Sexy Tiffany:)

My name is Tiffany and I recently got engaged to my boyfriend, Bruce. Although Bruce’s mother lived nearby, and I had done several things with her before, I had never met Bruce’s father (who was divorced from his mother) before he proposed, so a week after I accepted his proposal, he arranged for me to spend the weekend with him at his father’s home.

Bruce’s father, Jerry, lived in this huge, sprawling house, which was more like a mansion. Jerry was immediately friendly and made me feel very comfortable from the moment that I met him.

Jerry opened a bottle of wine to celebrate and the three of us talked about a lot of things over the wine and lunch.

I had worn a conservative dress and it was getting hot and Jerry could tell that I was uncomfortable, so he suggested that I change clothes. I had not brought anything else to wear but Jerry was a step ahead of me.

“There is a chest with some of Bruce’s mother’s clothes still in it. Find something that looks comfortable and change.”

I knew that Jerry’s mother wore clothes that would never fit me. She was short and very petite, but had huge breasts, whereas I was slender by all accounts, but I wore a size 4 whereas Bruce’s mother wore a size zero.

Anyway, I found a pair of shorts that wee a little tight, but fit okay, and I found a haltertop that wasn’t too huge. I changed into these clothes and felt much cooler.

When I went back to the table where I left Bruce and his father, I saw that only Jerry was there.

“Bruce went over to the poolhouse to do something for me. Sit down. Wow you look hotter than Cathy ever did when she wore those clothes.”

I knew that I was blushing, “thanks.”

Jerry leaned close to me and lowered his voice, “I know that it probably isn’t proper for me to say this about my son’s fiancée, but I love your bulge.”

“Excuse me?”

Jerry looked at my crotch and pointed, “your bulge. You know, how your pussy causes your shorts to kind of bulge outwards a bit. I never used to notice it before, but lately I have developed quite a bulge fetish. It is sometimes cause by a woman’s pubic bone or her pussy hair, or a combination of both.”

I was stunned. I had never expected Jerry to talk so crudely to me, but I guess it must have been the alcohol, because instead of slapping him, I thought about what he said, and I responded,

“You know, now that you mention it, I have always been embarrassed because that area – my bulge – always seemed to be very large and puffy. I feel self-conscious and hate to wear tight pants because I’m afraid that people with think that I have a penis or something.”

Jerry pulled his chair closer, “Tiffany, you know that I’m a doctor, right?”

I nodded.

“Well, they don’t call the female pubic mound ‘Mons Veneris’ for nothing. Mons Veneris means ‘Mountain of Love’ in Latin.”

Jerry then pointed to my crotch, “the fatty tissue covering the female pubic bone is sensitive to estrogen and as a result during puberty it can become quite pronounced. It is obvious when a woman wears tight form fitting clothing, and swimsuits.”

“But other girls don’t seem to have such a big bulge.”

Jerry was still pointing at my crotch and he placed the tips of his fingers against my bulge. At first I began to jump, but Jerry continued to explain the medical terms and I figured that he was just doing something doctorly.

“You may not notice it on swimsuit models as many are underweight. I would have to agree that your pubic mound is quite prominent, but let me assure you that some men find it very enticing rather than repulsive, so show it off.”

His fingers were pressing against my mound through the shorts.

After a few seconds of silence, I realized that Jerry was essentially feeling a part of my body that was inches from my clit and it was beginning to arouse me.

Jerry began to press his hand harder against my mound and then moved his hand and my shorts up and down. Since the shorts were so tight, they began to create some friction against my clit and I realized that it felt like I was masturbating myself.

It must have been the alcohol, because I can’t explain why I didn’t make him stop. I just sat there and let him feel me up through the shorts.

At some point I realized that Jerry stopped, and I was actually disappointed.

A few seconds later I saw my fiancée walking back towards us, and I looked down, but immediately saw that everything looked very normal.

“Okay dad, that’s all done. What are you and Tiffany been up to?”

Before I had a chance to say a word, Jerry said, “Well, I noticed her bulge and we’ve been talking about it.”

“Dad, that’s so rude. I can’t believe you would bring that up.”

I got really scared because I didn’t want Bruce to know that his dad and I were discussing my pussy bulge, but Jerry was very quick and laughed.

“That’s okay son, Tiffany is an adult. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought up her bulge, but she wanted to talk about it, and she even let me feel it.”

