The Voyeur By Kali A. Klown

This story is dedicated to "my Queen"

As the sunsets in Southeast London, the temperature has become brisk and one can see their breath as they exhale. As you have been released from work for a great performance day, your evening as been planned with a joyous night with co-workers. The plans are to hit a pub or two then, return to your flat and enjoy some long needed rest.
You are traditionally and conservatively dressed black skirt runs below the knees, sheer stockings, White blouse with ruffles, black matching jacket and patent leather low heels. After a 45 minute transit from work, you are dropped off at your bus stop, and you then walk about 4 city blocks to your place, a ground floor 2 bedroom residence, with fancy stained wooden louvered shutters.
You hurry home, to freshen up and change before you meet up with coworkers for a girls' night out. By the time you arrive home, the sun has disappeared and darkness has made its presence known. The street lights are placed on the block ends and since your home is in the middle of the block, it isn't luminated by one of the street lights lights. The time is now 7:20 pm and you are meeting girlfriends at 8:00 pm at your place. You walk past the postal box , grab your mail, and hustle towards the front door. You unlock the door, get inside and shut the door behind you as you have many times before.
Once inside, you set your purse down, flip your heels off to the side in the hall. You notice (by the silence in the flat) that your lodger is gone. You turn on the hallway light and notice a letter on the hat and coat holder. You open it and read it. It says he will be gone for a couple of days and he apologizes for leaving mess for you to clean up. You (slightly incensed) crumble up the letter and gripe under breath (the no-good-so and so…) drop it on the floor and keep going towards the bedroom as you have plans for the evening…
As you are walking through the house, you turn on lights in the rooms you walk through. Your cell rings and you answer it, its your co-worker amending plans for the night…you talk for about five or so minutes…
Visiting London, I used my day sightseeing away from my group. I wanted to get away from the usual tourist traps so I wanted to see how the natives lived so I went on an adventure on my own today. I had been told not stay with a group, but who am I to listen to convention anyway right? I signaled the bus driver to drop me off and I departed the bus in SE. It was dark, but I figure I knew the address of my hotel, so if I got lost I could call a taxi. I wasn’t ready to return to the hotel yet. I notice right away that I’m in a residential community. People walking at 7:30 in the evening are scarce and I’m the only person walking I notice. As I walk down the street , I am a little cold and begin to feel like maybe I’m in the wrong neighborhood so I am considering asking for some help with directions back to my hotel. I continue to walk and I pass on the first three houses I walk by. There are lights home and there are people I see moving around inside their windows, but I hesitate to approach their doors.
I keep walking and my desperation grows because , I feel like If im stopped by someone, they will call the Bobbies on me. So I scan further up the block to seeif there is a home that looks inviting so I can ask for help. Something I saw catches my eye, and it’s a silouttte of a younger woman in a window with the shades down…could be late 20’s to early 30’s. As I walk further up the sidewalk and closer to the home, I notice that a conversation is taking place. Your window in your front room is open a little and your conversation is lively, as you are excited about an evening with friends. I then walk towards your front door way, and while you are on the cell, you are unaware that I am outside about to knock on your door. You head into your bathroom with the cell and turn on the shower and then the radio; you tell your girlfriend that you are getting in now and that you will meet her shortly at your flat. At the very same time I knock on your door and you cannot hear my knock over your music (Top of Pops) and the shower itself.
