Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part one

This is a true story

This all started when I was 24 years old. I received a call from my friend’s fiancé, early one Saturday morning. She told me that she had split up with James. She wanted to know if I could help her move her belongings from their house to her parents’, where she was planning on staying for a few weeks. She explained that she had a few other people helping and what time they were planning on starting.

I called my friend to see how he was feeling, I also explained that I was on my way round to help Amy move her stuff into her parents place. He was fine with me helping out, I think he was feeling guilty as I got the impression that he had been caught cheating, hence the breakup. They had been together for years, now they were both in their early 20’s I guess James started thinking with his little head.

It only took 4 of us a few hours (Me, Amy, Beth & John) to move most of the essentials from the house and back in Amy’s old room at her parents’ house. We all decided that we needed to go out for a drink. So we arranged to meet up later.

I arrived at the pub a bit late and found Beth and Amy half way through a bottle of wine, John hadn’t turned up yet. I got a drink and joined the girls, Amy looked good, as always. She was wearing a long black skirt, and jumper, covering her huge breasts. Her makeup was perfect and she smelt gorgeous. She always smelt good. After a few hours drinking it was only me, Beth & Amy left. John went off to meet some of his mates. Beth and Amy were best friends, they had been friends since school, and they knew each other really well, so I don’t think it was much of surprise to Beth to discover that James and Amy had split up, she always thought that James was weird.
When the pub closed we decided it would be a good idea to go to a club, A few hours later we were all very d***k and having a good time, Amy seemed as though she was enjoying herself and forgotten about James, We were on the dance floor and Amy was dancing very close to me. She moved a bit closer and while dancing she placed her hands around my neck and continued to dance with me. My hands were on her waist, our hips were grinding against one another. I started to get a bit of a semi. We danced like this for a few songs and then she looked at me with her dark, brown eyes and then slowly pulled my head down towards her and our lips met, partially open. We kissed for a second. Then I pulled away and broke the kiss off. I almost kissed her back, but realised that she didn’t fancy me and it was just a rebound thing and the drink. I had never seen Amy as anything more than a friend. I’d always found her sexy and attractive, but she had always had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was nothing like me either, so I knew that I wasn’t her type. Once she tried to kiss me it made me look at her a bit differently. She didn’t have a boyfriend now. Although we were always just friends I had always thought that she was a really pretty girl, gorgeous smile, VERY flirtatious, easy to get on with and fun to be around. She is also a very confident girl. I find that attractive. She had long brown hair too (I tended to go for Blondes) she had a fuller figure than what I would normally go for too, but she was very attractive. I clearly fancied her and we had only kissed for a few songs, kissed for a few seconds and my cock was hard. BUT she was my friends ex, she had only been his ex for a day!

A short while later Amy suggested that we head back to her parents for some more drinks, she said that she wanted a shoulder to cry on, but didn’t want Beth to come. This seemed a bit odd, but I Naively thought she genuinely wanted to talk to someone, I knew she was upset so I agreed.
We got out of the taxi, went indoors, I sat on the sofa and Amy got the wine and Glasses. She poured 2 glasses and sat down next to me. It was a large 3 seater sofa, but Amy decided to sit right next to me (to my left) after 5 or 10 minutes of chatting we had almost finished the wine. I put my glass down on the table next to the side of the Sofa. I turned back to talk to Amy and she was in the process of straddling me on the sofa, as she did she told me that she was upset and needed a cuddle. After the attempted kiss in the club I was pretty sure what she wanted. All I could think was that it was my friends ex, she was d***k and I shouldn’t take advantage. I should just go home. I thought about the scene from pulp fiction. With Vince and Mia.

So I decided to get up, go home and jerk off. While I was thinking this Amy was kissing my neck and it was having an effect on me.....I’m not really sure what happened to my plan as before I could execute it I suddenly had another thought. “Oh Fuck it” I thought. I started kissing her. We were kissing passionately on the sofa, with her soft tongue explored my mouth. This made me instantly hard. In order to straddle me Amy had hitched her skirt up above her knees, revealing her soft, smooth thighs, while kissing we were both grinding our crotches together, only my jeans separating my cock from her pussy.

The booze had removed both our inhibitions, my hands were now exploring as much of her body as possible. I had moved both hands onto her thighs, rubbing up and down the tops of her legs, my hands soon moved to her inner thighs, as they did Amy broke the kiss and moved her head next to mine and let out a moan of pleasure into my ear, we were both kissing each other’s necks and I continued rubbing my hand up and down her inner thighs, gradually moving them higher up her legs each time, Amy had spread her legs as far as possible, her skirt was now hitched up to her waist, allowing me full access to her pussy. I moved my left hand out of her crotch and placed it on the back of Amy’s head, pulling her back in for another kiss, this gave me more room with my other hand to rub her pussy. I moved my hand further up her leg to her soaking wet knickers, I pressed them into her pussy, which made her moan into my mouth as we kissed.

