Summer story.

Sure, you could not wait to see next note what? I have a question for you Apropo previous entry: Do you ever caught on the fun? Cousin caught me once when I was younger and once on vacation and are the only two times when I caught the person who really knew what I was doing .So I will tell you how it happened that I was covered with.It happened in went holiday with my parents when I was at the seaside. We slept in a rented house, a small triangular cottage bungalow. Parents have gone in the morning visit the surrounding towns, are visited by people if.Shining sun woke me up to my room by the open window. I slept naked, and it was very hot that I decided not to wear, at least until the parents return. I made myself a sandwich and went out to eat on the terrace. Somehow I forgot that I was naked and not embarrassed me, maybe because our house was standing in the corner of the campsite, and went straight to the terrace forest.On the right side of the terrace ended with a center where there were thick bushes, and a bit further on the left was a house where he could not see a soul. I sat at a table and ate breakfast, sat with his back to the sun that warmed me in the back,Then I explained that it was a good opportunity to poopala?.Po breakfast each olive and I could lie down. smeared the whole body of thought about the aspect of sex, simply smeared and now.It was very hot, from time to time give solace light breeze. The sun began to bake more and more, rays also reached my pussy, it was nice warmly.Instinctively opened his legs a little bit more because it was really nice to every now and then the cool breeze. In the end feet slipped to heat the sun could have my pussy.I had to sl**p in this strange itching pozycji.Obudzi?o me in my pussy, I thought that for a long time it has issued to the sun at one time.I wanted to wipe it lightly, and I realized that it is terribly mokra.Kiedy pussy touched her fingers all wet with cum.To I was related to even a good opportunity to have fun, I thought.Without hesitate pushed himself one finger, oh it was great, but pussy was so wet that it was not enough. The second toe was longer wonder. I started to move them,I felt so cramped in cipeczce, I began to groan. Fingers pushed to the very end and then they pulled out inches, and again go into them in the wet pussy, I did it very quickly.This is great, but I knew that this time I will have good pussy torture to achieve orgasm. She tightened her pussy and started pushing with all his strength in his two fingers,I did it as fast as I could, yelling at the same time very loudly. He made such a long time and I started to occur, and suddenly I heard a rustle on the adjacent terrace,There is a boy and he sees me, but I'm coming, I close my eyes and even accelerates, wants an orgasm! Quickly he wants an orgasm! Even a jiffy, it already feels approaching.I put those fingers with all my strength and I know that it will soon be ... Already I feel it so, yes, yes, 'tis the orgasm even opened my eyes to see what makes this guy a whore it takes a few meters from me.At the same time I experienced an orgasm and my body survived a wave of delight, dropped half-conscious on a sunbed, I could not move, say anything, do not even have the strength to remove the fingers of my mouse.When he came back the boy was gone, looked around the area but no one was around. But the colostrum he stood only 4 feet next to me and saw everything I did...
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2 years ago
powinna uczyc sie po angielsku :))
4 years ago
NICE!!!! got me a little wet very hot thanx :)
4 years ago