I knock again…no answer…it is getting colder, im getting tired and the middle of the block is dark. I see a small gap in the door that indicates that It may be unlocked so gently turnthe door handle. It turns clockwise and the door began to open. I very quietly open this door and step in your home. I shut the door behind me. As I listen to the sounds of the house, Music fills the air and the muffled sounds of water raining down on a person…I state, “Hello….Hello”. You are singing in the shower and cannot hear me . My heart is racing, because I feel like I have crossed over a line I can’t do over…but the anticipation of the heavenly voice that I hear draws me near…but if I am caught inside here, I will be arrested…I weigh out the risk versus reward and your voice is bringing me closer and closer to the shower…so I take off my loafers, and my socks cushion my every step. I walk past your living room toward the bathroom and as I get closer to the bathroom I see a crumbled piece of paper on the floor and read it. I see that you have a lodger that will be gone. Then as I am setting the paper down the shower stops and I begin to almost freak out because I feel like you are going to catch me in your home. The rush almost causes me to faint but yet, the thrill of seeing the lovely woman that I heard is keeping me in the house. So I remember you have a roommate and think there has to be another room where I can hide. The music is still playing quickly and quietly walk to a room that has a feminine appearance, it is nice and neat and I see make up and high heel shoes. Then I recall from the note the lodger is a male so I search out the other room quietly, my loafers in hand…I find the lodger’s room…walk in while you are drying off under song in the bathroom. I shut the lodger’s door. The room is an absolute mess. There is a closet, the bed is not made and there are clothes all over the floor. I go over the closet, open the door and see it is packed with a lot of stuff…Out of fear of being caught by you, I step into the closet and shut the door…the music in the bathroom stops and now I’m as quite as a church mouse…
You leave the bathroom and head into your bedroom. My heart feels like its going to beat through my chest….THUMP.THUMP.THUMP.THUMP.THUMP.THUMP.THUMP…never has it beat so…
You put on some denim jeans and loose fitting top, and jacket. You grab some shoes to compliment your top. You style your hair, and put on some lipstick and you are ready to for a night on the town with the girls. You shut the open window, check for closed blinds and shutters and leave several lights on. Within minutes, a honk of the horn is heard from in from of the flat, you grab your purse and head out the front door. There are 3 other voices yelling and laughing from the car, windows down. You open the front door, lock it and shut it again. You walk down walkway, away from the door and get in the car with the others for a night on the town. As soon as the door shuts, SLAM!! There is a screech of the tyres and the car disappears down the street.
The house is now quiet…I begin to relax, and step out of the closet…I can’t believe how messy this room is. I feel the urge to look around this home. So I listen intently to make sure there is no one else there…the home is dead silent…
I walk out of the lodger’s room and walk down the hallway and peek into the bathroom. Just going in there made have the urge to go, so I did my business, and washed my hands. I walked out of the bathroom, and wanted to find the other bedroom. So as I’m looking around the home I head towards another parlor, and found the other bedroom. The bed was made and the room was nice and neat. The days uniform (black skirt, sheer stockings, White blouse with ruffles, black matching jacket, matching silk panties and bra) was there on the bed. Intrigued, I sit on the edge of the bed. I pick up the jacket and investigate it…Nice style of clothing I think; so I put it down, and see the white top, I pick it up and place it in my lap…button side up…I imagine who the beauty is that fills this blouse out. I set the top aside on the bed. My eyes are drawn to the stockings. Immediately, I pick them and run my hands over and inside the stockings; I love the silky feeling…and my levels of arousal are increasing…there is a bulge growing in my Dickies. My face turns toward the White and Black panties and Bra, My cock began to the swell, and I pick up the panties and place them in my face…right over my nose…I inhale deeply….MMMMMMMMMMMMMM…the sweet scent of woman….my cock is now being to bulge and as I’m sitting on the edge of the bed I lay back, panties on my face….and begin to fantasize about sex with the woman who wore these. I unbuckle my belt and zip my zipper….my cock is bulging through my Addias boxer-briefs and I rub my outside of my dick through the briefs it feels so good…and I begin to reach under the briefs and grab a handful of cock…dreaming of the woman whose golden panties I posses and begin stroking it eyes closed ….…
It happens that a lot of time passed by…its now about 10:30 pm and after cumming once and taking a nap on this bed…I awoke to what I hear sounds like commotion from the front of the house, I panic because my pants are down to my ankles and I’m in this strange house..and the person who lives there is coming towards the door! Quickly, I stand up, pull my boxer-briefs, pants up, button, zip and fasten the Dickies…I feel your presents outside the front door…the rush begins to take over my feelings again….in stealth like movements I recall the exact way the clothes were place on the bed and put them back like they were. I smooth out the wrinkles on the bed and get out of the room quick. By the time I’m in the hallway, I hear the jingling of the front door lock, and I head to the lodger’s room…shut the door quietly…you now enter the threshold after I have gone in the other bedroom. I hide in the closet..nervously panicked…but I stay cool…and silent.
I hear you walk around the rest of home..purse down, shoes plopped down on the floor, you head into the kitchen, and get a drink of water. You feel really drowsy and after a night of fun with the girls, and you head into the living room where you peel off your clothes, your shoes already off, your denim’s slide down to the ground…exposing a lacy pink pair of panties. You take off your jacket and toss it aside, you pull off your shirt, revealing 36 D cups in a lacy pink bra. You are tired, and you grab a blanket from the linen closet. You bundle up in front of the television in the front room on the sofa…I hear the BBC News piping through the walls….

