It was a dark and stormy night, the wind howling down the almost deserted streets shaking the signs of businesses that tried to remain open. We hadn't seen a customer in over an hour and a half and there was little indication that anything would change soon. Barry, the Night Manager at our little burger joint kept looking at his watch, no one said it but each of us on the crew were expecting him to send us home. We didn't have to wait long a strong gust of wind howled by outside there was flickering of lights, a loud bang, and the store went black. We could see with the light coming in from outside the store, "Okay guys, lets call it a night, he said as he went to the lobby to lock the doors to the store. Bill, Hank and I did a quick clean-up dumping the garbage, quick wiped the tables, and headed towards the door. The morning crew would have to take care of the grease bins there was no electricity to run the cleaning machines.

The area around the store was mostly deserted, and I would have missed the evening bus and would have almost an hour of standing around the bus stop in the wind and rain. It was a small store, in a narrow building midway to my stop. Some places had electricity, this store was one, I saw a man come out look both ways on the street, hunched down inside his coat and went on his way. I looked thru the window as I passed, and paused, it said ARCADE, on the window and I saw racks of magazines, and a couple of pin ball machines along the wall. I don't know where they came from but two guys brushed past me and went into the store, one of them briefly glancing at me as they went. I looked up and down the block, checked my watch, next bus home almost 40 minutes, that's a long time to be standing around in the cold. Heck with it I thought, fighting down a chill, I went into the store.

The clerk behind the counter was reading a magazine, he glanced at me momentarily, then turned a page. I walked to the Magazine racks and saw a lot of mags, I'd never seen before, Gun mags, Car mags with the super hot models. 'Hey, said the clerk, you got I.D.?' 'I.D.? I asked, Yeah, he said looking at me directly,' Yeah, I lied, returning his look, He seemed amused, Okay, the books yer looking for are down the aisle to your left.' Immediately he was back into his magazine and I could tell I was forgotten.

I wandered a little then went down that aisle on my left, there was a doorway to a dimly lit room, a man was inside inspecting some of the magazines he took no notice of my presence as entered. It took a second, maybe two, as I realized that these magazines had "naked people" on the covers. Slowly, hesitantly, I reached out and touched these "holy items", I'd heard of these..places, places of ill repute, where all sorts of things happened, things that could only be spoken of in hushed voices with averted eyes. These were women, totally nude, with no air brush, full, voluptuous women, with knowing smiles, and come hither looks on their faces. In some of these mags, they were doing things, things, with men, and even things with women.

I became aware that someone was standing behind me, I remained transfixed on the pictures, I heard a chuckle. "Like those do ya k**?" He stood there smiling at me that amused look on his face. C'mere I'll show you the really good stuff, he turned on his heel and moved off, I followed. He took a magazine from the shelf but kept moving deeper into the room, he stopped and turned handing me the mag. 'Get a load of this one k**do', he shoved the mag into my hands then looked around as if we were doing something "naughty', that we could get scolded for, by whom I don't know. My jaw dropped, my eyes expanded to the size of saucers. Look at that, my friend said, shes taking all that dick, like it was nothing. Oh, I thought, yes she was, it looked so big it seemed almost freakish. My face was hot, flushed, if I were white it'd probably been as red as a beet. My friend was closer now, his face almost touching mine as he whispered 'go ahead, turn the page, it gets better, he wasn't looking at the magazine, he was watching me. For an instant I thought I felt something touch my very hard penis. See what she's doing there, I looked back, she was on her knees, and the man was shoving himself into her. I felt it again, briefly, like a fly touching down, then it was gone, that touch, I found myself trying to follow it as it pulled away. Hey he said, there's more in this room, c'mon, he moved on and I followed like a puppy looking for a treat.

The adjacent room was also dimly lit, he gave me a couple of different mags, each time standing so close we were almost touching as we/he discussed the pictures. This one he said is just a little different he said, what do you think? I was surprised to see a man, on his knees, with another behind him clearly shoving a very large and very hard phallus into his rear, heck, he looked like he was enjoying it as much if not more than the woman in the other mag had been. 'You ever done something like that?, my friend asked in a whisper, or this?, he turned the page and the another set of guys were paired up with one taking that very large member into his mouth. I shook my head, no, ain't had no chance to. 'You have to know that's one great feeling don't you?' he said with a smile. 'You're shit'n me ain't ya k**, you're probably getting more ass than a toilet seat, ain't ya, c'mon you can tell me.

'Hey Frank, came a voice behind me, what's going on?' My friend, Frank stepped back a little, he didn't look to happy that our circle had been added to. I'd put the book down and my guard up. Oh hi Jack, me an ..Ken I said, me an Ken was just talk'n about all the experience he's had, but it seems he's being shy.' I don't know why, we were all speaking in whispers as if we were in the Library or something, Frank, glanced at the book in my hand,,hmmm, he said, Hey, Frank, seems they have fixed the movies in back wanna go back and see whats on. Bring Ken, we can all watch together. They agreed, looked at me I agreed and we made our way to the rear area of the building. U had expected a movie, movie, but I followed them into a booth not much bigger than a phone booth and we turned and looked at a screen embedded into the wall. Frank dropped in some coins and a black & white program came on.

