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How to become your ultimate fag slut (results)

It's been a moment that I wonder how you would like me appears in the future. That's why I made ​​this little survey to find your preference. For a month, I will take note of your choices and then, becoming the ultimate smokin' faggot slut as you fantasize. And now, here come the result:

1 How you see me make-up?
a)normal way
b)heavy makeup
c)a and b.

2 What do you want from me with my hair?
a)normal Wig
b)voluminous Wig as sissy fag's love to wear
c)adopt best hairstyles with my real hair
d)As a faggot without honor, completely shave my hair
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Posted by KalinaKrieg 5 months ago  |  35

Smokin' slut!

Here I am finally starting to reveal through this blog where you can read my dirty stories. After all, I'm a pure slut and very proud of it...

It is currently impossible for me to go out like this because here it's still very cold and I got sick twice during the winter. But never mind, I imagine another plan for what happens next.

I have often done things to myself. But now I want to be together to help me realize my wildest fantasies. I love taking risks more and more insane...

I'd like to find someone who would be able to film me and subsequently my videos are posted on as many site... Continue»
Posted by KalinaKrieg 3 years ago  |  4