Ex-girlfriend Sarah. True Story 3

Although this is the third story about Sarah, an ex-girlfriend of mine, it’s actually about the first time that I discovered what a horny slutty exhibitionist she was. I hope you enjoy hearing about her exhibitionism, just as her current boyfriend will, once it’s published and I send him a link.

Sarah and I were invited to a fancy dress party. Sarah wanted to go as a sexy schoolgirl, complete with a very, very short skirt, black stockings and suspender belt, half undone blouse, etc. I should have realised right from that moment what a total exhibitionist she was and dumped her. But, she had great legs and tits, so, if she wanted to show them off to other guys, well, after all, I was the only guy who was going to fuck her, I suppose.

Sarah persuaded me to dress up as well, but it’s too embarrassing to say what I wore, so we’ll leave that.

The evening came and Sarah spent an age getting ready. I guess she was trying to find the smallest pair of panties that she had, judging by what I saw later.

Eventually, after a lot of trying on different pairs of stockings and very short skirts, plus a lot of vodka and tonic, she was ready. Well, her skirt was so short that it showed off her thighs above the tops of her black, sheer stocking, plus a glimpse of the cheeks of her bum. Her white blouse was unbuttoned to show off her black push-up bra and half her tits, and the school tie was really thin so as not to hide them.

I knew that she’d had quite a few drinks to build up enough courage to show herself off, but on the way to the party, it became obvious she wanted more. We drove past a bar and Sarah insisted on us stopping for another drink. We walked in, with Sarah having all her legs and half her tits on show, but, the place was really quiet, with just a few really old guys sat in the corner. We had a drink and the old men had a good look at Sarah’s stocking tops and panties, as she leant forward on the bar. She kept glancing behind her to make sure they were still looking, but we didn’t stop there for long.

Then we passed a really busy looking place. It was in a really rough area, but by then Sarah was do d***k she didn’t care. We walked in and everyone looked round. The conversations just died, as all the guys stared at Sarah’s stockings and half opened blouse. She said ‘This is more like it. I prefer busy places’. What she really meant was that she wanted more guys to have a good look at her.

The place was buzzing, with loud music and everyone laughing and having a good time. Now Sarah was there, some of the guys thought she was a stripper for someone’s birthday. Well, she certainly looked like one.

She was leaning on the bar, on her forearms and the barman kept looking down her blouse at her tits, barely concealed by her half-cup push-up bra. She knew he was looking but didn’t care. Leaning forward like that, her mini-skirt was up at the back, so the whole room could see the cheeks of her butt and her thighs above her stockings. She knew it and kept looking round to see who was watching. It wasn’t long before a group of four guys started talking to us. They said ‘Oh, come on, you are a glamour model aren’t you. Well, you should be with a fantastic figure like that. Just look at your legs, they go on forever. You have an amazing figure. You ought to show it off as much as you can. Go on, let us buy you another drink’ and similar bollocks. By them about 15 guys were gathered around Sarah and me.

Well, Sarah was falling for it all. She was flattered by the attention. Then the barman joined in and said ‘You ought to flaunt that lovely body off to these guys. We have strippers here twice a week. You ought to come here and strip for us, sometime’. Sarah said ‘Oh I’m sure you don’t want me to strip. I’ve never done it before and I’m certain I’d be useless’.

All the guys said ‘Oh, you’d be fantastic. You have an amazing figure’. The the barman said ‘Look, why don’t you get up on the bar and do a little dance for us. Maybe just take you blouse off, just for fun. Maybe your bra, too. Just try it out, just for fun. You might enjoy it’. Sarah looked at me and I could tell, d***k as she was, that she wanted to show herself off to all these guys gathered round her. The fact that the party had started half-an-hour ago didn’t even enter her mind. I smiled at her and shrugged. I said ‘Go on, you know you want to’.

Sarah said to the barman ‘Oh go on then. Put some good music on and I’ll do a dance. I’m not sure how much I will take off, though’. The cheers from the guys, by then about 20 gathered round her, gave her a lot of confidence and also made all the other guys in the place, about 50 in total, the idea that something good was going to happen.

The bartender put some slow, sexy, stripper music on. Sarah tried to get up on the bar, but it was really high, so I lifted her up so she was sitting on the bar and held one of her hands as she moved her legs round to stand up. Doing that, of course, meant that every man anywhere near her, immediately had a good look at her stocking-tops, thighs and her tiny, tiny panties right between her legs. She knew how much she was showing and I saw her glance around the faces of all the men, seeing their eyes looking right up her skirt and smiling to herself.

Oh, did she move in such a sexy way to the music. Fantastic. She was dancing right at the edge of the bar, so all the guys gathered round in front of her, were getting a good look right up her mini-skirt to her g-string. She was dancing with her legs apart so they could see as much as she could show them. Then, the chanting started as the guys shouted ‘Take your blouse off, blouse off, blouse off’.

