Susanna Francessca, UK glamor model and a real, tr

This story about Susann has been sent to me by a photographer who took pictures of her. What an exhibitionist this girl is!

“My mate Steve and me booked Susanna Francessca for a photoshoot in a deserted quarry. It was fairly near Birmingham (UK), but way out in the country. We’d collected Susanna from her studio in Warwick and she sat in the back of Steve’s car as he drove us. She had a big bag with her, with her modeling clothes in. She asked us what we wanted her to wear for the first part of the shoot and we told her, well, short skirt, black stockings, black g-string and bra, high-heel shoes and not much else.

She started to rummage around in her bag of clothes and pull bits of clothing out. Then she said ‘Are these okay’. I looked around at the clothes and said ‘Ohhh, yes!’ She said ‘Okay, I might as well change now as we’re driving along. It’ll save time when we get there’. Well, we were going through fairly quiet areas, but there were other cars and people about. I heard rustling noises of Susanna’s clothes coming off, but kept facing the front. Steve kept glancing in the rear-view mirror, so he was having a good look at her. I said ‘Don’t worry Susanna, I won’t look round’. She replied ‘You can look if you want to. I mean you’re going to see everything pretty soon once I start modeling, aren’t you. You can watch me change if you like. I don't mind at all’.

That was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I glanced around. Susanna had taken her top off and her tits were out, and she was just starting to put on a black bra. I had a good look at her tits for about 10 seconds before her bra was on. She actually put it on quite slowly, letting me have a good look at her tits. ‘Wow, they are really nice’ I said. She just looked at me and grinned, and said ‘I’m glad you like them’. I said ‘Hell yes, and I expect all the guys we are passing in their cars think so, too’. Susanna giggled and said ‘Yes some men had a good look at me just when I took my top off. I sometimes like showing myself off a bit and I feel in that sort of mood today. And if I give some man in a passing car a thrill, well, that's okay’.

Then she struggled and took her jeans off and I could see she had a tiny white g-string on underneath. She took it all right there in front of me, not minding at all that I was looking at her. Then she pulled a black g-sting on. As she lifted he bottom up off the seat, I had a nice little glimpse of pussy lips, just enough to see that she’d shaved them.

Then she put black stockings, a suspender belt and a short white skirt on, all the time with my having a good look. Steve said ‘This just isn’t fair!’ Susanna giggled and said ‘Oh you’ll get to see it all very, very soon, I promise you’.

We got to the quarry and it was deserted. We drove to the far end where Steve knew there were some old quarry workings. There was a big tank and a ladder, oil drums and all sort of mechanical structures. We parked close by and got our camera gear out. Susanna started to pose. Since I’d already had a good look at her, I started to photograph her and Steve stood there, having a good look at Susanna’s body as she slowly undressed. After a few minutes, Susanna had taken her top off, then her bra came off. Her tits looked fantastic in the sunshine. There was a slight breeze, just enough to make her nipples really erect. They looked so, so suckable.

Then she took her mini-skirt off. Her legs looked amazing in those black stockings and high-heel shoes. Then, finally, I got her to take her g-string off. I really wanted to get some shots up between her legs pf her pussy, so I said ‘Susanna, why don’t you climb up that ladder and stand on the top of that tank?’ Susanna looked round and said ‘Yeah, I’ll do that, no problem, you should get some nice shots with me way up there’. She climbed about 6 or 8 steps up the ladder, giving Steve and me a really good look at her pussy lips from the back, as she climbed. I took a few pictures.

Then she stepped up onto the tank. Her feet were about level with our heads, so when she stood with her legs a bit apart, we could look right up at her pussy. I took a few pictures of her showing her tits and pussy, then she stood with her legs apart a bit, giving us an even better look at her pussy, then suddenly we heard the sound of a loud engine, a truck or something, coming fast to the end of the quarry where we were. I said to Susanna ‘Do you want to get down?’ She just stood there, legs still apart, watching the truck getting closer and closer. It screeched to a stop and three workmen got out. They stared open-mouthed at Susanna. She just stood there with a smile on her face, letting them look, not even closing her legs. Her tits and pussy were on show to three workmen, and she was smiling and looking happy that they were having a good look at her almost naked body.

I looked at her and she was watching them intently, looking at them and seeing their eyes going all over her body, not covering up her tits or closing her legs. She was enjoying them seeing her.

