I Love when he "Takes it"

I am writing this story since I got so turned on when my GF told it to me.
It made me think of why I enjoy sex with a black man.

Tiffany was just turning 19, and Graduating, she has dated several white guys since Jr high, and had sex with 4 since she turned 18, but was single now for 3 months, and was looking forward to the Party...
... The night of the party
Tiffany stayed late to find out if Josh was single, (white guy) and was hoping to hook up, since it has been a few months, and she was fairly horny.
Before she could talk to him, police showed up, and shut down the party.
she ended up leaving out the back with a large group, and next thing everyone got in a car a was leaving, but her.
Marcus saw her walking and offered her a ride, but Tiffany was hesitant at first.
He was a few years older, 25... 26 maybe and held the record for most points in the HS Basket ball team when he was a senior.
He was also Black, and Tiffany was nervous, but never wanted him to think she was racist, so decided to let him take her home.
Since it was still early, they ended up going to another small party, Tiffany really never wanted to go home so soon, so she agreed, and was hoping maybe Josh or some of the other guys would be there.
When they arrived, it was an apartment complex on the south end of town, on the edge of the "hood" so to speak.
It was mostly Spanish people at the party, and Marcus took her over to the room where marijuana was being used, and Tiffany liked to get high once in a while.
she stated that this was very strong marijuana, and just a couple hits off a blunt got her really stoned.
She said after about an hour, Marcus told her we had to leave, and he looked different, somewhat vocal. (which later she found out, Marcus did some cocaine when Tiffany was using the bathroom.)
As they left, Marcus was asking Tiffany personal questions, and found out about her being single, she also thinks he realized how horny she was, but Tiffany had no plans of sl**ping with him, even though the vibration from his bass was making her even more wet, and how pretty he said she looked, she was curious why he was driving to his neighborhood, but she knew she could not get out in the area of town she was in, so just rode along.
When they arrived in his driveway, she asked him why she was here, and would he take her home, but that's when he got verbal, and before she knew it she was in his living room, as he locked the door behind her.
She told me he took her that night... "He took my pussy" she stated, but i really enjoyed it, so you can't say he ****d me.
"I never said he did, nor did i think it" I told her, and we began to talk about how much we enjoy being taken... but only with black men it seems.
"The Sex"
As she stood in his living room floor, he grabbed her by her her and told her to get on her knees, and undo his pants. she told me she never hesitated with anything he said, his voice had gotten very deep, and f***eful, he was still built, like he was when he played football, she felt very intimidated... and easily submissive.
His cock was as large as he was, she stated, it hung well below his balls, and was very meaty, but totally soft.
he asked if any of her white boys got a dick this big?
No she blurted... and as she thought of how humiliating she was being to her own kind, all he was doing was making her admit the truth, that this black man is more powerful than any white guy....
he told me he was going to take my pussy she said, and felt her pussy moisten.
I sucked that black cock better than any cock I sucked she said.
She was on her back watching this long thick black shaft try to penetrate her tight pussy, even though she had 7" before, he struggled getting in 4" cause of his girth. but every time she creamed, it loosen up and allowed him to f***e more, he pounded in at least 11" she said, as she was helpless , he took her pussy.

DO white women get more vulnerable when it comes to fucking black men?
Tiffany said at first she thought maybe his age was why, so she dated a few white guys from age 25,28,32,and 41, and none of them was able to take her pussy like Marcus did that night.
2 tried, but just never showed authority, they would instantly stop when she asked them, and she even had to tell them that is what she liked before they did.
then she dated a few black men, ages 18,21,
both of them "took her pussy" she stated...
Now she seeing Marcus a few times a week.
71% (13/5)
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hell yes i know just what you mean this story is so hot and its message is sooo true luv it

luv when big strong hung black men TAKE MY PUSSY!!!
3 years ago
nice white sluts
3 years ago
Love white sluts being defiled by black dicks!