Black Daddy Cock Master

There was an adult theater on my way home from work, I'd gone in once just to see what it was like. I'd since read about these theaters on the internet that you could get a hand job or maybe a blow job, sometimes see women in there playing around. So one Friday night, my wife was out of town, I thought I'd check it out again.
I sat down about two thirds of the way back. After a few minutes I saw a guy walk through a doorway I hadn't noticed and a few minutes later a another guy come came out. Curiosity won and I walked over and found myself standing at the front of another theater. I couldn't see shit in the dark so I walked up several rows and sat down. My luck, it was a gay movie. I didn't want to get up right away so I decided to just sit there a few minutes. During a real bright scene I looked behind myself and noticed only one other guy in a seat, but thought I saw some guys way back against the back wall. A few minutes later two guys walked past me leaving so I got up and walked to the back. It was real dark back there and I bumped into someone I didn't see so I found the back wall and just stood there.
During another bright scene I looked over to my right and there was a guy right beside me, and it looked like he had his dick out and was stroking it. I couldn't see his dick but his arm seemed to be moving way back and forth and I found myself staring. While I'm trying to see how big he is he grabs my wrist and puts my hand on his cock. WOW, first time I'd ever touched another cock, it was hot to the touch and felt huge! His hand wrapped around mine and held my hand around his huge cock and he began to move our hands back and forth jerking him off. It was bizarre, scary and exciting all at the same time and I let him use my hand. After a minute or so he removed his hand and I heard a whisper in my ear, "Don't stop" so I kept jerking him off. Next thing I know, he has a handful of my hair and with surprising strength, pushes me down and positions me with his cock stabbing my cheek. I heard him say "suck it" and I did, or rather I tried.
Between my mouth and my hands I seemed to be making him happy, he was shoving my head back and forth anymore. It WAS huge, I'd guess 9-10" and real thick! What was really worrisome was, I liked it, a lot, sucking it, feeling it! It was so hard and the smell was beyond intoxicating. It was anonymous, dark, no one knew me, could see me and I was hoping he wouldn't come, not yet anyway, I was enjoying this, every second. He grabbed my hair again and lifted me up, that strength again, very scary! The screen was black and blank, I couldn't see anything, then his voice quietly said, "Lets go somewhere more private and comfortable." I meekly whispered "I'm not gay", he sort of chuckled and said "Me either, when the movie starts again lets go, I'll follow you". While I was trying to think of something to say a movie started and he gave me a gentle shove. I couldn't believe this, I'm walking out being followed by God knows who and he wants comfort, privacy and my mouth. Next thing I know we're outside and I'm thinking of running and screaming when he said "Where’s your car?" I turn around and finally see him. I'm just your average guy, 5'9", 180, with a massive 6 inch dick. This guy is black, and I mean Africa Black, way over 6' and muscular! Like a fool, I point to my car, we walk over, I unlock and we get in.
As I crank up the car I ask where to and he says, "Your place, lets go". I know we talked some as I drove but I don't remember any of it, it was like I was on d**gs. Scared shitless and totally excited all at once! And then reality came back as I heard my front door to my house close behind me and I heard him lock the deadbolt. He told me he wanted a beer and as I walked into the living room with 2 beers he was standing there completely nude.
The guy looked like an add for a gym, dark smooth skin, big arms, big legs, and of course, even soft, a huge cock. I'm a very happy heterosexual but damn he looked HOT! We talked awhile, he was actually quite cool, name was Mike, he was a construction worker, 40 yrs old a yr older than I, divorced, horny and had the same idea as I did about the theater. He'd watched me come in, said I looked clean cut, safe, he'd noticed my wedding ring and had decided to take some liberties with me since I was standing right beside him. On my way back with the second or third round of beers he told me to get naked. His strength and his commanding appearance was enough to make you obey but then he had a deep heavy voice that just, do as I say! It was humiliating getting naked in front of a man, worse yet, I was way out of shape, had a belly and then of course my tiny little dick compared to his log! And of course he commented about my dick, he said, "Can your wife even feel that tiny thing?" Before I could sit down, he said, "You’ve been staring at my cock ever since we got here, get over here and get busy, make me feel real good".
