Young Explorations (Part 2)

The next morning when Helen got on the bus, she said hello as every morning. In reply I just said: “now it’s your turn”. You looked at me questioningly and I explained that now that she has seen and touched my cock, it’s only fair that I see and touch her pussy. She said it’s impossible, not in the bus. She went to a strict convent school and her uniform went down to well below her knees. Then she suggested something. “I can cut my pocket for you.” It took me a few seconds to understand how that is of any use to me. Without replying, I fished a pair of small scissors from my bag. She said “not now. I’ll do it at school”. Indeed, on the return trip, she said she had taken care of it. My first reaction was to try to look through the pocket but couldn’t see anything because of the angle. I then sent one hand through the cut bottom of her pocket. Once inside, I tested the range of my movement, touching as far as I can in each direction. I was surprise to see I could go elbow deep into her pocket, touching as far as her knees! I was so thrilled with this new found area to explore. After a couple of minutes touching everything I could, I zoomed in on her pussy. Pushing her panty aside with one finger and maintaining it there was a bit of a pain.

The next day on the return trip, she opened her bag and without removing it, she showed me her panty inside her bag nicely folded between her books. I was overjoyed. I immediately sent my wandering hand inside and caressed her mound. She was clean shaved, smooth, silky. She later told me it’s the first time she had shaved her pussy. I could not see it but my hand was going over every contour available and I was making a mental image of that soft mound and the folds of her pussy. I caressed it softly, pushing my fingers in between her thighs. She opened her legs slightly to grant me access and my fingers suddenly found themselves over a moist pair of pussy lips. That was the first pussy I ever touched! I caressed the labia with my finger tips. Sometimes she would feel ticklish but other times she her face would turn a deep red and the lips became more moist. I tried pushing a finger in but it wouldn’t go very far. She was very tight and the angle was very awkward.

From that day onwards, we took turns at touching and caressing and playing with each other’s sex, mostly on the return trips. I took up the idea of a hollow pocket too and soon she was masturbating me to an orgasm almost every day. I kept a few inches of tissue paper in my underpants to absorb as much as possible and I made it a point back home to always put my clothes in the washing machine myself. I don’t want my mom to ask questions. I don’t know if others had noticed in the bus but frankly, I couldn’t care less! I took great pleasure from our daily trip from school and even if school ended early on some days, I waited for the same bus to make sure to meet her.

Our first opportunity to meet outside the bus came at exams time. During the couple of weeks of end of year exams, there were no normal classes. Only a 2 or 3 hour paper and the rest of the day off. So we had the entire afternoon to ourselves as the bus maintained its normal timing. My school had a river flowing at the back, quite heavily wooded on the river banks. I have been there several times before. Sometimes with friends to try smoking n drinking. Sometimes alone to masturbate. I loved the feeling of exposing myself in the open air, in nature, with the risk of being caught. So I knew the area pretty well. I planned our visit to the riverside at least one week ahead, matching her timing with mine etc. I had also bragged a lot about the coming even with my close circle of friends. They had so far laughed it off and thought I was making the bus story up. This was my opportunity to prove it to them!
The day finally came. I waited for her at the bus stop. She got down and I told her to walk a couple of steps ahead of me. People knew me around there and I don’t want any trouble. I gave her rough directions to the back of my school and followed her from a small distance. The walk felt much longer than usual. I already had a hard on and couldn’t wait to get there. As soon as we got behind the school into a secluded area, she stopped and waited for me. As soon as we met, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. It was the first time we were kissing. We kissed for an eternity and a half and then I took her into the woods until we reached a clearing by the river. I had already indicated the exact place to my friends (4 guys and 1 gal) and they were all hiding in the bushes around. Although in the same class, they were all a couple of years elder than me as I had skipped the first year. And many were sexually active, unlike me. So when I got there, I knew they were watching. But Helen did not have a clue. I was such a bastard!

I was surprised when she took out what looked like a bed sheet from her bag and spread it on the grass. She must have been looking forward to it as much as I was. All I had brought with me was a couple of porn mags. I pulled them out n threw them on the sheet. We looked at each other. I checked my watch. We had another 45min to an hour max before she had to leave, take a bus to her school to be picked by our normal bus. We had not spoken a word since we got here. We just looked at each other and started kissing again. We were kissing for quite a while. In my mind, I was worried we were wasting time. There was more important stuff to do! We eventually broke that kiss. I sent my hands behind her back and tried to unzip her dress. After wasting a precious minute at it, she laughed and told me to let he do it. In a matter of seconds, she had her dress in a neat pile by her feet. All she had left was her pink panty. All the time she was undressing, instead of undressing too, I was awe-struck watching her. She had to urge me out of my trance. Then I pulled off my shirt without bothering with the buttons. I unzipped my shorts and dropped it to my ankles. My underpants was hardly containing my raging hard on. We heard some noise nearby and she looked sharply, asking what it was. I said it must be the wind. I knew what it was. Someone must be taking his cock out for a wank while watching us.

