The Neighbor

Never thought that anything like this would happen to me. If you had asked I would have said straight up, "no way Jose." But there I was, butt naked on the couch, my next door neighbor kneeling between my legs giving me, the most exquisite blow job I've ever experienced. Quiet is kept, I've had some doozies in my brief time on this planet. Not only was Liz, twice my age, she was arguably our only friend in the neighborhood.
We, were new in town, and to the neighborhood, and being in an interracial union not many of our neighbors were as "welcoming" as they could have been. Liz on the other hand made it her mission to welcome me, my wife and k**s into the area. While we wecomed her as a friend, she had some tendencies that were a little "off putting." On point, she had a habit of "wandering" in thru the backdoor if left open and helping herself to a cup of coffee. Courious by nature, she had no trouble asking questions that were quite personal, even about our sex lives. She was raucous, and funny, and we tended to overlook her "flaws."
When my wife's mother got into a car accident she and thek**s made the trip across state to help take care of her. Being home by myself was almost a vacation of sorts. Since I worked a night shift I tended to be wide awake early in the day, often my wife's and mine "alone time" happened after the k**s got off to school. I figured I would do some chores before turning in got distracted when I found one of my favorite porno tapes in my closet. I figured I'd watch a couple of my favorite scenes before hitting the yard. Back then my libido was running full tilt, but with k**s, and all, well I couldn't completely take care of those needs. Even I was surprised at how "moved" I was by the scenes unfolding on the TV screen. Before I knew it I was sitting with my pants off on the couch stroking like a high school freshmans first session. I don't remember when I lost the shirt nor grabbed the lube, but there I was stroking away in "all my glory" when behind me I heard someone say, Ooooohhh man, so it's really true. I jumped up as if someone had hit me with a cattle prod, dick still in hand and "naked as a Jay Bird.' What the F....? Liz let out a loud laugh and placed a hand on her hip, wooooweee, is that thing loaded or are you just happy to see me?"
Liz looked past me to the television, I see why you're so wound up Ted, don't let me interrupt what you're doing. The smile on her face got bigger and she stared at my penis, Damn, do you know how long it's been since I've seen or handled one of those she said indicating my rapidly softening member. She looked at me, the television and moved forward slowly, "may I touch it?" she asked. I felt her fingers take hold of meas she moved right up beside me. She stroked it a couple of times and looked me in the eyes, her eyes went momentarily to the television, there was some woman on her knees sucking on a very long, very thick cock. I glanced towards the TV as well momentarily, very aware that I was once again rock hard in her grip. She nodded to the TV and said, "may I?" Wether I nodded or not I don't remember, in seconds, she was on her knees staring intently at my dick. With a quick look up at me she took me into her mouth. Oh Molly, you know that moment, when the warmth and wettness engulf you, the flick of the tongue and the gentle tightness as the mouth closes in around you. It may have been a while for her, but I'm here to tell you that she had no trouble getting back into form.
She was wearing a mu-mu with spaghetti straps, she was tall but when she went to her knees she spread her knees and pulled that dress up and had one hand between her legs rubbing in rythym to her bobbing on mycock. I was still wrestling with the paradox of having a 60+ year old woman kneeling between my legs with my cock in her mouth when I began to feel the tension building in my nether regions. "Damn she said, more to herself than to me, I almost forgot how good this could be. "She spit on the head of my dick then slowly took me back in all the eay to the back of her throat, she held me there momentarily then backed off about half way then plunged back down on it. She held me as deep as she could until she started to gag she pulled off again, strings of saliva dripping from the head. "You can do this she said to herself, actually licked her lips and again plunged down on me. When the back of ther throat stopped us I leaned forward placed my hands on the back of ther head and flexed forward. "uummmph, she moaned, and shook her head side to side. We repeated the process, and on the third attempt I felt myself slide deep into her throat. She rested there for a few secomds then pulled off, she placed her hands on my hips and pushed me back until I fell onto the couch. She stood quickly and reached down and grabbed the hem of that dress and pulled it up over her head. Wow, for a Broad her age, she was "rock'n it. Well porportioned, long athletic looking legs, she was rounded, as any woman her age would be, her breasts sagged a little, but her ass seemed to be quite firm.
As the dress settled onto the nearby love seat she motioned for me to lay lenthgwise on the couch and moved forward. She seemed centered on my member which lay had against my stomach. Hope you're ready for this, she said as she mounted the couch. Pushing one of my legs off of the couch, she kept her eyes on mine leaned forward and engulfed me again. She took me slowly, licking, sucking, mouth stroking me. When she had me at the back of her throat she pulled off, rubberd herself a couple of times leaned forward again. She let go of the base a hand on each side of me and f***ed all of me down her throat, until her nose was against my stomach. I tapped her shoulder she glanced up and I motioned for her to re=position and we did, her not releasing me in the process. I could smell her wettness as she settled in, I ran my hands up her thighs until I had her ass cheeks in my hands. She angled to the side and placed one of her legs onto the floor. I used my thumbs to open her up, and leaned upward and sucked the lips of her vagina in. Ran my tongue deeply inside of her dragging it up to where I could engulf her clitoris. She moaned deep in her throat, the vibrations heightening her ministrations. I tongue flicked her clit, then feather touched her labia, the tongue fucked her for several storked. Her hips were flexing, she moaned and mewed, occasionally taking me out of her mouth. "Oh, she sai, oh, don't stop, Lord, please don't stop. He voice got higher, and higher and she suddenly took a deep breath, dropped her head into my crotch and began keening as she shook and shivered. "Ohhhhh, uuummmmmphhh, ooooo, oh oh." She squirted, heavily, her fluids splashing all over my face, then began running down her legs. Breathing heavily, Liz looked bck at me, then went to work. I continued to kiss and suck on her womanhood, run my fingers gently along her thighs. Liz took me deep, varying the depth, rolling her head. two, maybe three minutes I felt it, like a electrical charge, it began to spread from my toes, to my groin, I felt myself get bigger, longer yeadh, even harder, my scalp began to tingle and my anus puckered. You can laugh if you want to, but I swear I saw stars as I erupted. My whole body went rigid as I released into her mouth. She took the first blast down her throat, backed off and let me fill her mouth, she swallowed a load, then pulled off and rubbed my dick along her face as it erupted. She moved off of me, standing over me with a satisfied smile on her face. Neither of us said anything for a moment, and I reached out and placed my hand on her stomach. The room was quiet, the DVD forgotten, and actually off. I rubbed her hand in circles from her stomach to her hips, then down her thighs, she swayed with the movement of my hand momentarily closing her eyes. From between her thighs over he femaleness my thumb teasing her clit. She put her hand on mine, I smiled and looked up at her. She leaned down and kissed me, I could taste me on her tongue and lips. Slowly she lifted her leg over me and mounted me, placing my member into her warmth, she was wet, and tight. She ran her hands from my shoulders to my stomach and began gently rocking....there was little sl**p that day.
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6 months ago
so fucking sensuous incredible
7 months ago
Great story.....VERY hot