Thirty minutes later my jaw was aching, I'd been at his cock and balls nonstop, I'd humiliated myself beyond any comprehension, I'd made love to his huge Black cock. I'd licked, sucked, kissed and rubbed his cock and his huge nut sack all over my face. I loved his smell, how he felt, seeing my white hands wrapped around his big Black cock! I finally told him I had to stop and he said "What?" I repeated myself and so did he, I looked at him confused as he gave me a rather stern look... Then I took a shoot in the dark and asked if I could please stop, he smiled and said "You can stop for awhile, BITCH!" I sat down and grabbed my now warm beer as he told me, "From now on, you're my bitch, you'll do as your told and always call me Daddy or Sir! Remember, I know where you live." I'll admit, it was super erotic when he called me bitch and told me I was his, but the where you live part... I reminded him I was married and he nodded and smirked. Then he told me to write down my phone number and fetch him another beer. Somewhere around beer number 6 or 10, (I don't know), and a lot more cock sucking (me) he wanted to see the bedroom...
He pushed me on the bed face down then WOW! smacked my ass and again, and again reminded me I was his bitch then began to tongue my ass. Oh My God!! I was in heaven, it felt so fantastic, my wife had down that to me once, once! About 10 minutes glorious later, after he'd tongue fucked my ass he told me to just lay there and don't move. I heard him in the bathroom clinking things around then he was back on the bed. Then I realized that wasn't his tongue trying to enter my virgin ass and just as I was about to freak out... His head slipped in! Oh ya, it hurt! He told me to relax, he'd be gentle, he was all lubed up with vaseline and to just let him in. Between the beers and his tongue I suppose that was the trick, before long he was all the way in, ten and three quarter inches in, thick as a tennis ball in! And then his deep voice in my ear, "How’s that feel Bitch?" Eight minutes later, he's pounding me like a real bitch and I'm feeling like a Black cock ho and loving every minute of it!
My first waking thought was Oh my God, was that a dream, then I kinda tensed my ass and the pain told me it wasn't. Mike, or rather Black Daddy Cock Master (I don't know where that came from, it shot out of my mouth while he was shooting his second load in me and he loved it, so I have to call him that know) fucked me beyond bitchhood the night before, three times, three loads of as he called it, his superior Black seed. I fell asl**p after his third and I was surprised to find my Black Daddy Cock Master asl**p beside me. Oh God, I was being some kinda slutty bitch! After he woke up I was on my knees literally begging him not to fuck my poor, sore, tired, seriously stretched ass and he relented. About noon I drove him back to his car and halfway home I saw he was following me home. He explained once we got home, it was important to keep my ass stretched and ready for him. But he gave me a break until about 5pm.
We drank a shitload of margaritas and then I told him I was going to take a shower. He slipped in so silently I didn't know he was there until he pressed his soft cock between my cheeks. I felt like a woman, there I was soaping up another man and enjoying it. Of course I spent extra time soaping and scrubbing that fantastic enormous cock. Then he pushed me against the wall and lined up his monstrous cock head with my ass. That’s when he taught me about poppers, rush. He explained what to do with it, so I sniffed deeply. While my head was doing odd strange things, his head was enroute to my intestines pain free. I discovered that as much of a Black cock ho I was, that was nothing compared to me on rush! He fucked me in the shower until my legs wouldn't hold me up anymore and we were running out of hot water. Actually, I think it was I who fucked him. I couldn't get enough of his giant cock in me. Dripping wet I grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the shower to the bed, and sat on his beautiful Black pole. I was laying on his chest rocking on that cock and sniffing rush for a long time. I caught myself kissing and sucking his nipples, promising to always please my Black Daddy cock master. Just rocking back into that cock until he swelled and filled my pussy with his wonderful superior black seed.
That was Sat, he fucked me several more times that night and spent the night again. In fact BDCM spent the next 4 nights with me. He'd get home a few minutes after me and fuck me right away, then I'd make dinner for my Black Daddy Cock Master. But all good things must end it seems, my wife was due home. I fucked up some things when my wife Rachael got home, some real important things...
The little curly black hairs all over the bed were bad enough but I didn't even know about the hickey on my back or my ass...
She of course assumed it was another woman so I told Rach the truth, or about 5% of it. I'd met a Black man at the theater, we'd talked, gone out for drinks, I got shit faced, he'd helped me home and taken advantage of me, ****d me while I was passed out, maybe date **** d**gs... She didn't believe a word of it and life for me really sucked. And 1 didn't know where he lived or his phone number... Four weeks went by and on a Friday evening, a very quiet evening I might add, she still wasn't talking to me, the doorbell rang and I opened the door to Black Daddy Cock Master...
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1 year ago
What happened next. You got my attention...and my Dick hard.
2 years ago
wow this got me going
3 years ago
very sexy story
3 years ago
fucking great story... Wish that cock was in my ass
4 years ago
you cock sucking tease what happen next??
4 years ago
Superb story.
4 years ago
more plz...
4 years ago
What happened next?
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Great stroy... I luv a BIG cock...any color....