There was a woman dancing in very little clothing on the screen we watched for about three, four minutes then the screen went black. Frank went into his pockets and put in a few more coins, and immediately changed the channel. We were watching things I'd hardly heard about, things that were hinted at. A woman sucking a dick until it exploded like a volcano all over her face. Women with their legs in the air while some guy buried his extremely large member into her and went to town. Damn said Frank, I'm harder than a rock right now, Damn me to said Jack, I didn't respond, I was leaning on the wall my hands folded in front of me.
Frank put his hand on my shoulder, How ya do'n Ken, I felt his hand on my very hard cock, he grasped it firmly for an instant. 'Yep, he's just like us, harder than a steel bar. I'd backed up a little when he grabbed me, Frank laughed, hey, don't worry, it's normal, he siad, Me'n JAck are the same way aren't we, he asked Jack, here see, I looked down in the flickering light and saw Franks Dick was out standing straight in the air. Whatta ya think of this laughed Jack as he pulled out his member. It looked huge to me, something like the female on screen was slobbering on. I became entranced after a few seconds watching as she tried to get it all into her mouth. Jack had a big smile as he watched the screen, both he and Frank were stroking themselves, Frank looked at me I was getting into it as well. Lets see whats on the other channels, said Frank, spin the selector and see where it stops.

More money went into the box and Frank stepped back, Jack reached down and grabbed Franks hand and placed it on his dick, With a big smile Jack slowly reached for mine, I hesitated, then reached down and Grabbed Franks. After a few seconds I started watching the screen again, there was a really buff guy, standing over some real young looking guy. He f***ed the young guy to his knees reached down and pulled off the towel that was around his waist and ground his crotch all over the younger mans face. (God that hand stroking me felt good, tight but not to tight) In seconds the Buff guy went from flaccid to having an impressive iron rod that stood up against his stomach. The younger, was mouthing Buff's balls, and it was hard to tell who was enjoying their interaction more. 'Shit, Jack hissed, and I turned to see Frank go to one knee and take Jack into his mouth. He licked the head, ran his lips up one side around and down the other, blew on it, kissed it again, then slid as much of it into his mouth as he could get. He bobbed on it, I watched with rapt attention. In one smooth move, he dropped Jack, and dove onto mine. He hummed as he bobbed, he slobbered on me getting me wetter than I'd ever been. I could feel pressure building up then he was gone, back onto Jack.

Jack opened his pants and let them fall to his ankles, Frank worked a while more as Jack sawed back and forth into Franks mouth. Suddenly Frank stood up, and turned to me, both he and Jack looked at me, neither voicing what they wanted neither saying a word. I dropped to my knees, and went down on Jack, I did what I'd seen Frank do, lick it, kiss it, stroke it, then going from Jack to Frank, Frank wasn't as long nor as thick as Jack, but he was no small specimen either. Again I switched, and again, I stuffed my face with all I could get of Jack, he let out a low moan and went up on his toes, rocking forward and back, back and forth Shit that's good, he whispered. Frank stood beside Jack stoking himself as he waited, and I didn't make him wait long. I found myself going eagerly after Franks member, I worked him deeply into my mouth, closing down over him and dragging my lips back to the head, I used my tongue swirling it around his shaft, pushed more and more in until he was going into mu throat. I felt Franks hands on the back of my head holding me in place as he f***ed himself deeper. He held me for a few seconds then withdrew so I could get some air, he waited, when I looked up at him he entered again, and went deep. I worked them both, Frank popped first, and he came huge, so deep in my throat that I barely felt it when he stiffened and released, shooting straight down my throat. He held me until I had to push him away. Fuck-n-A man, that was Fuck-n great, said Frank leaning back against the wall.

Jack stepped forward, I felt that I was smiling, Jack said, you ready for this,my friend? I nodded As he moved forward I moved my head back a little, I kissed the head, licked it, then sucked the head into my mouth. Jack stepped forward, putting his feet beside me, He went deep, I controlled my gag reflex, in-out-in, I held the head and worked my tongue around it. In deep, hesitate, he eased it back in I began working my head in small circles and increased the suction. He moaned, stroked again hesitated, I began bobbing on that monster rod, getting it wet, slobbering on it he was talking as he fucked my face, again, and again until he to went up on his toes took a deep breath and let out a moan tha had to be heard in the hallways. He filled my mouth, I swallowed, and again, and he refilled me again. "Lord have mercy, he finally said, and pulled his dick from my face with an audible pop. We simply sat/stood looking at each other, then started to laugh. When I stood, Frank looked at me, "lets see what we can do about that, he said and went to his knees. It didn't take long, maybe a minute, but when I came there was a lot of it. Frank couldn't hold it all, he spit some onto the floor of the booth.

We spent several minutes putting ourselves back together, JAck looked at his watch, shit man, I gotta go. Whatever we shared was gone, Frank zipped up buttoned his jacket, yeah man gotta go. The almost dashed out of the booth. I took a few minutes to try to figure out how I wound up on my knees in a booth with two men I'd never seen before, sucking my little heart out. I couldn't believe how buzzed I was, I'd never felt anything like it. It was as if I had a current of electricity running thru me. I looked at my watch, if I hurried I could catch the next bus. I was half way to the front door when I saw him, this tall white guy with white hair, he was watching as I headed out, until I stopped, and picked up a magazine, I smiled at him but thumbed thru the mag for a few moments, somehow I found myself back again by the booths, then in one, with the door open. I didn't have to wait long.
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8 months ago
yeh that was on very hot and erotic story I just love to goto the adult book stores or arcades with booths or theaters I have suck more cocks andhad my ass fucked more time than I can remember
11 months ago
Great story! I visit an adult store frequently and spend a lot of time having gay sex in the booths. I like to wear lingerie when I go there and I love the big dicks that I get to service.
11 months ago
Very hot story and very well written. Reminds me of the many times that I spent in a booth just like that, naked as the day I was born and servicing cock after cock in both holes.