Risky Endevors Vol. 1

There are a number of things I've always dreamed about doing but never had the courage to try or ask my wife Beth to try. I'm sure most people (including Beth) have similar lists. She always asks me if there is anything I want her to do or if there is anything I want to try, but I usually just smile and say "I love everything you do". Every once in a while my courage level goes up enough to drop a hint or get a little adventurous, and through the years I've found that she is almost always willing to let me explore. Beth also gets adventurous from time to time, especially if she's had a few cocktails.

This particular adventure had been building for weeks. We planned to go to drop the k**s off at Beth's s****r's house to attend a friend's wedding. We were most excited about having the rare opportunity to have a good time with some old friends, get a little liquored up, and have some long, loud sex anywhere in the house that we wanted to. We flirted and teased each other all week building the anticipation. We played with each other taking turns getting each other horny as hell without actually cumming. It was the most sexual fun we had had in a long time. Beth sucked and licked my cock more in that week than she had in the past 6 months, and I gave her pussy equal attention. When date night finally arrived we dropped the k**s off and headed to the wedding. We couldn't keep our hand off each other. When we got to the church I parked the car and waited for her to touch up her make-up. When she was done she looked around the parking lot then looked at me and slowly pulled her long dress up her stockinged thigh to show me that she was wearing nothing under her dress but those sexy thigh high stockings. I couldn't help but run my hand up her inner thigh to give her beautiful shaved pussy a little rub. There were people walking by my truck, but to my surprise she let me play and kept her dress pulled up so I could watch her pussy get wet. My truck was high enough that it would have been hard for anyone to see what was going on without walking up to the window and looking in, but it was exciting. One of the things on the top of my list has always been having sex where we could get caught. This was a little taste of that fantasy, and just the thoughts running through my head while I played with her pussy in the church parking lot was enough to make my dick hard. Beth reached over, unzipped my pants, and wrapped her warm fingers around my cock squeezing it firmly. Now it was really hard! She looked around the parking lot to see if anyone was watching, then leaned across the seat and put my throbbing dick in her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. I couldn't help but moan as she slid her wet lips down my shaft until it disappeared into her pretty little mouth. Then she sat up slowly, smiled at me as she adjusted her dress, and said ready honey? She wiped the spit from the corners of her mouth with her fingertips then opened the door and stepped out into the parking lot. I zipped up quickly and sat there. I couldn't get up! I was pitching a major tent and we were in a church parking lot full of people! I gathered myself as best I could and eventually got my hard-on under control so we could go into the church just in time for the wedding...

To be continued...
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2 years ago
next please
3 years ago
nice lets hear more
3 years ago
That's hot!!
4 years ago
oh wow man. you two are great!
4 years ago
Keep it comming!