The sexy pianist - Part 2

The sexy pianist - Part 2

It was clear that Kamari was on a high, and that her passion was infusing the music and vice versa. As she played, she began to cross and uncross her legs, dangling her pump heels, massaging her own cunt and stimulating her clitoris. And then, I did something that was truly a mark of inspiration. I sank down on the floor, then edged around to the front to squeeze in between Kamari's legs and the body of the piano. I could just fit. My head was at the same level of her slit, and grabbing her knees, I spread her legs open and thrust my face into her mound.

She gave a gasp of surprise but never lost stride. She played harder and more expressively as I tongued her clit faster and faster. Her face was suffused with emotion, mostly joy and rapture, and she orgasmed several times as she neared the end. I gave it everything I could think to do. I licked, sucked, nibbled and rubbed her clitoris, her labia and her hole. I plunged my finger in and out as the music rose and fell. I varied the speed of my tongue and my fingers to the flow of the music just as she had done. I had my tongue on her clit and two fingers thrusting in and out of her vagina as she neared her finish.

Finally, as she hit the last note, I corkscrewed one finger up her asshole. She screamed. I felt a gush of her liquid all over my face, and she continued thrusting her hips back and forth as she climaxed one final time. Her groans were beautiful to hear, and her grunts sexy in the extreme, considering that this was a highly cultured, accomplished and educated lady who had lost control to my own virtuoso ministrations. Finally, she collapsed sideways on the bench, her breathing ragged and interspersed with sibilant moans.

I leant forward and, for the first time, kissed her on her lips. Her eyes flew open and she looked at me doe-eyed. She did not resist however and I encircled my arms around her and pulled her into sitting. We continued our kissing and mutual oral exploration. After five minutes of this, she broke away.

"Sit on the stool." She said. I could not believe that she was going to go through the entire lesson still. I did as I was told though. She came around front and then said, "Remove your clothes." I did so in a hurry and sat back down. "I want you to just feel. There is just you, your passion and the music. Nothing else." I sat there naked, arms poised over the keyboard and cock limp and wet, but not for long.

She began to strip. Kamari first loosened her belt, then after unfastening a zipper at the back, she dropped her skirt. I began to breathe heavily. Her hip to waist proportion was everything I had dreamed. She then went to her blouse and slowly undid the buttons. As she did so, her breasts began to round out from the release of the pressure, and when they finally burst free, I gasped. She gave me an immediate turn-on by leaving her shoes on. She looked very sexy as she was standing there almost naked in high heels!

She was braless, her breasts round and globular, comparably sized with that of any Caucasian woman. I was mesmerized. She lifted her breasts with each hand, fingers delicately drumming and playing on and across her nipples until they were proud and hard, and then dropped them again.

And then, facing me, she said, " I want you to give your best performance ever." So saying, she lifted each leg, and then planted it over the seat, straddling either side of my own. My cock was bobbing and twitching and when she grasped it with her fair hands, it was as if an electric jolt jarred me from languishing. She half squatted, then brushed my glands against the folds of her dripping labia. Involuntarily my hands went up towards her bombs and began to massage them.

They swelled with the influx of bl**d and her nipples became even harder and sharper. Then, going on tiptoe, she positioned the tip of my penis directly under her entrance and, with a sigh, sank down on my shaft. She began to pump my tool with her cunt muscles, her eyes closed, and when she felt that my cock was at its hardest, she said "Now. Play for me." Looking directly into her eyes and not able to see the keys, I began to play.

It was the best rendition I have ever done that piece, even now included. I began playing and Kamari moved gently, at first imperceptibly and then more obviously. She was obviously at one with the music, and as she bobbed up and down on my cock, I could feel myself getting caught up in the moment. I felt only a sense of euphoria and accomplishment as I played flawlessly.

Her breathing grew more ragged, her face more flushed, and she began moaning. I could do nothing other than play on and try to thrust into her as best I could. Kamari kept riding me, her movements becoming more frantic and desperate. She was like a conductor, working her magic and directing the music with her body instead of a baton. As she sped up her movements and began to groan, her boobs bounced and jiggled more and more. Looking at their fluid motion, I was hypnotized as my fingers continued with a mind of their own. As her passion mounted, and the playing progressed toward its final stages, she grabbed hold of her boobs and began to massage them as if pumping them for milk.

She raised then up and instinctively I began to suck on first one, then the other. The nearer to the end I got, the harder I sucked. Finally, as I executed the final stroke, she began to cry out loud, and I could feel her juices forcing their way out. My own orgasm was at hand and as she twitched spasmodically on my cock, I encircled her waist, buried my face in her cleavage, and voiced my own orgasm into that valley as I felt jet after jet of cum spurt into her convulsing vagina.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Gotta read pt 1! It's hot AND you write well. Great combo.
3 years ago
Good continuation from the first. Thanks