Three of a kind - Part 3

Three of a kind - Part 3

Vivian did not know exactly what that meant but she told her that if she would instruct her in what to do she would try to please her every wish. Lizzie stroked her hair and assured her that she would teach her how to please her. It was at that point that they heard the front door opening. As Vivian got off Lizzie's lap Lizzie retrieved her shoes and put them on. She was just stuffing her nylons in her suit coat and putting her feet on the floor as Vivian's mother, Caroline, walked past the parlor door and saw them. She placed her shopping bags on the floor and entered the parlor.

She said, "Hi Lizzie! Have you been waiting long?" Lizzie held up her almost empty glass of tea. "We were just finishing out first glass of tea Honey!" She stood up as Caroline approached and the hugged and gave each other one of those cheek smacks were they don't actually touch each other's cheeks with their lips s that they don't smear their lip-sick on each other. There was a brief look of recognition on Caroline's face as she thought she detected the faint aroma of a female's genitalia on her friend's face.

Vivian could not help compare her mother with Lizzie. Her mother was about 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her hair was long, it was well below her shoulder blades and she was a natural blonde. Not that she didn't highlight it to make it even lighter in streaks. She was about 115 pounds give or take a little water. Her eyes were blue-green so that it depends on the color around her face that made them look one or the other. Standing next to Lizzie she looked like a girl even though they were about the same age.

When Lizzie was around she seemed to take charge and Vivian did what ever she told her to do. They all inspected what Caroline had bought before she went to the kitchen to make dinner. When the home was being filled with the smells of cooking Lizzie spent time with Vivian. Caroline insisted that Lizzie spend the night with them. Why drive home late at night when the home had so many guestrooms? Lizzie gratefully accepted the invitation and at the first opportunity whispered to Vivian that after she was told to go to bed she should wait about a half hour and then sneak down to the parlor. Vivian wondered what she had in mind and asked but was told to just wait.

The evening was pleasant they watched the sun set from the veranda and talked until Caroline told Vivian that it was about her bedtime. Normally she would have been reluctant to go to bed so early but she thought that she was going to be with Lizzie shortly. She went upstairs and took a hot bath and made sure that she was very clean before she went to bed. She lay there in her bed looking at her clock and watched the hands move, ever so slowly until the time arrived for her to slip downstairs.

She eased out of her room as quietly as she could, thinking that her mother was down the hall in her own room. Before she reached the spiral staircase she could not resist looking over the railing into the parlor. When she looked over the handrail she had to draw back because she saw her mother down there with Lizzie. She was shocked by the sight that greeted her. Her mother was wearing a pair of black high-heeled pumps. She was otherwise totally naked as the day she was born.

Lizzie had her back to her mother and her mother was pulling on the laces to a black leather corset. She was having to place her knee in her back and was pulling hard on the laces at Lizzie's instructions to "Pull harder you bitch". After Caroline tied the laces Lizzie turned around and Vivian saw that Lizzie's waist was cinched so tightly that it was only about twenty-inches around. Vivian got a good look at her before she told Caroline to put her boots on her. Lizzie was naked except for the corset. The corset had leather cups that lifted and separated her breasts. They f***ed them into a shape like bullets. The areolas were like pink eyes looking right at Caroline.

The nipples were hard and bounced when she toyed with them with her fingertip. As Caroline knelt before Lizzie and presented her with one of her boots, Vivian watched in fascination as her mother placed one of Lizzie's feet in the boot. The boot had extremely high heels. They must have been at least 6-inches high. They were so high that only the toes and a portion of the balls of Lizzie's foot touched the ground. Caroline pulled the boot up Lizzie's leg and pulled the zipper, encasing the flesh in black leather all the way up to the thigh. As Caroline was putting on the second boot Lizzie was putting on long black opera gloves.

They were made of thin leather that fit her hands as tightly as second layer of skin. She pulled them up past her elbows and picked up a ridding crop. As Caroline pulled the zipper up on the second boot Lizzie stroked her long hair with the crop. Vivian could not make out everything they were saying as she watched but she saw Lizzie sit down on the red leather chair with the brass studs tacking the front of the arms. She was stroking her pinkish red pubic hair with the loop in the crop as Caroline knelt in front of her. Caroline kissed the toes of the pointed toed boots. She licked them with her tongue lovingly.

to be continued…

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