I was in panic mode. I couldn’t believe that Jerry just told his son that I allowed him to feel me up.

Jerry continued, “I told Tiffany that she should not think that her bulge is repulsive and that she should show it off. I didn’t get a chance to finish, but Tiffany, I was about to say that I would be happy to help work on your bulge if you want.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but then Bruce said, “that’s right honey, dad specializes in womens’ bulges. It’s all very confusing to me, but he has some talented hands."”

I was completely lost.

Jerry smiled, “I already told Tiffany that I was a doctor, but maybe she doesn’t understand that I perform abdominoplasties. Tiffany, that is more commonly known as a ‘tummy tuck.’ I help women fight the battle of the bulge.”

It was all starting to make sense. When Jerry referred to my “bulge” his son would assume that he was talking about fat.

Jerry continued, “you see, abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen.”

“Dad, you’re not going to talk Tiffany into a tummy tuck.”

“Of course not. It produces a permanent scar, and that would be unsightly. Son, you know that there are plenty of other options that I advocate before surgery. In fact, I am certain that Tiffany would benefit from a massage.”

My fiancée rolled his eyes, “yeah, yeah, I have heard it a thousand times. Your fingers are like magic.”

Jerry jokingly slapped Bruce on the back, “son, I’ve already massaged Tiffany’s bulge while we were talking. I think that we can all agree that she’s not fat, but she needs to understand that all women have bulges and some are bigger than others and that is okay.”

Jerry scooted his chair closer to me and looked me right in the eyes, “Tiffany, tell the truth, when I was massaging your bulge with my hand before, did it make you feel better or worse.”

The feelings were still so raw that I told the truth, “it felt good.”

“See son, I think that I need to keep massaging Tiffany’s bulge so that she feels better. Wouldn’t that be good for everyone?”

I listened as my fiancée agreed with Jerry.

“Sure dad, it’s fine with me. Her mental health is important. If you think that massaging her bulge will help her, go ahead.”

I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Bruce, honey, are you sure. I mean, you know, your dad touching me and all?”

“Yeah I’m sure. Heck, he’s a doctor, so what’s the big deal?”

Jerry told a joke and ended the conversation.

Bruce suggested that we all go into town for a couple things and Jerry agreed.

“Son, can you drive while Tiffany and I sit in the back?”

Bruce agreed and I immediately knew that I should object, but I was quiet.

As soon as we got into the truck, I realized that my fiancée would not be able to see anything below my chest due to the configuration of the seats in the truck and how Jerry and I were in the backseat.

Almost as soon as we started driving, Jerry placed his hand in my crotch and began rubbing me through the shorts. Before I could react, my body betrayed me and I began to have an orgasm!

“That’s right Tiffany, dear, enjoy the massage.”

Jerry proceeded to stimulate my clit for the next 20 minutes through my shorts and he was successful in bringing me to 2 more orgasms. I was amazed because Bruce had only once brought me to any type of orgasm.

When we arrived at our destination, we all got out and Jerry kept making me talk about the massage he had given me on the drive over.

“Tell Bruce how much you liked me massaging your bulge.”

I was still high from the orgasms, so I told the truth, “Well, Bruce, your dad sure has some magic fingers. He had them all over my bulge and I have to admit that I feel a lot better now than before we left.”

Jerry was playing games and he winked at me, “So far I have been massaging your bulge through your clothes, but at some point I’ll have to get under the clothing in order to give you a deeper massage.”

Bruce joined the conversation, “Yeah Tiffany, if it feels good now, just imaging how much better it will make you feel if my dad can really get into it and give a deep muscle massage.”

I was extremely horny and I couldn’t believe how this whole thing was happening, so I just nodded.

During the drive back to the house, Jerry started talking with Bruce and he pressed his crotch against my thigh and I could feel the large bulge of his erection through his pants. My eyes dropped immediately to his formidable crotch bulge. I hadn't noticed it before but my fiancée’s father was definitely hung.

While talking with Bruce, Jerry was leaning forward against the seat and I couldn’t hear too well, so I joined them. As soon as I did, Jerry reached down and quickly unbuttoned my shorts and silently unzipped them.

Within seconds he had pulled my shorts down to my knees and his right hand was rubbing my pubic mound through my panties and I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning. I felt my juices soak through my underwear and I knew that Jerry’s hand was slick with my juices. Jerry and Bruce kept talking about something, but I was lost in the sensation of what Jerry was doing to me.

