young man here could do with some help. You're a bit of a handful.'

She smiled at that and turned to the young guy. 'Get undressed, honey,' she said. 'I'm going to suck Dicky here for a moment. When you're ready, come and stick that lovely cock into my cunt.'

The guy blinked at Yolanda's crude language, but did a she asked and began to strip. Yolanda sucked at my cock and took hold of the root of it right down low on the stalk. She wanked me into her mouth, licking and dribbling over my cock head. Strands of her saliva clung to my prick when she pulled her head back from me. The drool connected my prick to her mouth, the gooey strand breaking eventually as it stretched, spattering wetly onto the slope of Yolanda's breasts.

The young guy hurried back once he was nude, and Yolanda knelt on her hands and knees, pushing her buttocks high and offering her pink, swollen sex to him. 'Stick it in baby,' she murmured and wiggled her hips from side to side. The man knelt behind her and offered himself to Yolanda's slick opening. He pushed against her, and with a grunt slid into her body.

I moved to Yolanda's head and gave her my cock to suck once again. She opened her eyes and saw my prick standing thick and angry in front of her face. She dribbled and drooled around my cock, moaning loudly as the young guy upped his tempo as he fucked her. When I looked across at the group that was centred on the young girl, I could see that she was in a similar position to Yolanda, with Danny pumping his cock into her from behind, while Stefan and Nick both pushed their cocks at her mouth. She was gamely trying to take both men into her mouth at the same time, but eventually had to move her head between the two offered pricks, sucking one first before transferring her attention to the other stiff member.

The guys took it in turns to fuck the delightfully slutty blonde. Each of them getting behind her and sticking their hard dicks into her bejewelled cunt. She was really getting to enjoy by now, and I could plainly hear her cries and moans of pleasure.

'Oh God, boys,' she cried. 'Fuck your cocks into me. Come on, use my cunt, treat me like a slut, I fucking love it.'

Perhaps some of it was for her boyfriend's benefit. To make him realise that although he was fucking the lovely, mature Yolanda, she was getting her fill of cock. The blonde's words were too much for me; I had to have a go. I left Yolanda to the young guy and went over to the girl. She looked at me, her eyes heavy lidded with her approaching climax.

'Another big cock,' she groaned. 'Another one to fuck me.' She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. Her buttocks were rippling as Brian rammed hard at her from behind. Her hanging tits were bouncing forwards and back with the f***e of Brian's fucking.

Then she exploded with her orgasm. The girl squealed and writhed when she came, totally ignoring the three cocks that were being pressed against her cheeks. Her pretty pixie features were smeared by the pre cum that was leaking from the guys' cocks her cheeks, chin and even her forehead were covered with the stuff.

I picked the girl up when Brian slid his long length out of her body, sitting her gently back in the soft chair. I lifted her legs and held them wide apart; her cunt gaped at me all pink and soggy and I slid my cock into her feeling her hot centre close around me. She was slippery with the other guys' pre cum and her own arousal, and my cock squelched into her as I began to fuck.

The girl's boots swung uncontrolled as they hung in the air, her knees hooked around my arms, and I fucked into her hard and fast. The girl's breasts bounced wildly on her chest and I bent my head forward uncomfortably so I could suck on her pebble like nipples. I savoured the rubbery teats and soft breast flesh as I pumped into the girl's slippery opening, and I felt my arousal grow too much to control.

'Fuck... oh fuck...' I groaned. 'I'm sorry you witch... you're too fucking sexy... oh God.' My semen gushed from my prick and flooded the girl's cunt.

Her eyes opened wide when she felt me spitting my seed deep inside her. 'I can feel you doing it,' she squealed. 'I can feel it pumping.' She arched her back and pushed her body down on my twitching cock, forcing me deeper inside. Finally my cock stopped pumping and I pulled out of the girl, my shaft coated with thick goo that the friction from our fucking had created.

Instantly Stefan was at her. He pushed inside and began to fuck in a frenzy. Cum was oozing from the girl as Stefan invaded her body. I could see it dribbling down the crack of her arse when Stefan lifted her legs high in the same manner I had taken her. The girl was moaning, eyes closed and was shaking her blonde head from side to side.

She squealed loudly and Stefan gave a guttural grunt, obviously adding his load of spunk to mine. He moaned and pushed his prick hard into the girl, more stuff leaked from her around Stefan's shaft, and it trickled thickly down the girl's buttocks and stained the chair she was being well and truly fucked in. Yolanda had brought the girl's boyfriend over to see what the fuss was about. He boggled at the sight of his beautiful girl as Stefan climbed off her and he saw her inflamed, oozing pussy. 'Look at your little slut,' Yolanda whispered. 'Isn't she just gorgeous... look at that lovely spunk leaking out of her.

Yolanda knelt and lapped at the cum that was trickling out of the girl. She licked for a few seconds and then moved to kiss the girl with a mouthful of spunk. When she withdrew, both her face and the girl's were stained by mine and Stefan's offerings.

'Wank onto her boys,' Yolanda said lewdly. 'Cover her lovely tits with your jizz.'

Brian, Nick and Danny all laughed at Yolanda's instruction and moved close to the girl, wanking their hard cocks as they got close. The young guy moved behind Yolanda, and she bent at the waist slightly shoving her firm buttocks out at him, offering herself to his thick cock once more. He held her waist and Yolanda guided his hard cock back inside her own tight cunt.

'That's it lads, give her a face full,' Yolanda sighed as her young lover thrust roughly into her.

Brian and Nick came almost simultaneously. They both swore and arced thick gobs of spunk onto the girl's breasts and soft belly. More of the stuff spattered onto her skin, some of it gleaming wetly where it stained her black hold up stockings.

She sat wantonly, her inner thighs awash with the 2 earlier deposits, her breasts and stomach liberally covered too. Danny moved close and the girl reached out and took control of his prick. She wanked at him and very soon afterwards Danny's prick spat its load of gooey spunk. Danny's cum took the girl by surprise, hitting hit her flush in the face. Thick strings of his jizz clung to the girl's blonde hair, hung onto her flushed cheeks and stained the velvet of her gloves.

The picture of his girlfriend covered in other men's' spunk, and with more of the goo leaking out of her body, proved too much for the young guy. He grunted heavily before pumping deep into Yolanda's experienced quim, holding her hips and swearing as he pumped his ardour into her.

Yolanda cried out with delight when she felt him erupting inside her. 'Yeah baby, fill me up. That's a good boy, give it all to Yolanda,' she sighed deeply.

Yolanda moved quickly when the young man had pumped his last jet inside her. She went to where the girl still sat, sprawled, spunk spattered and well used on the stained chair.

Yolanda picked up the girl's hand and slowly licked the semen from the material of the glove. She lapped spunk from the girl's breasts and then knelt to lap more of the cum from where it still oozed from the girl's abused cunt.

Yolanda kissed the girl again, sharing the various deposits with the pretty blonde. Us men watched in total fascination as the two women shared a filthy, cum smeared, but somehow tender kiss. Then Yolanda pulled off her coup de grace by climbing above the girl as she sat on the chair. Squatting above the girl Yolanda relaxed her inner muscles so that the young guy's spunk dripped onto his girlfriend's upturned face.

'Fuck me, that's got to be one of the filthiest, most sexy things I've ever seen,' Brian muttered. 'Danny, you're one lucky bastard to be with that woman. ...You too, mate,' he said to the young guy almost as an afterthought. The man just shrugged his shoulders and grinned sheepishly. There were a few things he needed to get straight with his girlfriend, and he wasn't sure how things were going to be between them after this little escapade.
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such a hot story.
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