The hot boy next door

The HOT boy next door

This is a true story that acully happend to me whene i was fifteen

I just got hime from school and decided to wach some tv , but wene i turned it on it was aporn show! I thanked the lord that no one was home. But in truth tje vidio really tured me on so i decided to do some thing REALLy nauty,i sliped into my mothers room and starded looking throu her drawers and there in her bed side table was a vibrater. So i grabed it went ito my room and tured on my moms vibrater i started to move it around abit my hot yong pussy was wet with desier, i striped off my cloths, and examind my sealf in the mirror , i had to amit that my perky b size boobs were hot and my nipples were already hard. I tied my long blond hair into a messy bun, layed on my bed and started to fuck mysealf. It felt sooo good i started mounig and talking dirty to mysealf, i was feeling so good that idid not hear the door open.

My door opend. Chloe?! Omg it was justin the hottess guy in town AND my nextdoor naiboir he was almost two years older then me. apearently my mom had asked him to cut the lawn and forgot to tell me.
I was sooo emberessted there iwas lyeing on my bed naked and with my shaved pussy faceing raight at him. I started to apolligise but he cut me of. " were you fucking yoursealf?" " yes" ( no poit in dening it now) he started come towards me, " well" he asked " how do u like it?"( gulp) " good "
" well thene i guess ill just have to join you now wont i" but before i could asewer his soft, eger lips crushed aginst mine. The kiss was powerful yet gentel at the same time he stard to massage my tits. God it felt so good. I beagan to moun wich made him do it faster and hader. I beagan to untie his shirt wile he worked on his pants. ( thank you god !) onced hed been undressed, he lifed me up by the hips and started licking my soft virgen pussy " harder" i scremed " fuck me harder" i was amost at climax. My pussy was begining to burn with passion i screamed! I began to trob intestly. He raised his head from my now very wet pussy and said" are you a virgen babe?". I panted out a yes " well" he chukled " would You like not to be?".
To be countinued....
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2 years ago
I'd like to read more from this author
3 years ago
a good start
4 years ago
Oh please continue. My cock is so hard.