The Powerful Black man

When it has began to take over small rural community's such as mine, It will only be a matter of time before Black men become knowingly as powerful as they are.

a few years ago, we never really knew the cultural of African Americans, only what we have learned in schools, or taught by our peers.
but now in 2010, many of our top rated corporations are being managed, and run by black men.
they have become some of the wealthiest in town, and the neighboring towns, making many of our fathers/mothers working longer, and filling most of the good paying jobs with other blacks they have moved in.

These past 3 years, 3 out of 5 teens are sexually active with black guys. interracial pregnancy has increased 75% (with such a low rating years past, that is about 9 white women, known to bred black k**s)

I love the power of a long black cock, but my small white body is hardly any match for them tall husky black men.
i have sucked off my black boss many times, of fear in losing my job. sometimes one of the brutal co-workers will come over to my house, and I am expected to serve him, and i have no problem doing it.
black teen boys have taken over the popular sports, and with more white girls then black girls, they all have white GFs, that i am sure being turned into fuck toys.. even so, they will be too loose for white boys when they get used up by the black jocks.

i can't believe we have allowed this to happen, our town is now blackened, and we never saw it coming, yet us white women crave it daily.

Is this MY fantasy...?
well I will let you decide, but 95% of this post is True
93% (32/2)
Posted by Kim_J
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4 days ago
I don't know ! but it sure sounds hot !!!!!
2 months ago
11 months ago
I will never (in my life) suck or fuck a white male or have his babies. I am built for black cock and only they will be allowed to impregnate me, im going to destroy my white race wether my mum and dad like it or not.
1 year ago
I love it. Yes this is true in every city and town across America.
1 year ago
Kim flip the burgers over, you're daydreaming again at Burger king.
1 year ago
Pretty white girls have a natural instinct for breeding with black males. They start young and there's no way to stop them; in fact, the prettier she is, the more likely a white girl will conceive a black baby. But the upside is, there is plenty of hot black pussy out there for the taking, while black males are concentrating on impregnating white teen girls. Black females are naturally fertile, have hot bodies and are receptive to interracial fucking and pregnancy. Tunrabout is fair play- impregnate a black girl today.
1 year ago
So True!! :-)
1 year ago
love it
2 years ago
true in texas
2 years ago
AWESOME SEXY, and hell yea the new life for all of us whiteys,thank God,we all should worship and serve the SEXY BLACK GOD MASTERS DICKS,and damn right pray for cum,the lords supper,love it,love it,love it,and AMEN sweetie!!!
2 years ago
I love our point of view. Speaking as a sissy white boy i am looking forward to the future under black rule. I will definitely be voting for Obama again.
3 years ago
all white girls should give themselves to the powerful black men and their huge black dicks!

white men just dont have what it takes physically or mentally to bring a women sexual pleasure only big powerful hung blacks can take charge and fuck a women like a real man and with a real mans cock they get us off with just dominant energy you feel when a black man is in the same room as soon as he enters everyone inside knows he is IN CHARGE! and when such a man tells you to do something you obey and thank him for the opportunity
3 years ago
I noticed it too. Going to local carnivals and festivals, I see so many white girls either with black babies or with black guys who are obviously their lovers. I see black teenage boys always hitting on white girls and wives all over town. I wish I could watch some of these breeding sessions of these local girls.

I was pulling into the local grocery store grocery store and noticed three neighborhood girls that were riding their bicycles that had stopped and were talking to a black teen male. They were smiling and giggling and I just knew that their conversation revolved around him sexing them. A few days later while on my way home from work, I drove by the house where one of these girls live and seen that she was sitting on the steps of her house with this same black kid. She was wearing a short tank top and purple terry cloth shorts. She was sitting there with her legs wide open towards this stud advertising that her crotch to him. As I passed in the car she noticed me watching and she broke out in a smile like she knew she'd been caught doing something that she shouldn't be doing. I know her mom works second shift and she has the place to her self after school. I cam just imagine this teenie bopper ending up like the girls I seen at the festivals who go knocked up by a black stud.
4 years ago
yes love BBC is the way for you to go
once you go black you will never go back
4 years ago
Wow, profound observations

how our culture is changing,

so true.
4 years ago
You should post before and after pictures of your beautiful pussy when you get your BBC
4 years ago
Truth is, your town or anywhere else, white women WANT to suck and fuck black cock! Some admit and some don't...but secretly or not they all do.
4 years ago
Racial assimilation is a definite fact, and television and movies are a testament to that if one only observes.