Three of a kind - Part 2

Three of a kind - Part 2

Lizzie opened her eyes and told the youngster that having her feet massaged was almost as good as having sex. That brought a little laughter from both of them. Vivian felt Lizzie's heel pressing against her crotch causing a sexual tingle between her labia and she knew that she was getting wet. She was concerned that Lizzie might be able to detect her odor. Her sexual feelings and the thought that Lizzie might be aware of her arousal embarrassed her but she wanted the contact to continue.

At that point Lizzie took the opportunity to comment on the heat and ask if Vivian minded if she removed her nylons? Vivian assured her that it was perfectly all right to do so. With that Lizzie untangled her legs and stood up long enough to reach under her skirt and pull down the nylon hose in turn. They were sheer and were held up by spandex floral designed tops. Vivian got a tantalizing look at her long legs and admired how nice her calves looked.

Lizzie sat back down on the love seat with her back against the armrest and placed both of her feet in Vivian's lap. As Vivian returned to massaging one of her feet she also became aware that Lizzie was deliberately rubbing her crotch with her other foot. She was being stimulated by the feel of her foot rubbing her vulva and the sight of Lizzie's legs all the way up to her panties. The silken panties floral pattern matched the tops of her nylon stockings. Vivian was being stimulated so much that she could feel the increasing dampness in her own panties. Lizzie slowly lifted one foot up and placed it in front of Vivian's face.

The girl continued to massage it with both hands but now she could smell the leather shoe on her foot. She found it sexually exciting for some reason. She found herself licking Lizzie's toes as she looked up her skirt at the older woman's panties. As she sucked on her big toe Vivian could see the tan crotch of Lizzie's panties turn a darker shade and she knew that she was as sexually excited as herself. Lizzie moved her other foot between Vivian's legs and sought out the girl's warm panties with her toes. She stroked the silken material with her big toe and felt the warm slipperiness as she f***ed the fabric of the c***d's panties between her vagina lips.

They were both panting hard and in the thrill of their own sexual desire. The teenager had never even dared think that such things could happen to her. Lizzie asked Vivian if she wanted to kiss something other than her foot. Vivian looked at her through half closed eyes as she asked Lizzie what it was that she wanted her to kiss. Lizzie lifted her skirt with one hand and invitingly rubbed her pussy with the other hand.

"Come kiss me here princess," Vivian had heard other girls talking about doing things like this but had never thought that she would ever do such a thing herself. Until then most of her sexual daydreams had been focused on boys and their erections. Surprising herself she shook her head tentatively in the affirmative as Lizzie pulled her panties to one side and exposed her vagina with its pinkish red colored pubic hair. Vivian moved Lizzie's leg to one side so she could get her own legs under herself in a kneeling position.

She had to support herself on Lizzie's thigh as she moved her face close enough to smell Lizzie's cunt. There was the fragrance of her perfume but the smell was a musky odor. Lizzie eagerly grabbed two hands full of the trembling youngster's hair and pulled the girl's face into her cunt and demanded that she give her head. "Eat me sweetie. Suck my cunt for me" Suddenly Vivian felt like she was living for only one thing. She could only think about satisfying this woman. Her mouth covered the woman's wet slit and her tongue danced over the hooded clit and darted in and out of the warm cavity.

Lizzie was still stuffing Vivian's panties into her pussy with her toe until she was about to explode. When she climaxed she tossed her head back and opened her mouth wide and cried out, "Oh god oh, oh, oh I'm coming baby!" When she recovered from her ecstasy she gathered Vivian up and sat her on her lap and kissed her on the mouth. She smelled her own pussy juice on the girl's face as she f***ed her tongue into the mouth of the girl. She put her hand in the panties of the girl and masturbated her tight little hole until she also climaxed.

Vivian was as limp as a rag afterwards and cuddled up like a kitten in Lizzie's lap. They were relaxing with Vivian on her lap and Lizzie reach over her body to retrieve her glass of iced tea. As she leaned forward her breast pressed into the Vivian's body forcing the air out of her lungs. They both sat there drinking their tea slowly and talked about what had just happened. Lizzie admitted that she was a dominant bitch with a foot fetish. She wanted to know if Vivian could be her foot slave?

to be continued…
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