Ex-girlfriend Sarah – exhibitionist story 7

Well, it’s time to really annoy my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, Chris, again, with even more evidence of what an exhibitionist slut she really is.

Sarah and I used to live together in the city of Bath (UK). Some Saturdays we would go to a café for morning coffee, in the city, to read the morning papers. One time we went there, Sarah was wearing a fairly short skirt, certainly above knee-length, which had a bit of a split up one side. We went into an open courtyard of the café, walking down some open, iron steps, almost like a fire escape to get to the tables. At the bottom was a table which is where I would sit if I went there. Any guys sitting there would be able to look up the skirts of any girl walking down.

Sarah and I went to another table in the corner and pretty soon a waitress had brought us a large coffee pot. We talked for a while, then a group of three young men, maybe 18 or 19 years old, walked down the steps and sat at the table right below them. After about another 10 minutes, I noticed that they kept glancing over towards Sarah. I asked Sarah if maybe she knew them. She looked over at them, leant back, glanced down then sat forward again. She said ‘No, I don’t know them, but the reason they keep looking over is that the split in my skirt at the side is showing my stocking tops and it’s just in the place where the suspender attaches to the stocking, so that can see that too. I guess they like seeing my thighs above the tops of my stockings’. I said ‘And aren’t you going to cover yourself up?’ Sarah said ‘It’s not worth it now, is it? I mean they’ve seen me now, haven’t they. And it’ll give them a bit of a thrill, seeing stockings this early on a Saturday morning’.

We started to read the morning newspapers, then Sarah said ‘I must go up to the ladies restroom’, and she stood up and walked over to the steps. I pretended to be reading a paper, but I was watching out of the corner of my eye as she walked up the open steps. Of course, the three men looked up her skirt and they must have been able to see right up between her legs.

A few minutes later Sarah appeared at the top of the stairs and walked slowly down. This time one of the guys had a camera-phone and I saw him angle it to get a picture or video up Sarah’s skirt.

She walked over to me with a big smile on her face. As she sat down she said ‘Look’, and she held open her handbag a bit. Just inside was a pair of tiny panties. I knew what she’d done. She’d taken them off before she walked back down the stairs. I grinned at her and said ‘You are terrible. You’ve just shown those three men, well boys really, what you look like between your legs’. Sarah said ‘Well, quite a few men have seen me there, so now three more have. Anyway, doing that’s made me feel really horny, so let’s go home and I’ll let you feel what they only saw. I know I’ve been naughty, so maybe you ought to punish me’.

I wasn’t going to turn down a Saturday morning fuck, so we left, Sarah walking slowly up the steps, making sure those men had a good look up her skirt.

We got home and I thought we’d go up to the bedroom, but Sarah dragged me into the downstairs front room. We sat on the sofa and kissed. I pushed my hand up her skirt, past her stocking-tops and put my fingers between her pussy lips. She was soaking wet. She pushed my hand away and I knew that meant she wanted to play fight, to make me work for my reward.

I pushed her hands behind her back and tried to f***e her skirt up. She struggled and half managed to push it down, before I held her more tightly and eventually her skirt was up round her waist. I said ‘Right, you dirty girl, you’re going to get punished now’, and I f***ed her down over my knees, her bottom pointing up in the air, and I spanked her, quite hard’. Sarah squealed with pain and delight. I knew she was enjoying it. She was shouting ‘No, no, stop’, but she wasn’t shouting loud enough or struggling enough for me to believe she really meant it.

I spanked her hard about 6 times, then put my fingers between her legs. She was even wetter now. I said ‘You are disgusting, this is what you showed those men’ and I rubbed my fingers up and down between her pussy lips, from her clit to her vagina. She started to breath really heavily, enjoying the thought that those men had seen her pussy. I said ‘I know what you would have loved them to do to you’ and I slid two fingers up inside her vagina. I said ‘This is what you would have loved them to do to you, isn’t it, taking it in turns to finger you’ and she breathed even faster, getting turned on by the thought of having stranger’s fingering her.

I spanked her a bit more, then said ‘Right, it’s upstairs on the bed for you. I’m going to fuck you’. Sarah said ‘No, down here’. Well, the room we were in was overlooked by two of the neighbour’s houses, so if someone was upstairs in their houses, they would be able to see us easily. I said ‘Okay, so you want the neighbours to watch you, that’s fine’ and I pulled her top up and over her head, then almost ripped her bra off. Her skirt was right up round her waist, so she was there in front of me, still with her stockings, suspender belt and shoes on. I pushed her down on the sofa and groped and grabbed at her tits, then fingered her pussy, then groped her tits again. She said ‘Stop teasing me’, so I knew she wanted cock up her. I think at that moment, she would have been happy with any man’s cock, but it was going to be mine. I ripped the front of my jeans open and yanked them down, threw myself on top of her, f***ed her legs open and entered her vagina. She loved it and moaned and moaned, as I thrust up inside her. Sarah never swears. She never has done, but that day she said ‘Go on, fuck me, fuck me hard’, and I did.

One thing I’m really proud of, is that I’ve given all my girlfriends multiple orgasms. My record with Sarah was for her to have 5 orgasms before I’d cum. That day, I broke my record and she shuddered with 7 orgasms, with me slowing down and stopping the thrusting, between each one. Each orgasm she had was stronger and stronger, her whole body shuddering time after time. I think she could have gone on all day, with her thinking about those men seeing her pussy and the thought that we might be being watched by neighbours, but eventually I shot my load up her.

Well, new boyfriend Chris, I have to tell you this: I still remember exactly, really exactly, what your new girlfriend’s vagina feel like, with my fingers up inside her. I still remember exactly how her tits feel. I still remember exactly what it’s like to ejaculate inside her. And I have even more examples of what a total slut your girlfriend is, that will be published to the world, very soon. Have your fun with her, Chris. I did!!!!!!!!!!!

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