I stay in the closet for what seems like another hour and I notice my cell battery is dead, so I don’t know what time it is…It feels like an hour is passed…the TV is on, and you are silent or asl**p…I’m not sure. I know I have to get out of there without being seen…so I quietly open the closet door in the Lodger’s room, and exit the closet…I try to watch my steps in this room because there is so much stuff in there that I could step on something and wake you up or you will hear me if you are awake. So precariously, I step, to the bedroom door and carefully turn the handle…I pull the door open and listen….the sounds of the tv are significantly louder. I tuck my loafers under my arm and gingerly step, down the hall along the sides of the hallway looking for movement of a person. The sounds of the TV increase as I approach the living room, I observe a woman lying on her back on the sofa. One leg straight out of the sofa, the other leg dangling of the edge of the sofa , the blanket barely covering a very sexy and creamy colored figure donning pink panties and bra… I also notice that you are asl**p, and the TV is really loud…I move to within 3 feet of the sofa and look over you and now I feel the bulge growing in my pants…I know I really have to get out of this house…but I want to see more of you…
As I am stopped dead in my tracks, watching over you and waiting with baited breath, I carefully and quietly set my shoes down, I unbuckle my pants..I wiggle and work silently my Dickies over my hips so you can hear me disrobe. Next my hoodie is peeled off, revealing my nude upper body…now I stand over you in boxer briefs, and I pull them down… my feet, and kick them to the side…cock rock hard.
Now I walk around to the front of the sofa and kneel towards your leg hanging off the sofa….. and as im kneeling I quietly begin to tug back and forth on my cock, thinking about making love this sexy woman who is expecting in front me…she is deep in sl**p…my cock on pause…I reach for the edge of the blanket and lightly lift the edge of the blanket that I can move to the side… off your leg, revealing your sexy crotch which is drawing me closer….I set the blanket edge down carefully without waking you. I hover my left hand over your pussy and gently touch it. You don’t even I rub up and down on the outside of your panties. You still don’t move and now my cock is pulsating…I rub the outside of your pussy and notice the amounts of sweet nectar dripping out of; you are so wet…You are in a very deep realm of sl**p. The need to fuck has taken over my need to flee…so I attempt position myself between your leg that is extended straight on the sofa, and the one hanging over the edge of the sofa…I cant believe you are not awake I get more daring…your lacy panties I can’t take off you because I know I will wake you then. I position your left leg so the knee is upward and the right leg is hanging off the sofa….cock at 90 degrees …I position myself beween your legs…and a thin layer of lace separates me from a fine piece sweet pussy….
Feeling like I have to have you now, I reach at the lace with left hand and with my index fingers place my fingers under the edge of the lace, lift the panties lightly without waking you and move them over to the right side of your sweet crotch exposing your honey hole glistening for the taking…I I grab my cock with my right hand and set it on your warm clit…slide it downward and up and in you. Your head and chin tips back as I penetrate your hot and very wet pussy. As I push more cock in you, you let out a moan, your eyes begin to open and you see above you a nude, and strong black male, filling your sweet womanhood with big black cock. I pull back and wait for a response from you and instead of screaming for the Bobbies you tell me to fuck you harder. I place my hands on the sofa arm rest and while you are under me, I begin to powerfuck you like you have never been fucked before, you can’t even catch your breath because cock is so good. Every thrust and withdrawal of cock in and out of you brings me closer to cumming. As I feel the is precum working its way to the head I feel like I’m going to explode in cum; my breathing becoming labored, your sounds of pleasure fueling me for a big finish, I feel like I can’t hold it back any longer…and I let it go…. I pull back and out of you straighten I back up so I can jerk my cock and aim it at your belly and chest…..My breathing gives it away…. “AHHHHHH IM”….and before I can even get the words out, a geyser of semen began squirt out of me as I aimed up; one pump squirted on your tummy, “YES YES YES OHH BABY “ the next squirt went over the tummy and onto the pink lacy bra…”DAMN DAMN DAMN” and the next squirt of cum sprays on your face…I am oozing cum and now rub your sweet clit with my cock head….tantalizing you further…
I get up off the sofa and approach your face your mouth is open and I stick my cock in your face because I want you to suck it and lick the cum off of it. I cram my cock in your mouth while and slip it in and out of your mouth; After a minute of what I know is the best head I have ever had, I realize I better go or I will be in serious trouble, so I pull my cock out of your mouth and put my finger up against your mouth and whisper “SH-SH-SH-SH”. I quickly gather my clothes together, pull my Dickeys and hoodie on. Fasten belt and secure zipper. Underwear put in my pocket and loafers on…you just smile at me all, you are covered in cum….and you tell me “Thank you!” I leave out the front door into the night…..

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