Sara and Me

After our fun sl**pover with Trish, Sara and I became much closer.Her parents were frequently out of town as long haul truckers and to avoid spending so much time alone they wanted her to have a place to stay with people who cared about her.We spent a lot of time together riding bikes after classes let out.In the evening we would go in my bedroom to listen to music and do our homework.If my parents were home we would shut the door and turn the music up a little so we would not be discovered.I had a twin sized bed that we slept in,since we were both about 120lbs. it wasn't too uncomfortable.At night after every one else was asl**p Sara and I would snuggle close spooning each other,we always slept in the nude, it felt so nice when I had my arm around her cupping her nice little boobs with my hand as her soft creamy ass arched back rubbing against my pubic hair,I would altenate from massaging her breasts to stroking her long blonde hair with my left hand as my right rubbed and fingered her pussy,when I pulled my fingers out after massaging her for ten minutes or so I would lick her pussy juices off my fingers and we would share passionate kisses,Sara loved the taste of her pussy as much as I did.She told me that once she let a guy from school lick her pussy but he could not even begin to compare with the special way I licked it.She liked how I didn't mind spending as much time as it took to have her convulsing in orgasm after orgasm.I knew just how she liked it.

I would begin with soft fettered kisses barely touching her labia with my lips and tongue,then I would alternately flick my tongue a little faster darting it in and out of her, then flatten it out lapping at her musky sweetness.From my first time of tasting pussy that night with Trish before Sara showed up,I was hooked on the taste.Sara and I would play little games together to get aroused before our long love making sessions,one of our favorites was to sniff each others sweaty well worn panties while the other was cleaning up in the shower,I would get soooo wet licking the crusty's in the crotch of Sara's panties,stretching the elastic gussets I would run my tongue back and forth savoring the tangy musk that always made my mouth water and pussy itch and burn with lust.One of our favorite pastimes was tribbing.We would stretch out on the bed and scissor each other reveling in the soft warm heat as we grinded our wet pussies together sucking each others toes as our juices intermingled.Sara eventually moved 500 miles away and has been dating a girl in the city where she lives.We still stay in contact exchanging letters,now I'm trying to talk her in to visiting sometime soon with her new girlfriend!
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