Susanna Francessca, exhibitionist.

Susanna Francessca, a true exhibitionist.

This girl loves to show it all off, to strangers, too. I’d photographed her in her studio in Warwick, UK, and she was great, getting naked for me any my camera. Then a month later I rang and asked her if she wanted to do an outdoor shoot. She said ‘Oh yes, I love being photographed outdoors’. I told her what I wanted her to wear for the first part of the shoot and we arranged to meet up near Warwick Castle, two days later.

I got the place early and Susanna arrived in her car. I got out of my car and picked up the bag with my camera gear in. As Susanna walked towards me, she caught hold of the hem of her mini-skirt and pulled it up. She said ‘You said you wanted me to wear stockings, are these okay?’ She was standing there in the car park with her skirt pulled right up to her waist, showing me her stocking tops and g-string. I knew it was going to be a great photoshoot.

I stuttered ‘Wow, yes, great’, and we walked down the tree line of the woods, near the castle. Then Susanna said ‘There’s a fallen tree over there, I could pose on the tree trunk. I said ‘It’s not very far into the woods, someone walking along the tree line here would see you’. Susanna replied ‘Oh well, I’ll have to take that risk, won’t I’. She seemed really happy and not at all concerned.

We walked to where the fallen tree trunk was. I got out my camera gear and Susanna started to pose. She lent forward and I could see down her low-cut top. She didn’t have a bra on and her tits and nipples were showing. She knew how much she was showing and was smiling, enjoying letting me photograph her tits.

Then she got right up on the tree trunk, standing with her legs apart so I could take pictures up her mini-skirt. I squatted down and took a lovely shot right up her skirt as she showed her stocking-tops and her tiny g-string between her legs, that was barely covering her pussy lips.

Then she got down off the tree trunk and caught hold of her top and pulled it off, over her head. I stared at her tits. She saw me looking and said ‘They like the fresh air and the sun on them’ and she giggled. As she did, her shoulders shook a bit and her tits jiggled around.

Then she sat on the tree trunk, topless, with her skirt pulled up, showing her stocking-tops, really happy to be getting naked outdoors.

Then I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw two guys walking along the tree line. They hadn’t seen us yet so I quickly said to Susanna ‘Oh you’d better cover up. There are two men over there’. Susanna looked round, looked at them for a moment and said ‘Oh, it’s okay. They are over 16. They look about 18 or 19 years old. If they see me, it’s okay’.

Then, well, I couldn’t believe what she did next. She turned a bit, sitting sideways on the tree trunk, half turned towards them, so that if they even glanced over to where we were, they would see her tits. She had done that deliberately. What a wonderful exhibitionist. Then she put her hands up behind her head and arched her back, pushing her tits out.

Well, of course they did glance over and see Susanna. I saw them stop and stare over to us. Then one of them shouted ‘Wow, nice tits’. I looked at Susanna’s face and she gave a little smile. She was loving showing her tits off to two complete strangers. I took a few pictures, then one of the guys shouted ‘Can we come over there and watch for a bit?’ I looked at Susanna. She had that same little smile on her face and she shrugged as though she was saying that she didn’t mind if they did, but that smile was telling me that she wanted them to come closer.

I waved them over to us and they made there way through the trees, one standing either side of me as I continued to take pictures of Susanna. One of them said ‘You do have fantastic tits’. Susanna smiled and said ‘I’m glad you like them, although I would rather you called them boobs’.

The other one said ‘You don’t mind us staring at your boobs then, do you?’ Susanna said ‘If you think they are pretty, then yes, I like you looking at them’ and she giggled, those pretty tits jiggling around a bit, again.

I lowered the camera and all three of us stared at her tits. Her nipples were getting more and more erect. There she was, topless and with her skirt up to her waist, showing off her body to us, obviously enjoying us having a good look at her.

I took another picture then Susanna said ‘I’d better take my skirt off’, and she stood up, turned her back to us, undid the zip at the back, bent forward and slowly pulled her skirt down. Her g-string was just a tiny thread of material and her lovely bum looked amazing in the sunlight.

Then she stood there in front of us, just in stocking, suspenders, high-heel shoes and the tiniest possible g-string. I was taking lots of pictures while the two guys had their eyes roaming all over her body. Then Susanna sat down on the tree trunk, spread her legs wide apart and said ‘I’d better give you something else to stare at, hadn’t I’ and she caught hold of the g-string between her legs and pulled it over to one side. The guys both said ‘Oh wow’ as the three of us stared at Susanna’s pussy. Susanna had a big smile on her face as she watched us, as we looked at her pussy. She’d shaved her pussy lips and just had a little triangle of hair pointing down to them. I quickly zoomed the camera lens in and got a great full-frame shot of Susanna’s pussy.

Then Susanna stood up, turned her back to us, bend forward, put a thumb of each hand in the waistband of her g-string and slowly pulled it down, as I took picture after picture. Her legs were a bit apart and her pussy lips were clearly on show to us. I was squatted down to get the best angle for the camera and the two guys squatted down too, to get a good look at Susanna’s pussy.

She was loving showing it all off to us. She was really enjoying having myself taking pictures of the most intimate part of her body and having two strangers having a good look at it, too.

Then she turned and lay back on the tree trunk, and opened her legs really wide, and I mean REALLY wide apart. Her pussy lips came open a bit and her little pink clitoris was poking through. I quickly took some pictures with close-ups of that pussy. Susanna lifted her back of the tree trunk and looked down at herself between her legs, and said ‘I’m showing a lot, aren’t I’, but she didn’t close her legs and was obviously enjoying knowing her pussy lips were a bit apart.

I said ‘Can you open your legs even wider?’ and she said ‘What, like this’ and she really spread them. Her pussy lips came open even more. She looked really wet there and it was glistening in the sun, her clitoris clearly on show, and now we could even see her hole, her vagina. It looked so, so inviting.

Well, we were there for about another 15 minutes, with Susanna getting into the most revealing poses possible. She was so happy and enjoying showing her entire body off to us. One of the guys said to me ‘You are going to email us these pictures, aren’t you?’ I looked at Susanna and said ‘Is that okay?’. Susanna said ‘Oh, yes, of course. I mean you will tell your friends what you’ve seen today and they won’t believe you without you showing them the pictures, will they?’

She was smiling and obviously enjoying the thought of lots of men seeing pictures of her naked.

The two men left then and Susanna got dressed. As we walked back to the car she said ‘That was real fun! I enjoyed that. Did you see how they were staring at me? They had a really good look at everything, didn’t they? I’m going to tell my boyfriend about how much I showed the three of you when I see him tonight. It always gets him horny when I show myself off to strangers’.

Well guys, you judge. Susanna Francessca. Exhibitionist or not?

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