Jerry caressed my pubic mound through the panties, softly running
his nails across my hotspot repeatedly.

I accidentally let my left hand fall down to my side and it was pressed up against Jerry’s crotch and I could feel his large member through his pants.

I have no idea where I got the nerve, but I reached out and grasped Jerry’s huge dick through his shorts.

Once I felt it in my hands, I was amazed. It was a monster. I had never felt a dick anywhere near that large before.

“Bruce, did you know that your dad also has a bulge?”

Jerry continued to rub me, “well we all have them.”

“Nah dad, your bulge is much bigger than mine.”

I couldn’t resist the urge, “You got that right. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but Jerry, your bulge really IS much larger than Bruce’s.”

“Honey be polite. Dad is trying to help you. Don’t insult him.”

Jerry knew that I was complementing him, “that’s okay son, I know what she means.”

“Maybe I should massage your bulge too Jerry. That way we can both receive a benefit here.”

Jerry unzipped his fly and I slid my hand inside his pants and felt his monster dick much better when there was just a thin layer of cotton boxershorts separating it from my hand. It took me a while to figure out how to grasp that big boy, but I eventually figured it out and I began stroking it.

For the next 15 minutes, I jerked Jerry off while he rubbed my pussy through my panties. We both made several comments to Bruce about how we were massaging each other's bulges and at one point Jerry got me to admit that I wanted him to massage my bulge “for years.” Right before we got home, Jerry exploded and I got some of his sperm on my hand. Without thinking, I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked it clean.

As soon as I tasted the sperm, I realized what I had done. I had just jerked off my fiancée’s dad and tasted his cum.

Jerry zipped up his pants and I pulled up my shorts and we looked innocent when we arrived back at the house.

Jerry made sure that we had plenty of wine with dinner and Bruce drank almost two bottles and was very d***k.

Jerry had us all change into bathing suits and go out to the pool.

I found a bikini in the chest of drawers and put it on. When I went out to the pool, Jerry was already in it and I joined him.

I heard Bruce throwing up and I felt sorry for him, but Jerry pulled me to him and I felt his monster dick pressing up against my crotch.

I was so horny that I wrapped my legs around Jerry and felt his dick press even harder against me.

Bruce stopped throwing up and said he was going to bed, but Jerry told him to lay on the lounge chair and he would feel better soon.

Jerry was really fast for an older man and in less than 2 seconds he had removed the bottoms of my bikini and he had also pulled down his own swim trunks and I felt his naked dick pressed up against my leg as he splashed me in the water.

I reached down and grabbed Jerry’s large dick and began stroking it under the water. Since it was dark out and there were no lights, there was no way that anyone could see what we were doing, and with Bruce almost passed out, he was in no shape to realize what was going on. Jerry had worked two of his fingers inside me and was trying to get a third one inside when he started talking to Bruce.

“Son, I’m about to massage Tiffany’s bulge as deep as I can, okay.”

Jerry grabbed my ass and pulled me up to him again so that I would wrap my legs around him again like before and this time I felt the tip of his dick pressed against my pussy.

When Bruce and I have sex, I feel satisfied, so I was worried that I couldn’t physically handle Jerry’s huge dick, but his fingering loosened me up and I felt inch after inch sliding into me without much trouble at all.

It seemed like an hour before I felt Jerry’s stomach touching mine, and then I felt his balls against my ass and I knew that I had managed to take his entire length inside me.

Jerry whispered in my ear, “how does 10 ½ inches feel?”

I looked at Bruce who was almost asl**p.

“Honey, your dad’s deep massage is amazing. I think that I am going to need this on a regular basis.”

“Great dear. I was hoping to move in a couple weeks and I was trying to get you to agree that maybe we could live with my dad for a couple years so that we could save some money.”

Jerry began to slowly slide his monster dick in and out of my pussy and I never felt so full before.

“God honey, that would be great. We could live in this big house with this pool and spend time with your dad, and I can have a deep massage like this every day.”

Jerry looked surprised, “every day?”

“Maybe if I feel like I need it, maybe a couple times a day.”

Jerry began to pound me and when I next looked at my watch an hour had past and I had multiple orgasms and I had a pussy full of the sperm from my fiancée’'s father.
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All your stories did it for me Karina. Keep writing and I will look out for them.
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great story x
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oh yeah
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loved it x
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