I decided that we needed to move this onto the floor, I ask Amy to lie down on the floor, and she gladly obliged and lay on her back on the floor with her knees bent upward. I positioned myself between her legs, the room was very dimly lit, but it didn’t need much light. I began to hitch her skirt up, at the same time I moved my head up between her legs, until I reached my goal. I started kissing her left thigh up to the edge of her knickers, then moved to the other side, this time when I reached her soaking wet knickers I placed my index left finger inside the elastic on her left leg and pulled them to one side to reveal her pussy. It was too dark to see, but as I began to kiss nearer to her clit I noticed that there wasn’t any hair there, this was a huge turn on.
I gently kissed her clit and she immediately responded with a quite moan, I then began to gently lick around her clit, not quite hitting the clit, just enough to tease her and make her anticipate what it will feel like when I lick it. She didn’t have to wait long, as I was desperate to make her cum. With her knickers pulled to one side it was making the licking a bit awkward, so I grabbed hold of the waist band and started to slide them down, Amy assisted by lifting her arse up. I shuffled backwards, so she could close her legs, then I removed the knickers, spread her legs again and went straight back down to Lick all around her bare pussy lips. I loved the taste of her, delicious, juices. I then pushed my tongue right inside her pussy to get a better taste, Amy gasped in show and delight as my tongue entered her pussy, I continued to probe her tight, juicy hole. All the time my nose was gently prodding at her clit, to keep it stimulated. I removed my tongue and replaced it with a finger. I began to lick her clit. Flicking my tongue across it, left and right, then pressing my tongue against it and moving my head side to side, her moans became louder and her hands were now firmly placed on my head, clamping me into position. This turned me on even more. I love it when a girl takes control like that, she was positioning my head exactly where she wanted it, she was using my tongue to stimulate her clit exactly how she likes it, Judging by her moans she was using it very effectively, My cock was so hard it was almost bursting out of my jeans. I inserted a 2nd finer into the soft, warm, wet folds of her pussy. It felt amazing. As I licker her clit I curled my fingers up into her pussy, towards her G spot. Amy was breathing very heavy now and moaning louder and louder. I think we had both forgotten that her parents were asl**p upstairs, either that or neither of us cared! Amy’s grip on my head got a lot tighter and her body went very tense and then with a loud moan of pleasure Amy’s whole body began to shudder, her hands where firmly gripped on my head, pulling me in closer to her pussy. As she pulled by head in, she thrust her hips up, applying as much pressure as she could, I continued to flick my tongue across her clit, while using my fingers to rub her G-spot, her legs where now squeezing the sides of my head as her thighs clamped against my cheeks. As she climaxed, she let out a load moan, “Oh God Yes, I’m cummmmmming!!!!”. Her loud moans were a massive turn on! I continued to lick her clit and pussy while she was Cumming, licking up her delicious, pussy juice. As her orgasm finished I gently, slid my fingers out and collapsed on the floor. Amy laid back on the floor, still breathing very heavily,

We were in this position for a few seconds, I heard Amy moving. I presumed she was going to kick me out, but instead she moved over to me and started undoing my belt. Once I realised what was happening I helped her quickly remove my jeans and boxers. I then sat on the edge of the sofa and lay back, with my hips pushed forward. Amy spread my legs and sat in-between them, My cock was as hard as it’s ever been, it was oozing with pre cum, Amy then started to give me, what can only be described as a the Best Blow Job ever! I’d had a few blow jobs in my time, some were rubbish and some were really good. At least I thought they were until Amy got her lips around my shaft. She began by concentrating on the head and then gradually she was taking the whole 9 inches down in one, all the way to the base. I’d never experienced this before and it was astonishingly good. It was lucky that I’d had so much to drink and it prevented me from Cumming straight away. Drink or no drink this was such an amazing blow job that I couldn’t hold back any longer. Amy was working her magic on the head of my cock and I guess she sensed that I was about to cum, as she stopped concentrating her efforts on my bell end and began to lick and tease my shaft, my cock was twitching and I was on the brink of coming, gradually the urge passed and Amy got to work again, kissing, licking and sucking my cock. Every time I got close to Cumming she would stop, just long enough for the feeling to subside.

Eventually she put me out of my misery, she was sucking on the head of my Penis while working the shaft with her hands, and the sensation was amazing. I was moaning at her “oh God, That is amazing, don’t stop”, thankfully she listened. She stopping sucking my cock for a second, looked up at me and said “cum in my mouth”. That was enough to make me cum, she continued to look up at me as she resumed the Blow Job. As soon as her lips touched my cock end I Passed the point of no return, the feeling was electric. I’d been on the brink of Cumming several times, to finally feel the sensation boiling over was amazing.

