Night at the Sex Club

This story is true but unfortuantely it did not happen to me. It happened to a friend of mine, Ann, and her husband, Ken, this spring (2012) in a suburb of a large European city. They had gone there for a week of her business and then some vacation time. This happened at the conclusion of the week's business. She told me about it in great detail and we both relished her telling. I have chosen to write it in the first person simply because it is easier for me and I think conveys more feeling to the reader. The names are changed to protect the players. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did hearing it and writing it.

Roger, my business contact, and I both admitted that we each do swing but left it there pretty much. He invited me and Ken to their house for dinner on Friday after everything was concluded, I accepted and told Ken about him and his wife being swingers like us but did not know what to expect. He did say she would make sushi and they like to wear kimonos and they would provide ones for us if we liked. I said sounds like fun! So we get to their house and she is a knockout! They had on "normal" clothes and asked us if we wanted to change, we said yes and they gave us kimonos and a room to use and they went to change. So we all emerged in silk kimonos and were very revealing if viewed the right way.... Ken's cock was pretty visible, as was Roger's and Ann and my boobs. We had drinks and chatted, got to know each other... Finally Ann said she needed to see Ken in the kitchen for some help, Roger kept me in the living room. Turns out she explored Ken's cock and Roger explored me:) It was pretty brief but very explicit, we had dinner and then explored more and you can imagine the rest.... good sex for a couple hours!:) I am getting to the really good part. I guess that they decided that they really liked us because they asked us if we wanted to be their guests the next night at a very special, exclusive club.... we asked for details and they told us it is a swingers club that is exclusive membership only and approved guests and that they felt sure they could get us invited. It is run by a very wealthy guy, (I have no idea who he is) and it is in his mansion. Ann said it was going to be a special night for her and she would love it if we attended. We said sure and agreed to meet them at their house and go with them. So now sat night. Ann had lent me a dress to wear, spaghetti strap red mini, very fine silk, beautiful dress and very "showy", Ken wore Tommy Bahama silk slacks and shirt and no underwear, showed him off if you
looked.... So we did not know all the details of what it would be like but they told us it was very high end, nice people, first names only, everyone is tested within the week so it can be bare sex if the parties choose. The guy has these parties every couple of months, whenever he feels like inviting people apparently. So we get there and go in, magnificent old mansion! Huge ballroom that has a bar and buffet goodies, unbelievably stocked and all no charge (they pay a yearly and per event fee that they did not divulge), cell phones left at the door. So they introduce us to people as we eat, drink and move around the room. Everyone is dressed very well and very sexy but not trampy. Ann never explained why it was special for her.... So the 4 of us were with another couple they knew, talking and very flirty talk (I hope you get the idea) Ann and her greeted with big kisses and I got one when introduced as did Ken and a gentle touch to his crotch followed by a big smile... The room was darker as you got nearer to the walls and lighter in the middle, some people were off to the side, BJ's going on and some women bent over tables getting rear stroked... The 6 of us fooled around with touching and us 3 women traded BJ's on the guys, this all took longer than it sounds and was extremely exciting! Then Ann said she had to go get ready, Roger just smiled... Soon some things (that will become clear soon) were brought to the center of the room and the lights dimmed except for the center. Our host came in leading Ann who was naked except for her high heels, the crowd murmured approval and I was enthralled... He introduced her as the evenings entertainment... He asked her what she was and she said "simply a slut" and there was more conversation along that line. Then two BBCs appeared, "Mr. 10" and "Mr. 11", guess why! They did not have a hair on their bodies and were lightly oiled so they shown in the light. The group applaudedthem, I suspected this was not the first time they had made an appearance. She was told to show her appreciation for them and for what was going to happen, she got on her knees and gave them both very good BJ's, taking them deeper than I thought she could (she later told me that the back of her throat had been sprayed with an anaesthetic to stop any gag reflex). She was then let to the first platform where she was laid on her back, her legs spread wide, knees back by her head and then clamped in place and a strap placed across her chest. 11 went to her face and she began to suck him and 10 went to her pussy and began to slap it slowly with his cock... she reacted to every slap and I could see the sweat begin to emerge and her pussy was dripping.... she begged to be fucked, he inserted a big plug into her ass to strech it for future use and just slapped her harder and faster... she came in a few minutes, the first of MANY she would have! He then began to slowly fuck her and slowly give her more and more of his cock until she took it all and came again and it just kept on, 10 and 11 trading off and using her pussy. Soon the plug came out and they used both her pussy and ass... Between them she was fucked almost non stop for what seeemd like close to an hour but I am not sure, the crowd sometimes cheering approval when she had an extra strong orgasm. Also members of the audience were engaged in their own fun that could be heard and somewhat seen. About half way through Ann was removed from the platform and put on another that had her locked in a hands/knees position but she was mostly supported by her mid section. Plenty of people continued doing things in the dark, the new couple and us had begun to play around, BJ's and us ladies bent over handy tables, twice guys came in me and one in my mouth, I had huge orgasms!! Finally, when Ann had been having screaming orgasms it seemed like non-stop for a LONG time, 10 and 11 took her off and to a new plain flat platform. 10 laid down and got her on top of him with him in her pussy and then 11 took her in the ass! The people cheered and she screamed in pleasure/orgasm! They kept it up until she was totally exhaused and could hardly respond anymore. Then took her back to the hands/knees platform, tied her back down and the host then said that 10 and 11 were through with the slut and she was open to anyone and that 10 and 11 would service any ladies wanting them....

So there was slow movement of people and soon there was a line to fuck Ann and ladies were getting fucked by 10 and 11 on platforms, but not restrained. I looked at Ken and he just said, "go for it" and I did! I got 11 and he fucked me til I came twice and was screaming, the crowd approved:) and so did I!! I was SO jazzed by what had happened, both to me and to Ann, and by the sight of those two huge cocks I came very quick, two or three strokes I think.... and then he worked me over til I came again:) I wanted more but he had others to satisfy:) Ken was one of 10-15 guys (I am guessing and she had no idea) that fucked Ann and gave her a load and at least one orgasm. Most of the guys fucked her in the pussy and then her ass, cumming in her ass. The host was there to see that the rules were followed, no switching back after an ass fuck. 10 and 11 switched but had soapy towles to clean themselves with each time.

It was an absolutely incredible experience that was almost beyond belief if I had been told all this beforehand. We went home with Roger and Ann, she could hardly walk and had so much cum shot in her I think her ass must have been full if that is possible, she was still leaking it when we got to their house, the rear of her dress had a huge wet spot on it. Roger told us this was the third time she had asked to be the entertainment. The host apparently has no problem getting willing participants. What a night to remember!!!!!!! And we had
great sex when we replayed that night in our minds on the rest of the vacation.

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2 years ago
Europe rocks.
2 years ago
Nice but I would like more details about how they explored each others bodies.....