It hurt at first, but he went slow, not for my pleasure but his, he chuckled enjoying the discomfort that I felt, but still kept up a slow steady push into my ass. 'Hey chica, you are so warm, so tight, I'm going to enjoy the hell outta this'. When he was fully seated in my ass I could feel his balls next to mine, he rested, then slowly retreated, pulling his phallus back about halfway, then he reversed, again slowly inserting fully. 'Oh yeah chica, I hope you're ready for this', he said as he gradually sped-up his process. I closed my eyes in an effort to close him out, I didn't want to hear him, didn't want to smell him, the cigarettes on his breath, or his cheap cologne.

The bed was rocking, tapping insistently on the wall, the springs squeaking with each thrust of his hips, and the slap again against my ass. 'Damn, bitch, this is some damn good pussy here, I knew I shoulda got onto this sooner.' I couldn't believe it, despite everything, I was hard as a rock my penis being driven against the sheets, No, I didn't want to but I was working my ass back to meet his thrust,I bit my lip, I couldn't, shouldn't be getting any enjoyment from this, it was so wrong. Yeah, bitch, give it to me, gimme that ass'. I felt the sting of a slap, and stopped mid thrust, and simply squeezed my anus around his intruder. 'Ooohhh baby, yeah,he muttered, and sped up his thrusting. 'Come to pappi baby, give it to pappi'

Sweat was dripping from both of us, the sheets were damp, I was confused, when did I go from victim to willing participant? How could it hurt so good? 'I'm close, bitch, yeah I'm close, so close he said don't stop, he slowed down, then stopped moving...'No, don't you stop, I heard myself say, and I reached back and tried to pull him into me, C'mon bitch, he said, work that ass, git me off, c'mon git me off'. I slid forward clenching my ass muscles as I went, relaxing as I pushed back moving in circles. He laughed after a couple of minutes and started pounding away. I felt him get haarder inside, bigger,'oooohhhhh Daaaammmmmnn, sighed,he said letting out a long held breath, I could feel the eruption, the jerk of his penis as it coated my insides. I held him inside of me, clenching on him for all I was worth trying to milk him dry. He relaxed onto my back, his full weight pinning me to the mattress. It was over,or so I thought,

He finally rolled off of me, and took a deep breath, 'Maricone, he said,if that was your first time, you're a fuck'n natural. I know some bitches been fucking half their Damn ives an they ain't that good.' I didn't respond, he rubbed my back, from my shoulder to my ass, I didn't look at him, I didn't know if I could ever look at him again after this. He kissed my shoulder, ran his hand down my back again, his hand came up between my cheeks and his fingers slipped into my leaking anus, 'Damn that was good Reggie'I can't believe how good that was, ain't had nothing like that in years, damn I'm still hard he said, taking my hand and moving it to his crotch. He was hard, and throbbing, and despite everything, I almost wanted it to happen again When he stuck his fingers again I clenched on them momentarily, then relaxed. I think, he said, kissing my shoulder, you want it to.'

He'd found my stash of weed in the basement of our apartment, caught me with it, said he'd tell my parents, if I didn't "do what he said." My parents would have thrown me out I would have lost out, I had s chance at getting into College, but I needed their support. So I caved, came to his apartment, before I knew it I was kneeling in front of him while he face fucked me. Then he wanted more, and he took it. Or did I give it up? It didn't matter Oscar, continued to kiss my neck and shoulders as he moved behind me again, no words were exchanged as I felt his phallus rock hard and ready rubbing against my ass and between my cheeks. I put my head down on the pillow, reached back and positioned him, As he entered I took a deep breath, before long we were doing our horizonal tango, it would be the second of many, each better than the last. ole'

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that's what I love is someone with staying power
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Hot! Wish there was more.
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Very hot. You love it!