As the first rope of cum shot out of my rock hard cock she drove her head all the way down my cock to the base. I Let out a huge moan and pushed my feet into the floor and thrust my hips upward, Amy swallowed every drop as it exploded out of the end of my cock. My whole body tensed until the last few spurts were sucked out of me. Then my whole body relaxed again. I gently pushed Amy’s head off my cock as the head of my tool was so sensitive now that even her soft tongue and lips were too much for me to handle. Not only was it the best blow job ever but it was also the longest, Amy must have been sucking me off for over 30 minutes. I was absolutely knackered!
Amy suggested we have a showed and then go to bed. So I didn’t bother getting dressed, just grabbed my clothes, dropped them off in her room and joined her in the shower. This was the 1st time I’d ever seen her naked. Up until about 2 hours ago we were just friends, 1 day ago she was engaged to one of my best friends. The same friend who had always told me that she looked good naked, I had to agree with him. She had amazing large, firm tits. It was a very surreal moment, neither of us felt slightly awkward or embarrassed. It felt natural, like we had done this a million times before, we obviously hadn’t, but I got the feeling this wouldn’t be the last time.
Once I got in the shower I lubed her up with soap and rubbed my hands all over her body, surprisingly I was getting hard again pretty quick. This was also the first time I got to see her pussy. Wow! It was the best pussy I’d ever seen. It was just a slit. Two very small, tidy pussy lips. It looked good enough to eat...again! I washed the soap of her pussy with my hand, it felt as smooth as silk, I dropped to my knees, lifted her right leg over my left shoulder and licked her soaking wet pussy, she began to quietly moan again, I raised my right hand and eased two fingers into her wet pussy, my left hand reached up to grab her large tits, before I could finish her off Amy suggested we go to bed. This also seemed like a good idea.

We exited the shower, grabbed a towel each and walked across the hall to her bedroom. We both stood facing each other slowly getting dried, Amy dropped her towel and then dropped to her knees. I stood in front of her and knew I was in for another treat. She had both hands on my arse and pulled me towards her, she took my semi erect cock into her mouth and began to work her magic again. Once again I was amazed at how good it felt, it was almost unbelievable how good it felt. I couldn’t even compare it to any other blow job, this was sensational! The combination of her lips, tongue and hands all working together in unison, it was too good, I could feel myself getting close to Cumming again.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth again though, well at least not until I had fucked her. I tried to pull my cock out of her mouth, but she kept pulling me in closer with her hands, which were still clamped on my arse cheeks. I reluctantly held her wrists, removed her hands and pulled my cock out of her superbly, talented mouth. “Get on the bed so I can fuck you” I ordered her.
She got onto the bed, I had expected her to get into missionary position, but she had other ideas. She got on all fours and waited for me to fuck her. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself behind Amy. I placed by knees on the inside of hers, with my cock positioned at the entrance to her pussy, I placed my hands on her hips and pushed by cock towards the entrance of her pussy, she was so wet that it didn’t take any guidance, I applied a little more pressure and my cock parted her soft, wet, outer pussy lips and slid into her tight hole. The sensation was brilliant. Amy let out a moan as I pushed my cock in, I only pushed a few inches in to start with, then pulled back and gradually pushed a bit further in with each thrust until I had pushed two thirds of my cock in, then I pulled it right out so only the tip was inside her, then took a firm hold on her hips and thrust the whole of my cock in. I simultaneously pulled back on her hips. We both moaned as my large cock was buried deep inside her small pussy. I picked up a steady and with each thrust Amy was moving up the bed, until her head was almost touching the wall. She placed her hands on the wall and lifted herself up off the bed. Amy moved her hands higher up the wall. She then lifted her head and was looking up. This arched her back and pushed her arse out. It also allowed her to push back into me as I rammed my cock into her.

My view was superb, her hair dr****g down the top of her back, across her shoulder blades, my hands firmly gripping her hips and waist. I moved my Hands around her body to hold onto her fabulous tits, they were large, but also very firm. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and wanted to keep pounder her, so I repositioned my hands. I placed my right hand back on her waist, the other hand onto her left shoulder this gave me a better purchase while fucking her. I went harder and harder. With each thrust she pushed back just as hard, with both of us moaning. I’m sure her parents must have heard us! Neither of us cared though. I started to feel my cum boiling up in my nuts. I wasn’t sure where to cum, should I pull out and cum on her back? Maybe she would spin around and deep throat me again? As I was considering where to cum, Amy spoke to me in a soft, but firm voice. “Cum inside me”
“What” I said as I wasn’t quite sure that I heard her correctly,
That was enough to tip me over the edge! I felt my hot cum begin to explode from my balls, As the 1st rope of cum erupted from my cock I threw my body forward and f***ed her hips back with my hands, I slammed my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy and let out a deep grunt. 3 or 4 more thrusts, each with a slightly smaller grunt and my balls were empty.

I withdrew my cock, it was covered in both mine and Amy’s cum, and I slumped forward onto the bed, next to Amy. She was now laying face down on the bed, she rolled over and looked at me, she gave me a massive passionate kiss and I pulled her close to me, our hot sweaty bodies next to one another. We stopped kissing and then Amy said “I told you not to cum inside me”
“No, you said, cum inside me” I replied.
She laughed “no, I definitely said DONT cum inside me”
“Oh sorry, I didn’t hear the don’t part!” I chuckled.
“Never mind” she said,
Amy gave me a kiss and declared that we need to get some sl**p. “You’ll need to get your strength up for the morning, clearly this isn’t going to be a onetime thing!”

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Awesome story can't wait to read pt. 2