Slutty Sarah is back !

I didn’t think I’d hear from Sarah the Slut again, after this blog caused her to break up with her boyfriend, but last week she rang me and said she needed someone to talk to. She came over to my place and obviously wanted to talk about something, but couldn’t find a way of starting the subject. I gave her a few drinks and she started to talk. She’d been up to her slutty ways again. She said…..

‘I just have to talk to someone. I must tell someone, I just must. I’ve been so, so bad and I can’t sl**p just thinking about it.

It was a couple of weeks ago. You remember Maria, the French girl I know? She rang me and invited me to stay with her in London. She said that there was a job that she needed my help with and we would earn over £1,000 for a couple of hours work. I was intrigued. I went to her place on Friday afternoon. She was very secretive over what the job was, but that we both had to dress up for it. She got one of her dresses for me on she put one on herself. The dresses were so, so short. I mean really short. They were really low-cut too. I’ve got bigger breasts than her and mine were just spilling out over the top. My nipples were only just covered up. And it was so short that I’m pretty sure the cheeks of my bottom were showing a bit. She wouldn’t tell me what the job was until we’d had a few drinks. Well, you know what I get like after a couple of vodka and tonics.

Well we dressed up and she said to me ‘Right, now, the job is that we have to do a little dance for an Arabic man. He’s going to be in a nightclub in the centre of London. I know the owner and he’s arranged it all. Now the Arabic man is very, very rich and he’s going to pay us, well, at least £1,000 each to do a little dance for him. The owner of the nightclub, Francisco, is sending a limousine for us and there’ll be free Champagne for us too, but the thing is, we mustn’t wear any underwear, none at all’.

I wasn’t wearing a bra in any case because I couldn’t in such a low-cut dress, but I did have a g-string on. I didn’t think I could go out in such a short dress without anything underneath it. But she gave me another vodka and tonic to give me courage, and I took my g-string off. The dress was so short that if I sat down and anyone was sat opposite me, they could see my, well, you know, my....., well, my pussy. It was just such a revealing dress. I mean, dancing in a dress like that, well it could ride up a bit and I’d be showing everything. I quickly had another vodka. I couldn’t believe I was going out just wearing a tiny dress, high-heel shoes and nothing else.

The limousine arrived and all the way to the nightclub I was desperately trying to keep the hem of the dress pulled down. It arrived outside the club and the driver opened the door for us. Maria got out then I didn’t know what to do. I had to lean forward to get out and if I did then the driver would see right down the front to my dress and how the hell was I going to step out without him seeing up my legs to my private bits. Oh, I just did it. I saw him look and I knew he must have seen my pussy lips, and probably down my top to my nipples as well.

As we walked up to the nightclub door I whispered to Maria ‘I’m sure he saw my pussy’. Maria said ‘Yes he saw mine to, fun, isn’t it, giving guys a quick flash’.
We got to the door and there were two huge guys on security there. Maria said ‘We’re Maria and Sarah, to see Francisco’. They looked at a clipboard, checked our names were on there and nodded, and opened the door for us. We went in and immediately inside the door were some stairs. We started to walk up them and after about 5 or 6 steps I glanced back. The two security guys were standing there and were looking up our legs. So, in the space of about half a minute, three different men had seen my pussy. I felt strange. In a way I was really embarrassed, but I felt really sexy too. I suddenly realised that I liked the thought that I’d shown such an intimate part of my body off to complete strangers.

I mean, I’d, well, I’d shaved it. Completely. You, know, I mean you used to like it like that, didn’t you. I mean, there wasn’t any hair to hide anything. It was all on show.

We got to the top of the stairs and there was another security man there. Maria asked for Francisco and he showed us into his office. Well Francisco was French too and wow, was he good looking. Sexy as anything. He looked me up and down. I felt completely naked, well I was almost. He grinned at me and I knew he knew that I was naked under the dress. He led us out of his office and down a corridor. He said ‘Look, this Arab is rich. He is seriously rich. He’s a Prince in a royal f****y. You’re going to get a lot of money to dance for him, but keep him happy. Just do whatever wants. He spends a fortune here at the club and just keep him happy.

Francisco led us to a door. He unlocked it, opened it, we went in and Francisco stayed outside, closed the door behind us and I hear him lock it. We walked further into the room and were met by two more, huge security men. They looked Arabic and they had two glasses of Champagne ready for us. I was so nervous that I drank most of my glass straight away. One of them grinned at me, got the bottle and toped it up. I drank most of the glass again.

