Scratching an itch

I really couldn't understand how I could go from a video booth feeder to a full blown cocksucker. Couldn't believe how much pleasure I got from the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, the smell of a mans musk, and the texture and taste of his cum. It always seemed like I was riding some electrical charge that kept me always on edge. No, it didn't take long to figure out the best times to be in position to get as much cock as I could handle. Saturdays noonish the Second Avenue bookstore would fill with businessmen looking for some no fuss hit and run release. I also found that I gravitated to older white guys with white, or greying hair, they seemed to be more vocal and apreciative of a wet sloppy blow job.
When I came in that day there were four or five guys standing around talking about something or other, they looked over at me when I entered into the booth area. I made eye contact with a gentleman with snow white hair, and only the slightest of nod in recognition as I passed them and went to a booth at the end of the row. It didn;t take long I heard someone enter the booth next to me and as I dropped a few tokens into the machine I stroked my sloly hardening dick and waited to see if my offering had been accepted. Oh yesss, in seconds a the head of a penis presented itself at the Gloryhole, just hung there and I dropped to my knees so I could worship at the alter of dick. As I sat there waiting it slowly entered my sideof the booth, I could see it pulsing in rythym with the owners heartbeat, I smiled, leaned forward and kissed it. Almost immediately my presenter pushed forward, but I moved back slightly until he was fully against the wall that separated us. Quickly, I kissed it again, only this time sucking in that beautiful mushroom head and ran my tongue around it. A slight groan escaped my presenter, and I backed off then quickly forwad again sucking in the whole stem to the root. Slowly, ever so slowly I reversed allowing his stem now covered in saliva a to be exposed to the air. Lips, all along that stem, up one side then down the other, quickly again covering the head to the base I pushed my tongue out down to his balls. Another moan escaped him, and again I reversed twisting my head as I went. Forward, again to the base, and didn't move, it only took seconds, he began to saw in and out, I could hear his body hitting the wall as he thrust forward, slowly at first, then faster as I varied the suction that I applied to my offering. He was hitting the back of my throat but wasn't large enough to cause me to gag. I felt he was close and I backed away, watching amused as he thrust into empty air. "Fuck" I heard him say, what the fuck, get back on it he growled."
with a smile I leaned forward and placed my lips at the head of his dick, slowly he edged forward and I let him ease that pulsing piece of hot flesh into my warm welcoming cavity. He began to saw again, his strokes built in intensity and again I could hear the subtle thump thump thump as he repeatedly hit the wall.
It must have been good, ooooh yes, he mumbled, yes,oooh baby, fuck yeah. He got harder, his dick seemed to expand and I moved to his head and just as he started to explode I moved forward to the base of his stem and could feel each pulse as he came. Mmmmmmmmm he uttered trying to not make to much noise. Oh sweet mother he said as he eased himself out of my mouth and into his side. I knelt there for a few moments listening as he made himself presentable then moved from the booth to the hallway. I stood up, and watched the remainder of the movie on the booth screen. Should I go, or should I wait for another offering, as the screen went black I heard the next door booth open and close, as I started to exit, my hand on the door knob I glanced down to see another offering...
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7 months ago
that is way I love to goto adult arcades you can always suck a few delious cocks