Gregor's Uncle

I never thought anything like this would happen, certainly not with my friend Gregor's uncle. Gregor and I went to the local Parochial High School. Because I opted to to walk home after school and we took the same route we began walking together. If I wore my school colors the Cops would give me a pass, if not inevitably someone would call about some Black k** wandering through their neighborhood. Gregor walking with me usually made it okay but occasionally we got stopped. My neighborhood was separated from his by a rather large park, and I'd pass his house and wander thru the park to what was known as the "Pitts". The Pittsfield Apartments were notorious for "Ghetto Style" living and activities. It was not unusual for students at school who wanted recreational d**gs to approach me as a "source," but I wasn't in that lifestyle and was considered a "Lame: by both the cool White students, and Blacks.
I was not only one of the few "raisins" in the milky white school, I was in the band, and made above average grades. I had grown to about 5'10" weighted a whopping 130 pounds, though 16 at the tine I could pass for maybe 14. Gregor being similarly built we were called the "salt and pepper girls," Gregor's parents went off on some business trip and he had to stay with his uncle until they returned, it wasn't a big change, but I'd walk him to his uncle's before heading home. His uncle was into Photography and he talked him into letting me see some of his work, and equipment. It opened a whole new vista for me, photography, black and white , color, lighting, shades, wow.
His name was Sam, he called himself a "photo journalist", and when he drank, which was often he regaled us with stories of people and places he'd been and photographed. He showed us some of his journals, he'd been a photographer during the "War", he even had pictures of celebrities and politicians he met. While we were going through some his journals he went in the kitchen to get another beer, and I picked out a journal that sat in a separate box. There was a picture of a lady posing in front of a "burlesque parlor" I was about to open it when Sam came in and said "Whoa partner, you're a little young to be looking in there." He took the journal and handed me another from his Army Box. Here, he said, check these out."
On a really cold Saturday I was in Gregor's neighborhood looking for work, I'd applied at the Grocery Store, and a couple of other businesses when I passed Sam's Studio. I stopped and looked at a couple of the pictures he had in his windows and was about to take off when the door opened and he came out. "Gregor's not here today he said." I know, I replied, putting in applications for work over at the store' A frigid gust of wind had me pull my threadbare jacket tighter. He frowned a little and said, "why don't you come in for a while and get warm?" Another blast of frigid air convinced me. "Thanks, I said as I entered his storefront. He shut the door behind me, and I heard his turn the lock. Slow day he said, maybe I should just close on up. Would you like some Irish Tea?, he asked."
When he came back with the tea it was in a rather large cup, its a little hot he said, better let it cool a little. We sat in his office area and he pulled out his journals again. He must have grabbed the wrong box as I found that journal he wouldn't let me see previously. The phone rang and he went across the room to answer it. I pulled it, the journal, and began looking through it. The woman, that smile, I thumbed through it hearing the drone of his conversation in the background. It didn't take long before I saw why he didn't want us looking through it. The woman on the first page, was featured throughout. On each successive page she had on fewer and fewer clothes until she was in panties, and a bra with thigh high stockings and a garter belt. She was smiling at the camera with one hand between her legs covering her "privates." On he next page there was a guy with her, she was on her knees as he stood over her, you couldn't see his face as his head was cut out of the picture. She was leaning in with a look of anticipation on her face. I took a drink of the "tea", and felt a jolt as the whiskey seemed to jolt my system. I glanced over to Sam who was watching as he talked to whoever was on the line with him, he winked at me.
On the next page of the journal the man had moved closer to the kneeling woman and he held a very long, veiney tumescent dick in his hand. This was wrong, I thought, I knew where this was going, but I turned the page anyway. I was shocked to actually see it, but there it was, she had that mans penis in her mouth. Shifting in my chair I took another gulp of my tea, let the warmth flow through me and turned another page. My eyes got big, his pants and underwear were around his ankles, she had her hands wrapped around his bare ass, and her face firmly buried in his crotch. "Oh man, I thought, she's got the that whole thing in her mouth.
Suddenly I felt Sam's hand on my shoulder, he leaned over running his hand down my body and onto my thigh rubbing my very stiff cock in the process. "my,my,my he laughed, I think someone likes what he sees there." I simply stared back at him for a moment, go on he laughed, I have something I need to take care of in back, I should be out in a few moments." Oh, check out the other books in there as well, tell me what you think." I watched him go into the back room, then eagerly went back to the journal. He was on his back now, she between his legs mouth firmly attached to his manhood. For a moment I wondered if the guy was Sam, with the head out of the picture I couldn't tell, but it seemed that this guy was a little buffer than Sam. As she worked on him, it seemed she was rubbing on herself as well. Good idea, I thought, using my elbow to rub myself through my pants. Flipping the page I stopped, SweetMolly, I thought, the guy had moved atop the female, his penis clearly in her face, but, but, she was obviously holding in her hand one very large penis as well. I sat blinking at what I saw there in front of me. No I can't be, oh my, this is wrong. I flipped the page, her face covered in splooge, her hand also showed the telltale sign of sperm oozing over "her" fingers she lay half turned towards the camera, satisfied look on her face, smeared lipstick and all.
"Well, said Sam from behind me, what did you think of it?" I only half turned, saw the wig, smelled the perfume. He smiled at me, and ran that hand again down my body to my penis, this time he took a firm hold. "Oh he said, I think you liked it plenty", he moved around me wearing panties and a bra. Black thigh high stockings and high heels, he moved between my legs still smiling and went to his knees. I didn't know what to say, but the word "stop" never entered my mind. Sam took control my pants came off, and I watched as my dick entered that warm, wet cavern of delight. Slowly, rythmically she bobbed on my dick. pulling off occasionally to lick at the head, working the stem down to my balls. Working back to the head she took me in and sucked hard. Her hand firmly around the base she kept me close but did not allow completion. But I could feel it building. Oh it built, she continued to work the head, then with a sly smile, she removed her hand and really worked mouth and tongue the explosion was sudden and fierce. She took the first blast then moved back and allowed the successive eruptions to cover her face. I was spent and remained stunned in the chair where I sat. Sam's smile got bigger while she watched me. Like that did you?" I nodded at a loss for words. Was that your first time?, she asked in a whisper, I nodded. "Tell me, are you in a real hurry today? I shook my head no, I have time I replied" Good she said rising in front of me, you have a lot to learn." Immediately I noticed that rather large lump spread across those panties, that mushroom head just peeking out. I reached over and drank the last of my tea. What a day.
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6 months ago
you are so bad you made me cum all over myself now you have to write the next chapter so I can cum again
7 months ago
part 2?
7 months ago
7 months ago
beautiful story