Coruption of the Innocent

I have always enjoyed exposing the innocent to the world in which we created and have become accustom to. I found great satisfaction in the way I was able to take an 18 year old, mild mannered small town girl, from your typical small time offenses, personality traits, bad habits and sexual inhibitions to a hot young 22 year old drink’n, d**g’n and highly Bi-sexual fun loving criminal.

Over the course of our relationship I had installed into my girlfriend desires and social behavior that had her initioating threesomes with my best friend and I. Getting all “spun out” smoking meth or cocaine with her girl friends getting them to play games trying on each others clothes and underwear while talking about sex and things that get their pussies wet. About the time they’d get to down to trying on sexy lergier and accessories they would agree to her putting on a porn or looking at magazines with her.
She had gotten so good at seducing girls and using d**gs or alcohol to get them naked so she could lick their pussy and suck on their tits that a few times, with different girls, she would use her good looks, smoking hot body and desire to have sex with girls to get high and secure more d**gs.

Sorry, it's still a work in progress
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3 years ago
nice start