Dawns Early Light

Almost closing time and I was enjoying a wicked high but not quite d***k. Looking around the Bar I saw almost nothing that would make my night any better and thought I'd simply head out for home. The other Bars were letting out and people were sorting out their options and pouring into their vehicles or making last ditch efforts to not go home alone. The Cops were out in f***e in the area watching for belligerent d***ks and last minute d**g deals. I knew I shouldn't be driving so I thought I'd stop at a local eatery for breakfast. It was a popular place and a lot of folks coming and going as the after Bar crowds flowed in and out of the place. About 3:00 a.m. I finished up and feeling both full and sober prepared to head to my car to get on my way. Just before I got to the parking area I passed a couple talking and I heard someone say, "Hey, I know you don't I?" I slowed and looked at the speaker. She was wearing a Blonde pageboy wig, a red mini dress, with broad white belt and white stockings and a radiant smile. It took a second, and I could feel a smile forming, "Dawn isn't it, I replied, I noted that her companion walked off in a snit, we both watched him go.
She laughed after a second and said, well there goes my ride." She looked at me half expectantly but said nothing more. I knew what was not being asked, but played along. Oh, I said, are you in need of a ride? She looked up and down the street a second then at me "why sir I certainly am in need of a ride." I laughed, Should I call you a taxi ma'am, or would you accept a ride from a virtual stranger? She laughed, and placed her hand on her breast, "Why sir, I have always relied on the kindness of strangers." We both laughed, This way M'lady, I say, my chariot awaits us. She put her arm in mine and we walked arm in arm to my car. I opened the door and she got in moving those legs so I got an eye full without seeing anything really. When I got in she half opened the window and half turned toward me in the seat. "I thought you might call, she said, To be truthful, I didn't think you'd remember me. Oh my friend, I have to say, you were so memorable. Not much later we reached her apartment, as I stopped, she looked at her place, then at me, "Would you like to come up for a few minutes? she asked I shrugged and thought it over while she watched me. I felt her hand land on my leg and slowly work its way to my crotch. Yes I remembered her, from the bookstore, she gave a wicked squeeze and opened the door. Just before she got out she winked at me and was gone. In a matter of seconds I caught up to her inside the apartment walkway. I watched those long legs as she climbed to the second floor, the rise and fall of that dress and the gentle wiff of her perfume occupied my mind on the way up. She arrived at her door seconds before I did and opened the door. There was a sultry smile on her face as she watched my approach and she stepped inside moving aside and closing the door behind us.
She kissed me, sweep an arm around my neck, the other sliding up and down my middle, she found my growing member broke the kiss and smiled, 'Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just glad to be with me?' Just glad to see ya, I said, really glad.' In seconds she had my turgid member out of my pants and began slowly stroking it. With a smile and a chuckle she moved slowly to her knees, and with out preamble took me into her mouth. Warm, wet and wonderful, it's certain that this wasn't her first rodeo. She reached up and unbuckled my belt and seconds later I felt my pants slide to the floor. When I stepped out of my pants I took a wide stance and leaned back against the wall while Dawn moved relentlessly between my legs. She increased the suction, then increased the speed of her manipulations. As I felt the pressure of her ministrations increased, I got up on my toes, then suddenly she deep throated me for seconds her face buried in my crotch. Slowly she began to work her way to my head, then stopped. As she looked up at me, I moved forward, she smiled, and we began the dance. In and out, shallow and deep. Twice when I got sooo close she backed off and went down to work my balls. Then, as she worked her way up that third time, she smiled and asked, are you ready baby?, are you ready for it nw?' Yes, I mumbled, Yes I'm ready for it. She pounced, half way down the stem she latched on. After a second or so I pushed in further, then retreated, again, again I sawed in and out of that face, she let i get wetter and wetter rolling her head from side to side, saliva flowing as I pistonned in and out. In no time at all the pressure began to build again, but this time she let it flo, I felt myself get harder, even a little larger, then like the bursting of a balloon whoom. The dam burst, I swear I felt a flash of electricity and started shaking uncontrollably as spurt after spurt of fluids erupted from my cock, for a second her cheeks bulged then she swallowed keeping up with the flow of things. When it was over, I slowly eased myself to the floor, as Dawn watched with an amused look on her face. We both laughed, and she reached over and ran her hands along my face. Was that good for ya baby?' I laughed and nodded. Are ya in a hurry she asked as she rose from the floor beside me. I looked at the time, shook my head, Not really I said. She turned and flounced towards the bathroom. Back in a second, she said closing the door.
