Be My Girl

I was blue and lonely,
I couldn’t sl**p a wink
And I could only get u*********s
If I’d had to much to drink

There was somehow, something wrong somewhere,
And each day seemed grey and dead
The seeds of desperation
Were growing in my head

I needed inspiration,
A brand new start in life,
Somewhere to place affection,
But I didn’t want a wife

And then by lucky chance I saw
In a special magazine
An ad that was unusual,
The like I’d never seen,

’experience something different
With our new imported toy,
She’s loving, warm, inflatible
And a guarantee of joy

She came all wrapped in cardboard,
All pink and shrivelled down
A breath of air was all she needed
To make her lose that frown
I took her to the bedroom
And pumped her with some life,
And later in a moment
That girl became my wife

And so I sit her in the corner
And sometimes stroke her hair
And when I’m feeling naughty
I blow her up with air

She’s cuddly and she’s bouncy,
She’s like a rubber ball,
I bounce her in the kitchen
And I bounce her in the hall

And now my life is different
Since sally came my way
I wake up in the morning
And have her on a tray

She’s everything they say she was
And I wear a permanent grin,
And I only have to worry
In case my girl wears thin
75% (3/1)
Categories: Sex Humor
Posted by KarlVonWillebrand
4 years ago    Views: 306
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2 years ago
Dweam girl?! She have many sister? I like import one to Engrand,I make big rove wiv her?!
4 years ago
....whatever. She only cost $29.95. I'll just get a new one.
4 years ago
So 'Sally' is what she says her name is ? Then I suppose you think the tattoo on her thigh is Japanese for I♥NY ? She loved it, just after she got that tattoo (for me by the way) and it was still sore, when I scratched it with my chin stubble. It always made her really horny and was a favourite turn-on of hers. Face it you just don't know what makes a real inflatable woman experience pneumatic bliss do you ? So I have pricked your romantic bubble (pardon the expression) ... deal with it.

And don't point that gun at me ...
4 years ago
I'm sorry but I don't know how else to break it to you. Suzu is a tramp. Believe me I know ...