I pulled my cock out without dropping my underpants and told her to hold it. She stood so close to me n took it in one hand n started rubbing it slowly. She was looking down at it, standing so close I could smell her. I pulled her closer and immediately loved the feel of her body against mine. Skin against skin, both of us naked. I placed an arm around her while she continued to rub my cock. My hand ran down her flank n inside her panty. I took a handful of her ass cheek and caressed it. It was nice. Round n firm and smooth. I swapped between cheeks and caressed it like a precious treasure. I took her by the shoulders and pulled her away from me. I wanted to see her. But her head was lowered and all I could see was her head. I tried to lift her chin and she resisted. I asked her what happened. She said she was too shy to look up at me. I said close your eyes. She hid her face with both hands, giggling, and raised her head. I took in her beauty, slowly, from toe to top. She was wonderful. I dropped to my knees and pulled down her panty. She had shaved clean as usual. It was the first time I was actually seeing her pussy. It was beautiful. I was suddenly not feeling right about letting my friends into this intimate moment. But was done was done and I was not going to stop there. I just hopped they remained quiet.

I took her hands away from her face slowly n pulled her in my arms. My cock was so hard it got in the way and poked her, to which she smiled. We kissed again, naked body pressed hard to naked body, trying to engulf each other in our embrace. In the middle of all this kissing, with one hand, I was trying to put my cock in her pussy and was unsuccessful. We finally lay down on the sheet, me on top of her. She opened her legs and wrapped them around me. We started kissing like that again and my cock was trying desperately to find her pussy. But in the end it was her who took it in her hand and guide me to her entrance. She was very wet. My cock just slipped in an inch or so n locked there. He mouth opened wide without letting any sound out. I knew what I had to do. I ‘fucked’ her like I had seen in movies but was only moving in n out by an inch and it was way too tight to go any further. But the sensation was great. Just then I remembered what my friend had told me about girls getting pregnant and I stopped dead in my track. I pulled out, fished for my bag and looked for the condom my friend had given me. Never used it before but managed to put it on without much effort. It rolled out over my cock just like a sock! I went back to her; her legs had remained opened all the time I was dealing with the condom. Again she guided me into her pussy and this time I pushed more, until I felt my cock getting squeezed tight. Her mouth fell open, a weird expression on her face. I was not sure if she was liking it or not. I was scared she was getting hurt. I asked her if she was ok and she nodded vigorously n told me not to stop. I propped myself on my arms and pushed my hips in one hard movement, putting everything I got behind that one thrust and suddenly I had gone all the way in, into a very tight grip. Her legs tightened hard around as she let out a long moan. I remained in and asked her if she was ok. She again nodded, not able to speak. I pulled out a bit until I felt the squeeze on my cock decrease and then ploughed in again, our bodies clashing. Her face was contorted in a weird expression and she was moaning loud now as her entire body stiffened. The grip of her legs was so tight I was surprised at her strength. And suddenly I started cumming. I was cumming hard. I was not thrusting or anything. I just remain deeply rooted in her, my cock throbbing violently. I could feel her tense up with each throb of my cock. We just remained like that for a few minutes, breathing heavily, all sweaty. Suddenly I realised what had just happened. That’s it. I had my first pussy. I was not a virgin anymore. And neither was she. I felt all grown up all of a sudden. I asked her if she was alright. She was lying under me now, arms and legs spread-eagled. She smiled, blushed n and worded ‘thank you’ without a sound. I did not understand why she was thanking me but I just smiled back.

Suddenly she put on a serious face and asked me the time. I told her. Shit, she had to hurry back. She pushed me off and got dressed in a flash. I was still naked, lying on the sheet and she told me to get off the sheet and she had to take it with her. I just rolled off, sitting naked on the grass. I asked her if she knew her way back. She said yes, and left in a hurry. I just remained there, with a huge grin on my face. My friends popped out from their hiding places. They were much closer to us than I thought. Thank god she did not notice. They all started laughing and talking about what just happened. I was still naked, with all my dressed friends around me, including a girl of my class. She was not talking much but I was feeling very conscious of being naked in front of her. I dressed up too and we all left together. We had a repeat act two weeks later, this time my friends making their presence known while we were in the middle of the action. But that’s another story for another time.

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3 years ago
looking forward to the next part.

Great story
3 years ago
Hot story (both parts). Hi to another member of the hole-in-the-pocket club. Sex outdoors must be wonderful. I've never done it. The first look at the porn magazine in your stories brought back memories. Nothing is so memorable as the first look at an explicit picture or video.