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I woke up early in the morning, at home, there was no one. My parents have their own boutiques, so considering that it is Saturday, it will not be until at least the 14pm Still sl**py, I went to take a shower. I washed her hair and threw on a robe. Soft material caressed my body wonderfully. I felt very nice.The fact that underneath I was completely naked and no one was home, me incredibly excited. I decided to use it. I closed the door from the inside and went to her room. I turned on the computer. Solved poczesa?am nightgown and hair. I opened the site with porn movies.Long was looking for something exciting and finally stumbled on the movie, which was full of approximation, and it rhythmically on the penis entering the stomata, and that the protruding nipples girl.I'm getting very wet and very hot.Greedily tucked between the thigh and hand touched the wet pussy.Remarkably at this point, I heard a knock at the door.She jumped to the space formed bathrobe, I closed the site and went to open the door. Behind the door was the friend asking if I would go with her shopping?Now? -I thought, but instead I told her to come to the moment and wait to get dressed up. After 2 hours of walking around the shops and watching the same without a break, I felt that I no longer f***e. Laden with shopping friend suggested that I fell into it on the coffee.Yet an hour earlier odmówi?abym and ran home to finish what I started before her comming.Ale now, when I reached the f******nth, and I had no longer strength for anything with a nice happy I went with it.Her house was just a younger b*****r. My parents went to the plot. Why is my not go? - I thought, and I flew through my head the vision of my games alone.When she go the room. I lay down on her bed and fell into a brilliant idea. I thought of home I would not have already had occasion today to finish my play, when parents will hustle around the house.I closed the door as it did friend, when went into the room,and re-lay on the bed.I took off my pants and wide-spread nogi.Nie had too much time, because the shop was referred to as the streets.Drenched finger and it struck a wet pussy.I tap the stomach, raised her ass in the doggy position and started to pass on my pussy even faster. I tried to remember watching scenes from this morning movie.Wet pussy girl The second finger went into the hole. Slipped in easily, because I was incredibly wet. After a few moments panted rhythmically, trying to do it as quietly as possible, and my body.I go to the bathroom,and when I returned I was waiting for coffee and pastries:)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
nie urzywaj translate do pisania tylko przetlumacz to normalnie :P
3 years ago
4 years ago
mmmm.///......nice story
4 years ago
"Solved poczesa?am nightgown and hair."

WTF I don't understand this garbble