Then they led up into another part of the room. An Arabic man, a really old one, in the full Arabic outfit, was sat in a chair. One of his minders said something to Maria in French. She whispered to me ‘We’ve got to sit on those seats opposite him, right on the edge and whatever you do, don’t cross your legs’. I thought it must be a bad custom or something, to cross your legs in front of someone whose important in whatever Arabic country this man was from, so we sat down, right on the edge of the chairs. My dress was so, so short. I looked at the Prince. He was staring at my breasts, which were struggling to stay in the top of the dress. Then I saw him glance down. His eyes widened and I knew he could see up my dress to my pussy.

One of the minders said something to Maria in French. Maria whispered to me, ‘Move your knees apart, just a tiny bit’. I did. Maria whispered ‘No, go on, a bit more’. I couldn’t believe it, but this really old man was looking at my pussy and I was just letting him see it. Then he glanced at Maria. She had her legs apart just a bit, too. One of the minders reached inside a bag and pulled out two envelopes. He opened the flaps of them and showed us that they were full of money. They were £20 notes, dozens and dozens of them, in each envelope.
He said something to Maria in French. Maria whispered to me ‘That’s all for us, but we’ve got to dance now’. She stood up, caught hold of my hand and led me to a sort of small stage. I hadn’t noticed it when we walked in, but it was a stage with two poles on, like pole-dancers use. I said ‘I can’t pole-dance’. She said ‘You don’t have to pole-dance, just dance around the pole. Just do what I do’.

Getting up on the stage was difficult in such a short dress. I knew I was going to show everything, and I did. I had to step up really high, almost jump up onto the stage. As I did it, my dress rode right up and the Arab and his minders saw my bottom and my pussy and everything. I quickly pulled my dress down, but it was too late by then.

Then the minders picked up the chair the Prince was sat in, with him still in it, and brought it over to put it in front of the stage. Maria whispered to me ‘Look, as you dance, out dresses are going to ride up, aren’t they. We mustn’t pull them down. Just let them ride up. I mean they’ve seen us between our legs anyway, haven’t they, so there’s no point trying to hide it now’. I couldn’t believe what she was asking, but, there was all that money waiting for us and I’d had just about enough to drink to loose my inhibitions.

We could hear the music from the other part of the nightclub and we started to dance to it, holding on to the pole and dancing round it. Maria said ‘Come on, sexy moves’. She was swaying her hips and moving seductively, so I did the same. As I did, I could feel the hem of the dress riding up. I wanted so much to pull it down, but I didn’t. I just kept thinking about the money. After a couple of minutes I looked at Maria. Her dress was right up round her waist. I glanced down. Mine was too. The two minders and the old man were staring at my bottom and my pussy. One of the minders said something in French. Then Maria said to me ‘You’ve got to do what I do now’ and she stood with her back to the pole. I did too. Then she slid her back down the pole and squatted down. I followed what she was doing. Then, oh no, she opened her legs wide. I hesitated, then, well it was for the money, I opened mine. I didn’t want to look at the three men because I knew where they’d be looking, but my eyes were drawn to them. Yes, the three of them were looking at my pussy. I just knew that my pussy lips had come apart a bit. I knew my clitoris would be showing and probably my vagina too. The two minders were standing one either side of the old Prince and it was obvious the two of them had huge erections.

We stayed squatting down like that for what seemed an age, then Maria stood up. I did to. Then one of the minders spoke in French again. Maria whispered to me ‘We’ve got to take our dresses right off now’. I looked at her and she whispered ‘Look, they’ve seen your pussy, so what if they see your tits too’.

Maria caught hold of the hem of her dress and pulled it right up over her head, and took it off. I got what she meant that they’d seen us between our legs and it was only our breasts to show them, but I didn’t want to be totally naked in front of their staring eyes. Then I thought of the money, and I did it. We danced around that small stage, naked apart from our shoes, letting those two minders and that horrible old man stare at our bodies. The Prince had his hands under his robes and I’m sure he was playing with his penis as he watched us.

Then the minder said something else in French and Maria nodded to me. We got down off the stage and Maria caught hold of my hand, and led me to where the old man was. She stood one side of him and she told me to stand the other side. Then she said ‘Lean forward a bit’. I did and our breasts were down near his face. I knew what was going to happen next. I was horrified by the thought, but I could see those envelopes with all that money in. The old man’s hands came out of his robes and he reached out and grabbed Maria’s breasts. He felt them, he squeezed them and he groped them. Then he let them go and grabbed mine. I was having my breasts felt by a really old man and I was doing it for money. He was quite rough with them although not enough to hurt.

