Three of a kind - Part 4

Three of a kind - Part 4

When directed to sit up and move closer, Vivian watched as Lizzie crossed her legs at the knees and placed the toe of her right boot between Caroline's legs. Vivian was breathless because she knew that the toe was being stuffed into her mother's cunt. Lizzie rocked her leg up and down effectively fucking the woman's cunt with her shoe. Caroline had a blissful look on her face as she rested one hand on Lizzie's knee. Vivian pulled back and quietly slipped down the spiral staircase. She stayed close to the wall to avoid any boards that might squeak. When she entered the parlor Caroline was back on her knees licking the toe of the boot that had been in her cunt. Lizzie saw her enter and motioned for her to come closer.

As Vivian stepped tentatively farther into the room Caroline saw her daughter. She sat up and tried to cover her body with her hands. Her embarrassment at having been found out induced her to try and hide her nakedness. Her right hand managed to cover her light brown pubic hair and her left hand covered her rather small right breast. In her effort to cover her right breast her left breast was lifted in the crook of her arm. Vivian could see the very nipple she must have suckled on as a baby. She had a strong desire to suckle on it again. Lizzie gave Caroline a sharp whack across her ass with the instruction to lower her hands and let her daughter see her naked body. Caroline obeyed and lowered her arms to her sides as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Lizzie used the ridding croup to point out Caroline's breasts and cunt to Vivian and asking her if she would like to inspect her mother's body? Vivian stood there in shock and was only able to nod her head up and down. Lizzie told Vivian to remove her nightgown and come sit on her lap. Vivian pulled her nightgown over her head and shook her hair to settle her ponytail back in its proper place. Then she crossed the room and turned her back to Lizzie as she sat on her lap. Lizzie used the crop to stroke Vivian pussy with the loop at the end and invited Caroline to knee in front of her daughter and bath her feet with her tongue.

Caroline was reluctant to demean herself in her daughter's eyes but Lizzie lashed out with the crop and stung Caroline's right nipple. The woman whimpered and knelt in front of the two females in her life and lifted the nearest foot dangling between Lizzies legs. She lifted it with both hands and smelled her daughter's foot. It smelled of the scented soap that Vivian had bathed herself with. Vivian found it very stimulating that her mother was sucking on her toes and licking her feet. In her newfound sexuality she lifted her other foot and used her big toe to brush against her mother's nipples.

Caroline even felt a little jealous when Vivian turned her head and took one of Lizzies pink nipples into her mouth and sucked on it as Lizzie stroked Vivian's cunt even harder with the croup. When the leather was wet with Vivian's pussy juice she held it under Caroline's nose. "Smell that slut. It's your own daughter's love fluid." As Caroline smelled the tool and as Lizzie drew it back to Vivian's pussy.

Caroline forgot the crop and shamelessly claimed her daughter's cunt with her mouth. Lizzie encouraged Caroline to suck harder by slapping her ass with the crop. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK "Eat her cunt, you sucking mother. Suck your daughter's twat" By the time Vivian climaxed Caroline's ass was streaked with red welts and her face was wet with the sticky fluids from her c***d's vaginal cavity. Her mind swirled with the mixed feelings of delicious pleasure and profound guilt for what had just happened. Lizzie told Caroline to go to the kitchen and bring them glasses filled with Coke and Southern Comfort whisky. Caroline obeyed her mistress without question.

When she returned to the parlor she was greeted to the sight of her daughter kneeling between Lizzie's legs and sucking on her cunt. She found the sight very erotic, but felt that she should stop it, but knew that she would never defy Lizzie. She simply kneeled behind them and watched as her daughter's head bobbed up and down between her mistresses opened thighs. Her hand extended and she softly rubbed the round cheek of the girl's buttocks as she serviced the Lizzie's cunt. When Lizzie was satisfied she allowed Caroline to serve them their drinks. As Vivian sat on the floor sipping her sweet drink she wondered what sexual thrill was left to explore. When they were finished drinking and rested Lizzie had Vivian lay on her back and told Caroline to teach her daughter what a 69 was all about.

Caroline approached her daughter's head on her knees and mounted her face in the classic pose. When she claimed the girl's wet pussy with her mouth Vivian was looking up at her mother's gaping cunt. Her mouth watered as she saw it being lowered to meet her lips. She was lapping at her mother's cunt and looking up to her rosy asshole as Lizzie inserted the handle of her croup into her mother's rectum and proceeded to fuck it mercilessly as her mother moaned and thrust her willing ass back toward her tormentor.

The mother and c***d gladly performed their appointed tasks knowing that things between them had taken a new and lasting turn. Vivian thought Lizzie looked like an erotic Viking goddess in the black leather and her breasts and cunt exposed to her gaze. She dedicated herself to be Lizzie's love slave from that day on!

The End
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