One man was about 60, another about 40 and the third was about 20. One said ‘Well, we were going to start taking all this stuff to bits for scrap, but, well, this is a far better use of it’. Then another said ‘You don’t mind if we watch, do you?’ Susanna said ‘You can watch if you like, I don’t mind. It doesn’t bother me, as long as you don’t mind seeing a naked girl showing a lot’. And she smiled at them.

She looked at them. They stared back at her body. She smiled again, enjoying it.

Well, exhibitionist or what? She was standing up there just in high-heel shoes, black stockings and a suspender belt, with her tits and pussy on show. I said ‘Okay then, let’s carry on’. I couldn’t believe what Susanna did next. She looked down at the three guys, then at the camera, and moved her feet apart quite a way, showing us her pussy more clearly. The three guys moved closer to get a better look. One said ‘That’s one hell of a body you’ve got there, girl. And you like showing it off, don’t you’.

Susanna said ‘If you think I’ve got a nice body, then yes, I do like showing it off to you all and I do like you looking’. Well, if it was just for the camera, then maybe she wouldn’t be an exhibitionist too much, but to enjoy three guys she didn’t know having their eyes all over her tits and pussy, well, then she really is one fantastic exhibitionist. Isn’t she great! She was loving them looking at her, I could just see it in her face and her eyes.

I wanted to see more of her pussy, so I said ‘Can you open your legs any wider?’ She looked a bit doubtful, but then caught hold of the ladder up near her shoulder with one hand and said ‘I can do this. This will show you more’ and she lifted one leg up onto a rung of the ladder and moved her legs right apart. Well, that was it. Her pussy was really on show now. Her pussy lips had parted and we could all see a lovely pink clit. I quickly got some great pictures.

Then Susanna said ‘I think I can get my foot up onto a higher rung. You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you’. And she did, her legs now even wider apart. Well, now her pussy lips came really apart. She knew that would happen and how much more she would be showing us, and she did it deliberately. One of the workman said ‘You are really damp there, aren’t you’. Susanna said ‘Well, I can’t see from this angle, so I’ll have to rely on all of you to know that’. She smiled. It was obvious she was getting sexually excited, knowing what she was showing us all.

Then Steve said to the workmen ‘I know what, why don’t we have two of you, one standing either side of the ladder and the third on just starting to climb up a few rungs, as though he is climbing up towards you. Susanna, is that okay?’

Susanna said ‘Oh that would be fun and make a really good picture’. So one workman stood either side of the ladder, looking up, and the oldest man, well he was at least 60 year old, clambered up the ladder a bit. All three were much closer to Susanna now, looking up between her legs at her pussy, with the old guy having the closest look. I took a few shots like that and I noticed that Susanna was looking down at the three of them, looking at them as they looked at her pussy. She was enjoying watching them, seeing their eyes looking right up between her legs.

I zoomed the camera lens in for a nice shot of Susanna’s pussy. By now it really was wet and really opening up. The entrance to her vagina was showing. Whether she knew she was showing that much, I don’t know, but it was certain that she didn’t mind. She had the horniest, sexiest look on her face for all the shots and she was obviously really enjoying showing it all of.

Suddenly I realized that I’d taken loads of pictures and Steve hadn’t taken any. Well, we’d already talked about sharing all the pictures anyway, so it didn’t matter, but I said to Steve that he ought to take his turn now, with his camera. Susanna said ‘Steve, do you want me to get dressed and start over again’. Steve said ‘No, I like you best wearing just what you’ve got on, but there’s more equipment here we can use for you to pose on, so why don’t you get climb down, but do it slowly, so I can get some pictures’.

Susanna said ‘I think I can climb down slowly, facing towards you, with my back to the ladder, if you like, so you can take some pictures like that’. And she did, with Steve getting some great shots up between Susanna’s legs. I could see he had the lens zoomed out, to get pussy and tits close-ups.

Then he got Susanna to do some great poses, all really, really revealing, with her legs getting wider and wider apart, on the machinery and equipment. Even with her legs fairly close together, her pussy lips were still quite open, with her clit poking through, so we all got a good look at it. Steve was always good at getting girls into very revealing poses, maybe showing more than they meant to, but with Susanna, he didn’t have to try. She was happy to spread her legs wider and wider without being asked, showing us everything, with Steve photographing her, me having a good look and three strangers getting closer and closer, to see the most that they could, without getting into the shot.

You know, she showed us everything. I mean everything. There was not one single bit of her body that we didn’t see, and she was enjoying showing it and us looking at it. Susanna was so happy, smiling naturally for the camera, showing that pretty vagina and those lovely tits. I’ve never seen a model who enjoyed being looked at so much. The three workmen were being treated to sights of Susanna’s body that most girls don’t even show their boyfriend, but Susanna was really happy to show it all off and to let them look, giving them the thrill of their lives.

