"The Jogger"

Warm summer morning (5:30am) very Humid, and already 76

Shelly was a short blonde with a decent build.
She got this way from her 5-6 day 45 min jogging sessions.

Just about 25 mins into her jogging routine, she was coming up on the worst part of the path she ran, which was no there way around it.
most of the time a large black man would be looking at her when she ran by, as he talked to some of the homeless people, but he had heard her one day further up the path, call him a nasty nigger.
he was furious, cause those who they say nigga, not nigger, so this must been another racist white bitch.
well today she never saw him, and was relieved so she ran faster in joy.
as she was approaching the last 1/4 mile of the trail, she collided with a huge brick of a man and fell back.... It was him, he began to talk rude with her, as he asked her "excuse me to get nasty nigga all over you". Shelly gave him a curious look, and told him just to watch where he is going, but he knew where he was going, and she was coming to.
just up the path was the parking lot, and trees all around so know one was seem to be insight, as he carried her his large SUV was on the end of the trail, and within moments, she was inside with no one to call to.
she asked him if he stole this car? as he replied, NO, this is mine, why would you accuse me of theft. you a racists? NO shelly blurted, but thoughts crossed her mind she may appear to be looking as if she were?
he explained to her how he comes down and feeds the homeless in the mornings, and gives them supplies.
(At this point i will become Shelly describing that morning)
I questioned why he stared at me all the time, and he said because i heard him call him a nasty nigga, and wondered why?
I looked at him, and he was well dressed today, clean, with nice clothes, and smelled really nice, which reminded me that i had not showered since Saturday before i went out, and i ended up masturbating since i went home alone, and was lazy on Sunday, so i was to shower when i got done jogging, but now how embarrassed was I?
My sour sweat was noticeable, as I asked him to let me go, he began to get closer, he told me i stunk, how could such a nasty white girl talk about a nice man? I had no answer, as i apologized, he began grouping me, and kissed me.
I just let him for some reason, and the next thing i know, he had my shorts off.
i was all sweaty and my vagina smelled worse than my body oder, since i fingered myself it was dirty, sweaty, and now wet from this black man.
His cock was much bigger than i have ever had, as he slid it in, his arm pit covered my face, which was pleasant for me as it covered up my stench.
i was cumming all over his cock. who's the nasty white girl... I am, I am the nasty white girl.
he pulled out his shaft, and burst-ed out loads of cum from my belly to my forehead.
before i knew it, i was standing in the parking lot, which was starting to have people arrive, sticky with cum all over me. as he drove away he told me to be here and ready next monday.... which of course i was. but much cleaner this time
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2 years ago
love the story, wish it was better edited so it'd be easier to read.

But i may just have to find this path and see if i can get jumped too :)
2 years ago
love to read this again, makes me wet
2 years ago
Wow... I could totally see this happening,
He was actually clean, and she was a skank behind closed doors.
I bet she treats black men different now!
3 years ago
id be there ready and waiting every morning from then on lol