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Smokin' slut!

Here I am finally starting to reveal through this blog where you can read my dirty stories. After all, I'm a pure slut and very proud of it...

It is currently impossible for me to go out like this because here it's still very cold and I got sick twice during the winter. But never mind, I imagine another plan for what happens next.

I have often done things to myself. But now I want to be together to help me realize my wildest fantasies. I love taking risks more and more insane...

I'd like to find someone who would be able to film me and subsequently my videos are posted on as many sites as possible for adults. For now, lots of my fans makes a wonderful job for me as the spread slut that I am but to me it's never enough. I always want more and be seen and humiliated...

Here are pending for want of better of me a story that dates back to last year when I went out fairly regularly. You see I love the juicy details...

Like I say on my profile: I really love exhibitionism... At night, I become a pure slut and I walk outside when it's possible. This happened several times for me to go walk in downtown... I like having the feeling that many in the night watching me from their windows. Often, it was time for a cigarette ... or two depending on the excitement. I lived for three years in a busy corner where many restaurants around and two shops below my apartment are there.

But the story does not end there. I also had access to an outdoor gallery where I can go to the roof of the building. When I went to show myself wearing slutty, 90% of my neighbors could possibly see me. I often go there in summer at times not too late to take each time the highest risk possible. All my neighbors had outdoor galleries and the rest, the majority of my neighbors across the street could see me from their windows. Another night, I took the risk as far as I strutting on the roof in a very sensual without even taking time to reflect and smoking some cigarettes. Later, I arrive at the farthest end of the building and I climbed onto the roof edge where anything below that is the main boulevard of the city. Many cars pass and I'm there to smoke and show how libertine my dick all hard and streaming desires ... I do not look at people in cars ... I let them watch me with impunity. I have enjoyed at least three times...

A few weeks later, I heard sometimes people talking in the street and their subject was a bitch with a cock that was walking down at night. I knew then that I had taken too much risk that I now know that many people saw me prowling at night dressed like a whore.

No... I do not regret anything! ;)
Otherwise, I still think even if I no longer lives here, I go back to doing the same things again taking risks wildest!

I hope to get out soon. And if it is impossible to film me, at least I would have my camera!

See you soon ;)
Kalina xxx
Posted by KalinaKrieg 3 years ago
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3 years ago
je serais volontiers ton Felliini...anytime...
3 years ago
Kalina you are amazing! By the way want to see you in you profile pic heels!
3 years ago
That is incredibly hot baby.
I Love being outdoor, naked in all it's glory..
Even in winter with snow. it makes me so hot being so cold.. My nipples and cock so hard, my shaved body shivering longing for someone like me..
I think I'll blog this..
I'M Wild, I'M Kinky, I'M Nasty. I'M in Heat!
3 years ago
Kalina,I would luv to be with you!!! on my kness suck your sweet cock as the cars go by!
your slut,Jenny