Eventually the photoshoot ended and we went back to the car. The workmen started to do the work they came for, but it was obvious their hearts weren’t in it, preferring to ogle Susanna, if we had more time.

On the way back to taking Susanna to her studio, she asked to see our cameras. Pretty soon she had worked out how to play back the pictures on the screens on the back of my cameras. She said, ‘Oh, that’s a nice picture. Oh, that one too, I really like that. Oh this one’s even better. Oh I love these pictures’. Then she said ‘Oh you are naughty, that’s a real close-up of me between my legs’. She went through about 20 more pictures then said ‘Ohhhh, look how much I’m showing with those men at the bottom of the ladder. Look how much they could see! Oh, now the old man is getting closer. He could see everything, couldn’t he? Ooohhh, now I’m showing even more, but they are really, really nice pictures, well, maybe apart from the close-ups of me between my legs. But I don’t mind, if you think I’ve got a pretty one, down there. Well, you obviously do, with you taking so many pictures of it. I didn’t realize I was showing that much, but, well, you’ve seen it now, haven’t you!’.

Then she handed my camera back to me and picked up Steve’s. She said ‘Oh, Steve, you naughty man, these are really rude, but very, very nice pictures. Oh that one’s excellent, but I’m showing such a lot. But it is a really nice picture. You’ve got to send me these, every single shot you both took. Oh, and this one’s even better. But you guys do like your close-ups of me between my legs, don’t you’.

I said ‘You were really wet and excited, weren’t you’. Susanna hesitated for a moment, then said ‘Well, the pictures show that, don’t they. I can’t deny it. But I was just in the mood today to show myself off. And those three workmen, well, that was too good an opportunity to miss, showing myself off to them, with their eyes all over my body. That was great fun. And yes, okay, it did arouse me, a lot, with you all looking at me. Sometimes girls like, well, to show ourselves off and for men not be able to take their eyes of our bodies. It’s really thrilling’.

I didn’t tell her that one of them had whispered to me ‘Eh mate, send me the pictures, won’t you’ and he’d slipped me a bit of paper with his email address on it. Well, of course, if Susanna had enjoyed showing herself off that much, her pictures were going to on email to him, and if he showed them to all his mates, well, that’s what happens when a girl exposes herself like that, isn’t it. And if hundreds of men see her tits and vagina, well, she would probably be even more thrilled at the thought.

We got back to Susanna’s studio in Warwick. She seemed reluctant to leave the car and we sat there talking for a few moments. She’d put the top back on that she had when we first collected her, but she’d kept the tiny mine-skirt on that we’d photographed her in. We quickly paid her fees, adding a good tip for being such an exhibitionist and an excellent model.

I thought, well, it’s the end of the photo session, so we’ve got the pictures, even if I say something wrong, now. So I turned back to face her as she sat in the back seat of the car and said ‘Let’s have one more look at it. I mean, those workmen got a closer look at it than we did, when they were up that ladder’ and I looked down at her skirt. She knew what I meant, immediately, and she said ‘Yes, that’s not fair, is it, that they would see more than you two, since you were the ones to pay me’ and she caught hold of the hem of her mini-skirt and pulled it up to her waist. Then she spread her legs really wide. Her pussy lips came open and she was still really wet there. Her clit and her vagina were on show to us as we stared at it, really close.

Steve said ‘That’s the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen’. Susanna said ‘Thank you. Go on then, have a good look, I want you to’, and we did. She stayed like that for about a minute, legs spread so, so wide, watching our faces as we had a good close look at it.

Then suddenly, she closed her legs, picked up her bag and said ‘I’m glad I did that, but I’ve got to go now. Thanks for a great day and I hope you want to photograph me again, soon’. She got out of the car and walked towards the door that led to her studio. I looked at Steve and said ‘WOW!’ He said ‘AMAZING, I wasn’t expecting to see that much’. We just sat there for a moment, unable to believe our luck at catching Susanna Francessca on a day when she wanted to really exhibit her entire body to anyone who came by. Then Steve said ‘She was so excited, I bet she’s up in her studio, right now, masturbating furiously at the thought of what she’s shown us and those workmen’.

You know, I bet he was right”.

Come on then guys. Susanna has worked as a model for a number of years. Just tell me you have a story of her that you want published here and we’ll sort it out.

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