Then he let mine go. One of the minders said something to Maria in French. She whispered to me ‘Just one more thing to do now and we’ve finished. And we get all that money. We’ve got to rub our pussies on his bare legs. I didn’t understand, but the old man did. He pulled his robes up and up until his bare, bony thighs were showing. Maria stood astride one of his legs, squatted down a bit until her pussy was touching his legs and rubbed herself up and down his thighs. I copied her. Our breasts were now right in front of his old face and he leaned forward so that his face was touching Maria’s breasts. Then he did the same with mine.

Then Maria stood up. I quickly did to. She walked over to the minder who had the envelopes and held her hand out. He gave them both to her and she handed one to me. Then we both walked back to the stage and quickly put our dresses on. One of the minders was on the phone and I realised he must be contacting Francisco. A moment later the door opened and Francisco came in. He said ‘Ah just go back to my office for a moment’. We did and he followed about two minutes later. He came in, sat at his desk and looked at us. He said ‘Well, you two did a fantastic job. The Prince had told his people that you were the best two girls he’s ever seen. He loved you. I don’t know what you did for him but he’s definitely coming back here and wants to see you again. Are you okay with that?’

I looked at Maria, pleading with her in my mind to say ‘no’, but she didn’t. She said ‘Oh well, we just did a little dance for him, that’s all’. Francisco said ‘Well, a naked dance, I was told. Are you two going to let me see you naked? After all, I got you all that money, the limousine and the Champagne’. Now, Francisco is the sort of man I would really like to see me naked. Really good looking, obviously rich. Maria pulled her dress up and right off, over her head. He looked at her breasts and her pussy. Then he looked at me. Well, so many men had seen my pussy that day, so what’s one more, I thought, so I took my dress off too. His eyes went straight to my pussy. He said ‘Well, I’ve seen Maria naked before, but your body is fantastic, too. Nicely shaved pussy lips, too’. I just stood there and let him look. His eyes moved up to my breasts, back down and up again, all over my body. I liked him looking at me, far more than those Arabic men.

I looked across at Maria. She looked into my eyes for a moment then said ‘Francisco, I think Sarah wants you to fuck her’. A warm, really sexy feeling went surging through my body, and I knew she was right. I looked back at Francisco. He stared at me. I stood there naked, apart from my high-heel shoes. I guess he took that as a ‘yes, I do want you to fuck me’, because he got up from behind his desk, walked round to me, pushed me back up against the side of his desk, pushed my body down so my back was on the desk, then bent down and caught hold of my ankles. He pulled my feet up off the floor and lifted my legs right up in the air. Then he pulled my legs right apart and stared down at my pussy. I could feel I was really wet there and I knew my pussy lips would be open. He moved up close to me and closed my legs a bit so my ankles were resting on his shoulders and undid his buttons and got his penis out.

And it was huge. It was seriously huge. He slid it in me and started to thrust a bit. Then he started to rub my clit. I said ‘Oh don’t worry about satisfying me in any way. Just have fun. Just fuck me. Now, you know I never use the ‘f’ word, but I did. I just wanted to be had by a man. He caught hold of my ankles, spread my legs wide and pounded his penis in and out of me. My breasts were bouncing around and I could hear Maria giggling as she watched. I felt him ejaculating inside me and I loved it. After showing my body off to so many men that day, I just wanted to be, well, the ‘f’ word again, I just wanted to be fucked.

Then, once Francisco had finished with me, we got dressed, Francisco called for the limo driver to collect us and we went back to Maria’s place, clutching our enveloped. There was a bottle of Champagne in the limo and we drank it all, giggling like crazy people on the way back to Maria’s place. When we go there the driver opened the door and Maria got out, her dress just about round her waist and I did to. If he hadn’t seen my pussy when he took us to the club, he definitely did when he opened the door then.

We went in and spread the money out all over the floor and counted it. Wow, £1,500 each.

So, what do you think about me now? Am I turning into a prostitute or what?’

Well guys, that’s it. That’s Slutty Sarah, up to her bad ways again. Oh, and before the thought comes into your minds, I can tell you that I was sympathetic, I was understanding, I told her that of course she wasn’t a prostitute and that it was just an adventure. She was pleased. Very pleased. So pleased in fact that she let me fuck her. Are we back together? No. Is she likely to come back to talk to this understanding person who wouldn’t dare to tell anyone what she told me? Well, I hope so. You’ll find out if she does.

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1 year ago
Hope she does come back! Always love hearing about Sarah!!