Sarah grinned, then undid the top three buttons of her blouse. The cheering was so, so loud and she looked really pleased. The guys were going wild and she was loving it. She looked at me and I smiled and nodded. She took that as a ‘yes’ and undid the rest of the button, pulling the blouse up and out of her skirt. She undid the sleeves at her wrists, then pulled it right off and threw it to me, to catch.

Her half-cup, push-up bra wasn’t hiding much of her tits at all. As he danced her tits were wobbling round above the top of her bra and the cheering was just incredibly loud.

Sarah was loving them all looking. Then the barman touched her leg and Sarah looked down to where he was holding up a glass get another vodka and tonic for her to drink. She leant forward to reach down for it, and, well the inevitable happened, her bra, barely concealing her nipples before, slipped down a bit and her tits were virtually naked, in front of 50 guys. She suddenly realised what she was showing, looked down at her tits and pretended to be shocked, with a shocked smile on her face. She caught hold of the glass, pulled it up, but still bent right forward, took a long drink of it, then passed the almost empty glass back to the barman, then looked round at all the faces of the guys who were staring at her nipples.

She stood upright and shrugged her shoulders, as though to say ‘well, you’ve seen them now, so there’s no point me trying to hide them’, reached behind her and unclipped her bar, pulled it off and flung it to me, to catch.

She danced around and, there was my, well, pretty new girlfriend, just dressed in a tiny mini-skirt, black stockings and high-heel shoes, with her tits on show, and bouncing around nicely as she danced, showing herself off to about 50 guys. They were shouting and cheering so loudly and Sarah was loving showing herself off to ever single one of them.

Like every other guy in the place, I had a huge erection, and I was as desperate as they all were for Sarah to strip naked. I signalled to the barman to give her another drink. Sarah reached down for it and her tits, big, lovely and firm, wobbled and bounced around as she reached for it. She drank half of it, then, instead of drinking it all, she stood upright and poured the rest of it all over her naked tits. The guys went crazy, seeing her tits all wet and glistening.

Then she turned her back to the guys and bent right forward, so they had the best possible view of the back of her legs, stockings and tiny panties between her legs. This was the deciding moment. Would be pull her g-string down and show them her pussy? I wanted to see it and there were another 50 guys there all desperate to see it too. Sarah looked at me and I could see the questioning look on her face. I smiled at her and deliberately nodded my head a few times. I could see she wasn’t sure, so I smiled again and really nodded my head this time. She looked back at me and gave me a huge smile. She wanted to show them, but she wanted my approval too.

Then, she quickly reached up under her skirt, caught hold of the waistband of her panties and pulled them right down to her ankles. Well, there was almost a riot. Fifty men all tried to be the ones right at the front, looking up between her legs at her pussy lips. She looked back behind her at the guys, realised that she was causing a bit of a crush with the guys at the front, stood up, turned to face them and undid the waistband of her mini-skirt, undid a couple of buttons, pulled it off her and threw it to me, to catch. Her g-string was still right down around her ankles and she bent right forward to catch hold of it and step out of it. Of course, as she did that, the barman, right behind her, looked up, right between her legs at her pussy lips. He must have had the best look of any of the guys there that night. He leant forward a bit and had a really good look up there.

Then, to finish, Susanna danced to one end of the bar, then danced sideways, down the whole length of the bar, moving her legs apart at every step, making sure that every guy there had a great look at her pussy. Then she danced the whole length of the bar again back to where I was and d***kenly, managed to sit down on the bar, right in front of me, so I got an even better look at her pussy than even the barman did, put on her g-string and quickly got dressed as I handed her the rest of her clothes.

Then, to huge cheering and applause, we left the bar, got in the car and I drove towards the party. We were passing though a wooded area and Sarah said ‘Please stop the car for a moment’. I did and we both got out of the car and she pulled me a short distance into the wood. She said ‘This is me saying Thank You for letting me show myself off’ and she took her g-string off again, got my dick out and pushed it up inside her. Well, I fucked her, there and then, and if some car came by, too fucking bad. I don’t know which of us was the most desperate.

So, there you are Sarah. Have fun reading this and explaining to your new boyfriend how it was all my fault that I got you d***k and made you strip. Yeah, right, as if he’s going to believe that.

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2 years ago
Hell, yes I did write Susanna near the end of the story. That's the name of my current girlfriend. How stupid am I?????
2 years ago
why did her name change to susanna near the end?
2 years ago
wish i was there, great story
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
although you are doing it for revenge, you area also celebrating a fantastic and exciting girl to have shared a part of your erotic life with. She sounds wonderful and you clearly enjoyed her life force.