When she returned she was wearing a white teddy that stopped just above her white stockings and a smile. You likee, she said doing a models turn in the middle of the room. Me likee, I said with an emphatic nod. She did a curtsey, then asked Can I get you something sir? Coffee, Tea, me perhaps?' Coffee would be nice, but I think I want a bit of you baby.' Really? she said and moved to the love seat by the wall. She sat down on the arm of the Love sat with her legs spread widely. Want a piece of me, do ya? Bad? she asked, Bad I nodded.' She leaned forward, and ran her hands slowly down her legs, then back up again. Her eyes never leaving mine she repeated the process running those fingers with the brightly painted nails slowly down those thighs, then back up those thighs under that teddy. Like that baby? she asked in a husky voice, "I think I got what you want right here. She lifted one leg and placed it on her coffee table, Smooth white athletic thighs peeked out beneath the teddy, and just a glimpse of the treasure that lay beneath. She again placed her hands at her knees and worked those nails slowly up her thighs, inching the teddy farther up almost to her crotch, she smiled, watching me, knowing what I wanted, knowing that for now I was hers. Do you want it baby, I nodded, Do you want it baby? I nodded, yes I do, I want it. She leaned back slowly, then come to me baby she said, and moved her hands behind her head. I started to get up, No, she said, no, no. no, come to mama on your knees baby. Slowly, I went to my knees and crawled around that table to where she sat. Look at me baby, she said, look at momma. She slid forward on the arm of the love seat as I placed my hands along those long athletic legs. She smiled as I moved my hands along the outside those thighs I grabbed her panties and rolled them down her legs. As I removed those panties from her feet I bent and kissed her knees, first one then the other, ran my hands up first the outside her thighs then back down and up inside to her crotch. I felt it and smiled, as did she, I licked my lips, then again kissed those knees, alternating between them I kissed my way up those legs, moving the teddy out of the way I found my prize.
Seven and a half inches of full grown and pulsing dick. There was pre-cum on the bulbous head and I moved forward and kissed it. Looking up into those eyes I moved forward again and took the head into my mouth and quickly pulled off with a small audible pop. We shared a smile, then I went back to work, kissing and licking along both sides. Her balls were smooth shaven and hung low. First one then the other were taken in and rolled around in my mouth. I reached up only to have my hands slapped away, 'no hands baby, and she shifted putting a foot again on the coffee table. I ran my mouth from base to head, salivating like a hungry dog, making her as wet as I could without taking her in, then pulling off and making eye contact, Plunging in again licking and kissing, I ran my tongue around the head then moved as far down the head as I could. I felt Dawns hands go to the back of my head and she began to slide rythymically forward and back with each bob of my head. Ummmm baby, that right, just like that, sweet heart, make momma cum. She rose from the arm of the chair pushing me back placing her legs to each side of my body, hands to the back of my head, she began to really plunge in and out of my face. Oh yeah, oh yeah almost there, almost there. fugg baby, I..am..going..to ffffucggggggg...cummm, damnnnnnn whuuuuuu Her legs shook, and her eyes were closed as she rocked away. She wrapped herself around me as her quake subsided and she sat heavily on the arm of the love seat. She sat for second breathing hard and she looked at me still between her legs. Oh my she said, my oh my baby, what you do to me. We both laughed and by mutual consent got up and I began to get dressed. Dawn went towards the bathroom again but stopped momentarily, Baby, you ain't leaving now, this show is just getting started she said, I'm going to just go freshen up a bit, then honey, I'm gonna take you around the world. I got my pants on, Sorry baby, I gotta go, and pushed my shirt down inside my pants. Shit I say, honey I hate ta leave ya, but I gotta went. She folded her arms, just gonna suck and run are you? Honey I say in an hour and thirty minutes I gotta be standing tall at work or join the unemployment line. Honey I say when I reach the door, we gotta do this again, She stared at me for a moment, then moved to me and kissed me on the lips, Damn, I barely made it to work.
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8 months ago
great sensual story you know when you have a good man you don't let them go
8 months ago
nice story!