My First (But Not My Last) BBC

I am going to try to tell this as best as I can remember, it was about four years ago. My boyfriend and I had been broken up several weeks. I was over my mad/hurt feelings and was now missing the sex that I used to have pretty much every day so I decided that Saturday night I was going to a club and hopefully hookup with a hot guy to satisfy my needs.

I planned to look really hot that night so Sat morning I had my nails done and bought a new, black lacy/sheer demi bra and matching thong. That evening I took a long bath and shaved everything that should be, I was baby smooth. I wore a black mini skirt and a black semi sheer top over my new bra, finished with red heels and purse. I went with a friend to the club and she commented on my look, I told her I was back in the game and she said “Great!”.

At the club she bought us drinks (I was still 20) and we mingled. I enjoyed getting approving glances and comments from various guys, we talked and danced, meeting various guys but did nto stay with any even though it was obvious that it was wanted. Then Tom came up to me and bought me a drink. I had seen him there in the past but never really got to know him, just passing conversations. He was obviously very interested in me and had a very engaging way of talking and flattering me so I stayed with him for awhile, enjoyed a couple of dances. My friend caught my eye and nodded to the bathroom so I excused myself and went with her. She said, “So you are interested in Big?” I said “who?” and she told me that some of the girls call him that because of his size, cock-wise but that she had no personal knowledge, just FYI’ing me... I laughed but was now really intrigued. So I got back to Tom and he asked if I was ok and I said “sure, thanks for asking, Big”. He looked at me, laughed and said I guess people had been talking to me. I told him I had heard something and asked if it was true, he told me I should check it out, I laughed, “like right here?” I said. He smiled. I let it go for a bit but I was really curious and I was feeling the drinks a bit and getting turned on by him so I brought it up again and he said the same thing. So I turned around and rubbed my butt against him, it felt big and getting bigger. I turned around and he said “Lets go to my place”. (I am sure I have left quite a bit out, I was at the club for a couple hours before I left with him) I said ok and told my friend where I was going and not to worry, gave her his phone number.

So, to his car, made-out some, and to his place. Once inside he held me in a deep kiss and thoroughly checked out my bod with many approving comments. By now I knew I was dripping wet. I pulled his belt open and pulled down pants/boxers and it was like he had an elephant trunk attached to him! I had never seen anything like it in real life, only porns. I said “Holy shit!”, he said “You like?”, I said “That will never fit!” and he said “Don’t worry, just suck” so I did! I was on my knees, holding it with both hands and still there was some to get my mouth on. I love to give Bjs (with the right guy) and became evermore enthusiastic in my efforts. Pretty soon he pulled me up and as he did that he relieved me of my top and already loose bra. He lead me to the bedroom where we were both quickly naked and he had me on the bed and started kissing me, head to pussy, where he started to give me great head, I came pretty quick and tried to hold back a scream, he told me not to hold anything back, we were alone and would be for the night. So I let loose with the next orgasm! He was obviously enjoying himself and so was I!! After having held and sucked it, I really wanted it in me and kept trying to pull him up but he stayed on my pussy for several more orgasms. He finally came up and kissed me and then sat between my legs and began to slowly rub it up and down my puss and slap my clit with it. I was already on another plane from the oral orgasms and I just went with it. He would put just the head in and then back to the rubbing... FINALLY I felt it go in more and more, slowly, in and out, in a bit more, in and out, in more... I was being stretched like I had never felt before and it was wonderful! I could not believe I had that monster in me and it felt so damn good!! He got into a rhythm, slow and then faster, slow and fast, going deeper each time... I had never felt such fullness and I knew he was not done. I had cum twice (I think) when I felt like he was pushing the end of my vagina, he felt it also and did not go further (just yet) but kept up the rhythm and kept me cumming like I had never cum before. By now I had lost count and was just floating in some unknown space, almost out of my body. I really have no idea how much time went by but then I felt his body stiffen and his cock started to pulsate, he was cumming and it made me go into a huge orgasm. He stayed in me and laid gently on me and we kissed deeply, then he slowly pulled out. He was still mostly hard and he took off his condom (I had totally forgotten about any protection). He was going to toss it but I asked for it and he watched as I slowly squeezed his cum out into my mouth, I had to taste him. He said “Damn girl that is HOT!”, no one had ever done that before he said, I love it:) We had never changed positions.

We were both totally full of sweat and a bit exhausted. He told me how wonderful I was, in so many ways and I said the same of him. He retrieved a couple beers and we regrouped, talked and enjoyed each other’s bodies. I was still amazed by his cock. He told me I had almost taken it all, 9 inches he said. I wanted another chance and he was ready to do it! (During our rest period we talked about birth control and STDs, I was on it and he a recent clear lab report so I told him I was good for bare if he was, he was!) We did more oral, 69 and separate, and then we got back to fucking!

This time I wanted to straddle him so I could control things. After some good sucking I eased him into me (as thrilling as the first time!). I started slow, he was rubbing my nips/boobs and telling how good it felt, like did not know!! After a few minutes I was able to sit on him and rock back and forth, I had it all!! I had an enormous orgasm and I felt liquid leak out of me, he told me my cum was running down and around his balls, I had squirted for the first time ever! I put my hands on his chest, closed my eyes and just rocked, rubbing my clit on him and feeling that huge cock filling me... I came several more times, each time leaking a bit of fluid. He wanted to do me doggie style so we switched positions and I got on my hands and knees, he eased into me and gave my ass a big SLAP! Startled me but felt good.... There were more to come as he thrust in and out of me... Then one slap and I had a huge orgasm with him deep in me, juice was running down my legs, he was cheering me on and I was screaming. He kept pounding me, harder than at first, again I lost track of time but I heard is voice change and he told me he was going to cum, slapped me and let it go deep in me, I started cumming with him, this time feeling his hot cum as it poured into my pussy! What a wonderful hot sexy feeling that is! He kind of collapsed on me and we both fell flat on the bed with him still in me. He stayed there and whispered to me, hot sexy loving words of enjoyment.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven right there in bed with a black guy (well he is light brown). Now I knew about the BBC. We became good friends and were lovers for about a year but we both dated others and kept our relationship quiet. He got me into many sexual adventures that open both our horizons. Even anal eventually but that took a bit... He is married now and once in awhile we exchange emails. That was a wonderful year, in so many ways! We brought each other tremendous pleasure and satisfaction when we both needed it. I will never forget him.
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1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
that was an awesome story
2 years ago
Great story, i love the fact that your first BBC experience was a bareback one, the way it should be with real men. only tiny dick sissies should have to wear condoms.
2 years ago
Good job, It rang true and I like that....Would you say that, that was the best sex you have ever had? Has anyone else satisfied your sexual needs as well since that day?
2 years ago
Sounds like a guy who learned to use what God gave him. The whole thing about getting a gal properly prepared.
2 years ago
Great story - straight to faves - keep them cumming!
2 years ago
WOW, that was a HOT story babe!!! keep'em cum'n