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A Good Attitude Towards Menstruation

Hi, my name's Karl, and something you might not know about me is that... I have a good attitude towards menstruation. That's right, I'm the guy! The guy with a good attitude towards menstruation!
Oh, I know a lot of men are made uncomfortable by this monthly miracle. But not me. No, I embrace it. Embrace it the way the way some men embrace the weekend! Why, I anticipate it the way a c***d anticipates Christmas!

Did you know that, uh, in alot of native Indian cultures, menstruating woman were f***ed to leave the village, less they're *powerful* magic should overwhelm the Shaman? If I were Shaman, I wouldn't be so competitive. I'd be more open and giving. I'd be a shaman with... a good attitude towards menstruation!

'Cause after all, what is it? a cluster of bl**d vessels, awaiting a fertilized egg. Providing a safe warm place for that egg to grow. And if a life does not occur, the whole thing is flushed away, and the cycle begins again. Now is that anything to be ashamed of or disgusted by? No, this is the nesting stuff of humanity!

That's why the woman I shall love will be able to menstruate as fully and freely as she desires. Even if her monthly flow should build in intensity to a raging rust colored torrent! An unbridled river of life giving bl**d flowing from between her legs! An awesome cataract plunging off the edge of our couch. I wouldn't be fazed! No, no, even if coureur de bois would come up stream, battling the rapids, and singing a 'jaunty song'! I would take no offense, rather I would ford across that mighty womanly river, and fetch herbal tea and Pamprin. And then I would mop her brow and admire her fecundity. For I...Have A Good Attitude....Towards MENSTRUATION!

Posted by KarlVonWillebrand 3 years ago
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2 years ago
Roll on the menopause eh when that gushing stops then is the time to purchase that new sofa you promised yourself?! (can't see photo,friends only?)
2 years ago
interresting view
it never bothered me and remember the wife commenting before we married that a good oral orgasim helped relieve the cramps
3 years ago
Garfield is such a loser.
3 years ago
Being the funniest man in XHamsterland is like being the tallest midget-What the fuck's the point????
3 years ago
lmfao!!! This is so funny and well thought out. You are truly talent Von Willebrand! But I must say, if you were the one that was bleeding, you probably wouldn't like it so much ;-) Jus sayin'!
3 years ago
You are the funniest man in xhamsterland. Here is a sash: its says "you are the funniest man in xhamster land". You wear it well, Willy. You wear it well x!
3 years ago
the photograph is a beauty!
3 years ago
I love you dearly.
3 years ago
Wow, I really enjoyed this. It's a joy to see someone so open minded and embracng. LOVE the termanology aswell.. even if a few little phrases made me chuckle slightly hehe. 5***** Karl, very good and a pleasurable read. (: x
3 years ago
Men oughtn't shun their wives during their menstrual periods. Conversely, husbands should accept their spouses' recurring torrent of red bodily fluid with as much appreciation as they have for the smegma beneath their own prepuces.
3 years ago
no offense karl, but some metaphors really cracked me up :)
3 years ago
if men wouldn't be so so sissy about menstruation and women's pubic hair, life and relationships would be a lot more relaxed
the female body is nothingto be afraid of and if you're able to embrace it, you embrace the "person in it" as well