Roommate makes white guy her bitch with BBC

Every time my BF would come over to stay, he and my roommate would argue until one day she made him her bitch...
Since I owed her for past 2 months of my rent, she asked me if she could do something and my rent would not be owed to her, so I accepted her challenge.

My Name is Lisa, her name is Tina, and my BF name is Brad.
All three of us are white, but Tina has been dating a Black man.
she has always dated Black men since I became hew roommate, this was her 2nd in 3 years, but she said she had dated white guys early on in High school but after she went out with a black man, she never considered being with white guys anymore.
That is where her and Brad clash since Brad came from a racist f****y, and he never seemed to like blacks.
He always called Tina a Nigga lover, and would try to justify in every way whites were much better than blacks.
I never had dated or been with a black guy, but i have heard Tina having sex with them, and she is always telling him his cock too big, but I hear him fuck her harder from the bed moving and she gets loud. sometimes I makes me horny, but I have always been good with Brad.

Well after Brad showed up, Tina sat him down and began to lay into him.
I went into the bathroom so he would not ask me to stand up for him while she began to tell him her plans.

I heard a knock on the door, and came out of the bathroom and it was 2 black men, one was very well rounded, over 6' and tight muscles, the other was short and stocky and made me curious.
All the sudden Brad began to beg "Please Lisa, don't allow her to do this"?
I still wan't sure exactly, but they the black men made Brad kneel off the couch, and pulled down his pants.. his huge black cock was swinging in front of Brads face, It had to bee twice as big as Brads cock when the other black man held Brad as they began to make him suck the large black cock.
I was so shocked I remain still and quiet in awe of how big the cock was and why Brad was not fighting them.. was he scared? or just weak?
I wondered if I was dating a gay guy, just not sure what to think after seeing them f***e feed black cocks into his mouth.
both of them black men had huge cocks, one was long and thick, the other was a lil shorter but fatter.
the next thing I know Brad was bent over and getting his ass fucked by this huge black cock.
I felt my pussy juice running down my legs, and my cunt was very creamy.
I think I may have had a orgasm just watching Brads ass get stretched out.
but also getting turned on thinking how they could make a tough guy like Brad their Bitch, what they would do to me?
both of them switched off and continued to take Brads man hole.

He shot a huge nigga nut up inside Brads ass, made it official.. Brad was now going to remember to be nice to blacks and never take about them again.

I ended up breaking up with Brad a few days later, and now enjoy Tinas Black friends.. I really don't have a BF, her black BF just sends over his black buddies a few times a week, and they show me what a white slut bitch is.
94% (37/3)
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3 months ago
love the video of her talking to him/me makes me cum every time
3 months ago
HELL YEA AWESOME SEXY,wish it was whitey bitch boi ass,sweetie!
4 months ago
god that was hot, wanted to cum so bad. same im not allowed to
6 months ago
got me horny...great story
11 months ago
plz stay ill do anything!
1 year ago
ya be surprised how many women want to see a brutha fuckin a white hubby or b/f up the ass
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very hot!!
1 year ago
Very hot story. But you should have kept Brad and cuckolded him, make him dress up and be your clean up boi.
1 year ago
Thanks Rita.. I got the idea from Jen12 :)
1 year ago
nice movies within the story