Three of a kind - Part 1

Three of a kind - Part 1

It was a humid day and Vivian had just arrived home from school when the front door chimes rang. She had changed into a light cotton summer dress, an old comfortable thing she liked. She was bare footed and she was just pouring a glass of iced tea. She carried the glass with her as she walked down the old hard wood floored hall to answer the door. The home was an old one located on Magnolia Avenue east of the old part of town. The streets were all diagonal to the north south line in squires with the park being the central location to everything. It looks like a chessboard from the air. The home was built after the Civil War and had been the home of a prominent f****y for many years. It had fallen on hard times and was divided into small apartments before being abandoned and allowed to run down.

Vivian's f****y had bought the home and restored it to the kind of home that the original f****y would recognize. They even would have approved of the modern kitchen with all the stainless steel appliances and garnet counter tops. When Vivian opened the front door she was pleased to see who was there. It was her mother's best friend Lizzie. She gave Vivian a warm smile and asked if Vivian's mother, Caroline was home? As Vivian opened the screen door to let her in, she told her that her mama was shopping. She could not say when she would be home. She had not been gone long and knowing her she would probably not be back for hours.

Lizzie continued to smile as she said, "I would be happy to keep you company until she gets home honey!" Vivian was thrilled to have the company and offered to make Lizzie a glass of iced tea. Lizzie thanked her with, "I would be delighted to have a glass, my dear!" As they walked to the kitchen Lizzie placed her arm around the hips of the s*******n-year-old girl. Vivian did not object to the familiar way Lizzie gripped her rear end. Actually, she was totally enamored with this dominating friend of her mother.

Lizzie was a rather tall woman at 5-feet 9-inches. Plus she always seemed to be dressed in 3-inch heels making her 6-feet tall. She complemented her natural red hair and her green eyes with expensive designer suits with jewelry to match. She chose a color palate that included brown, oranges, greens, blues and grays. Redheads know better than to wear reds or pinks, they look like they are blushing or sickly.

The woman had a few extra pounds on her body but she took good care of herself. No one would suspect that she was thirty- seven-years old. As they entered the kitchen Vivian let Lizzie sit at the breakfast bar while she prepared her a tall glass of iced tea. She even garnished it with a sprig of mint. They took their glasses and returned to the front parlor. When this home was built the parlor was where proper young ladies entertained their guests. It was just off the main entrance.

While it was not a large room there were plenty of built in bookcases and a stereo but no TV. This room was for quiet contemplation and conversation with close friends. From the second floor the parents could discreetly supervise the behavior of their c***dren. As they sat on the love seat chatting Lizzie posed like a perfect lady, with knees pointed toward Vivian and ankles crossed. As they chatted Lizzie loosened up a bit and unbuttoned her suit coat and pulled her left leg up and folded it under herself. Vivian had always admired the fact that Lizzie always seemed to wear new stylish shoes.

She commented on the fact causing Lizzie to blush a little, then admitting that she did have a shoe fetish. She joked that she was not quite as bad as Elena Marcos was but she could not resist shoes. She admitted she didn't know how many she had and he said that she rarely put on any shoes with less than three-inch heels. She also admitted that she loved the smell of new leather and even had some shoes and boots that she wore in private that had 5 and 6-inch heels. She said that only a select group of special women ever sees her in the extreme heels.

As she talked she removed her left shoe and handed it to Vivian. Vivian took it and brought it to her face. She admitted that the smell of the warm leather was lovely. Then Lizzie lifted her right leg and removed that shoe and placed her foot in Vivian's lap. Vivian took the narrow foot in her hands and stroked its top with her fingers and massaged the ball with her thumbs. Lizzie closed her eyes and got a pleasant smile on her face. When Vivian noticed her expression she asked if she liked what she was doing to her?

to be continued…

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